The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 224

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Dear Da, You’re So Bad Oh

    The python wanted to swallow a corpse, but Nan Xun immediately stopped it. She had Big Grey spew fire to burn all the corpses into ashes.  

    A’Mang repaired the suspension bridge and tried to be intimate with Nan Xun, but Nan Xun smacked his head.

    “A’Xi…” A’Mang’s expression had a trace of rarely seen grievance. He had just finished a fierce battle and wanted to be intimate with his own woman. As a result, his little wild leopard-like woman pushed him away.

    Nan Xun was indifferent and started to add firewood to the fire. A’Mang quickly rushed to help.

    The two boiled a large pot of water. When it cooled down, Nan Xun quickly wiped down A’Mang and Big Black with the boiled water. The big bird didn’t touch these people, so Nan Xun didn’t tend to it.

    “A’Mang, take off all the fur on your body.”

    A’Mang heard this and was very excited. Was A’Xi courting him?

    When A’Mang stood naked in front of Nan Xun, she just glanced at him, then put his clothes in the hot water and started to wash them.

    A’Mang stood in the wind for a long time and became a meat sculpture.1He’s waiting for his woman to be intimate with him since that’s the only outcome that could have occurred in his mind for her earlier statement….thirsty man!

    Nan Xun looked at him like he was an idiot. “A’Mang, why don’t you wear something else, could it be…that you like to streak?”

    A’Mang: …

    After A’Mang stared at her for a long time, he finally decided that he thought too much. He regrettably went back to the cave and put on another set of animal skins.

    Nan Xun disinfected his clothes with boiling water and had A’Mang clean up the ashes.

    “A’Mang, do you want to go back and take a look? The tribe’s situation seems to be very serious,” Nan Xun suddenly asked A’Mang.

    A’Mang thought about it and replied, “A’Xi, I’ll do what you want.”

    In fact, from, A’Mang’s perspective, it didn’t matter whether it was the 20 to 30 brutal men just now, or the rest of the innocent and sick tribesmen. Either way, they once wanted to burn his A’Xi. If A’Xi wasn’t smart and hadn’t escaped in time, he would probably have seen a charred body when he returned.

    Whenever he thought of this possibility, no matter how much these people once loved and worshipped him, he couldn’t forgive them.

    Yes, it could be said that he was cruel and cold-blooded, but in his heart, these people deserve to die.

    Look ah, his A’Xi was so kind. Even if these people have hurt her deeply, she still wanted to save them.

    Little Eight and A’Mang came to the same conclusion. They couldn’t help but look up to Nan Xun. “Dear da, it’s really benevolent of you to desperately save these cannibals. You’re really kindhearted oh~ Compared with you, I feel ashamed of myself.”

    Nan Xun went ah and said, “Actually, I’m just worried that the cannibals will infect the animals in the jungle with the plague. If the animals in the jungle are infected with the plague, then A’Mang and I will be finished.”

    Little Eight: …

    Nan Xun added, “The cannibals don’t know how to handle the deceased. If they weren’t cremated, then I’ll have A’Mang forcibly burn the bodies.”

    Little Eight: …

    Nan Xun: “Joy oh, the reason why these cannibals could find A’Mang and I must be because the information was leaked by A’Hua and those seven people. I was gracious and gave them the fruit wine I stashed for so long. They really are ungrateful white-eyed wolves. I’ll let Big Black swallow them!”

    Little Eight: …

    Now there wasn’t enough time to walk to the cannibal tribe. Nan Xun finally managed to persuade Big Grey to fly them there.

    The giant eagle-like bird carried Nan Xun and A’Mang and soared into the air. Under Nan Xun’s guidance, they directly flew to the cannibal tribe, while Big Black was left behind to watch over their home.

    Big Grey gasped, “Woman ah, your man is too heavy. Carrying you two, Laozi is about to die from exhaustion.”

    Nan Xun: “When we come back, we will make you a lot of barbecue oh~~”

    Big Grey chirped and sped up immediately.

    Big Grey was equivalent to an airplane in ancient times. The feeling of soaring in the air with Big Grey was very refreshing.

    Nan Xun didn’t hear A’Mang speak the entire time, so she couldn’t help but turn around and look at him. Seeing him, she burst into a fit of laughter. A’Mang’s whole body was tense and his legs were tightly sandwiched against the big grey bird’s body. He looked at his feet. He was obviously nervous, but his eyes revealed a trace of excitement.

    Nan Xun bent the corner of her mouth and said three words in her heart: country bumpkin.2The three words or characters/pinyin is actually Tu Baozi but English translation makes it two words HAHAHAHHA

    Big Grey soon arrived at the cannibal tribe.

    When a great gray eagle-like bird landed in the tribe, the tribe’s expression was alert. The men who weren’t ill immediately raised their spears and pointed them at the big bird that might harm the tribe.

    But the next moment, they froze.

    That big bird had two people on its back!

    When Nan Xun and A’Mang jumped off from the bird’s back, the tribe suddenly recovered, and stared at them in horror.

    When they learned their Patriarch had taken people to encircle and exterminate A’Mang and the witch, they had already anticipated the tragic deaths of these two people. Although their moods were a little complicated, they didn’t stop them.  

    But no one could have imagined this result. A’Mang and A’Xi weren’t dead!

    If they weren’t dead, what about the people who were agitated to kill them for the clan?

    Nan Xun didn’t explain anything to them. She hurriedly went to look at the tribe’s situation.

    The tribe’s situation was even worse than Nan Xun had imagined. The tribe initially had over a hundred people, but now there were less than fifty who were still alive. Among them, more than 20 were seriously ill and would die soon.

    The dead bodies were directly buried in the open space behind the tribe, and the sick weren’t quarantined from the healthy.

    “A’Mang, those who die must be burned. Otherwise, the disease will spread to the animals in the jungle. Then the whole jungle will be finished,” Nan Xun firmly said and looked at A’Mang.

    A’Mang didn’t ask any questions and directly went to gather the tribe…to dig graves.

    When the tribe heard his request, their expressions crumpled into shock.

    Dig graves? A’Mang actually wants to dig graves with this woman!

    How can they do this? Those were their people ah!

    Nan Xun watched them stare at them with resentment and spread out her hands expressionlessly. “If you won’t dig the graves and burn the bodies, you will die with them. It’s up to you to choose whether you want to die or dig the graves.”

    Little Eight went tut tut and said, “Dear da, you’re so bad oh.”

    The clan was suspicious of Nan Xun’s words and one of them boldly asked, “If we burn their bodies, can we survive? What about those who are sick?”

    Nan Xun’s face didn’t change and she replied, “Of course you will live as long as you listen to me. As for the sick, they need to be gathered and isolated from others.”

    After the tribe struggled for a while, they followed A’Mang to dig the graves and piled all the bodies together.

    Before they could pile together firewood, Big Grey spewed out fire which frightened the tribe.

    Birds that can, can breathe fire? They had never seen that before!

    The people who died from the plague were burned into ashes, while those who were alive but sick were temporarily isolated in one area.

    Those quarantined people glared at Nan Xun with resentment. They thought that it was because of A’Xi’s words that they were abandoned by their clan. A’Xi retaliated against them for trying to set her on fire before!

    Little Eight angrily said, “Those ignorant primitive people! You help them but they actually still blame you! Dear da, why aren’t you angry ah!”

    Nan Xun casually replied, “Why should I be angry? Who are they?”3They are people she doesn’t care about so she doesn’t need to get angry since it’s a waste of energy.

    Little Eight: …

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