The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 225

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God, Landing From the Sky

    While everyone was immersed in grief, A’Mang secretly asked Nan Xun, “A’Xi, do you really have a way to save them? Will it cost you a lot with your witchery?”

    The corner of Nan Xun’s mouth twitched violently when she heard the word “witchery.”

    As long as she said it, A’Mang would believe her every word.

    “A’Mang, I lied to them just now. I have no way to save them yet,” Nan Xun replied.

    A’Mang pursed his lips, and his expression suddenly became dignified. It wasn’t known whether he was thinking that Nan Xun was hiding a secret or something else.

    Suddenly, he suggested, “When it’s dark, I’ll secretly kill and burn those who are infected so the disease won’t spread.”

    The man’s expression was very serious, he definitely wasn’t joking.

    Little Eight: “Fuck, ying ying ying, I’m scared to death. This savage is so cruel that he could easily kill people.”

    Nan Xun comforted him, “In ancient times, people’s desires and thoughts are directly revealed on their faces. I think A’Mang is straightforward and so cute.”

    Little Eight: …

    Nan Xun didn’t let A’Mang do such a thing. She didn’t want A’Mang to have so many murders on his back, which would be a curse for future generations.1LOL, she’s like implying he will have kids with someone else. Wtf, just let the man do it since he will have no offspring with you and probably will die alongside you after your 1 year vacation ends.

    Nan Xun focused her attention on Little Eight and asked, “Do you have any pills to cure the plague?”

    Little Eight became guarded immediately. “Why? Do you want me to save these people? Let me tell you, that’s impossible. The pills are limited and it’s not something we can intervene in.”

    Nan Xun didn’t bother Little Eight anymore. She suddenly gave an easygoing smile. “Little Eight, you reminded me that these are indeed things we can’t intervene in, but Chuxue can. She must have a way.”

    “A’Mang, let’s go! Go to my former tribe.”

    The cannibal tribe craned their necks to watch the fire-breathing bird carry away the man and woman until they became a small speck in the sky.

    “Do you think A’Xi is really a witch? Will she really save us?” one of them suddenly asked.

    Everyone was silent.

    If this disease was really caused by A’Xi, why would she save them?

    Who said that one who can control beasts must be a witch, she may also be an envoy of the god Uto2So Uto comes from the word Utopia. Pretty sure besides that small reference this isn’t a reference to a God in reality since I can’t find it on the Google search hehe who brought humanity harvests and happiness ah! That strange bird could spew fire and wasn’t a man-eating beast, it may be a divine beast ah!3Kind of does resemble the divine beast phoenix if only it was red instead of grey…so they are kind of right.

    The clan’s expressions suddenly changed from suspicion and hatred into awe when thinking of this.

    God Uto! A’Xi wasn’t a witch, she was an envoy of the god Uto who brought harvests and happiness!


    When Big Grey arrived at Chuxue’s tribe, it wasn’t as lucky as before. Before it could land, the men in the tribe began to shoot at it with bows and arrows.

    Big Grey was so angry that it was about to open its beak to spew fire at the tribe, but Nan Xun quickly appeased it.

    Nan Xun stood up and A’Mang held her legs in time so she wouldn’t fall off from being unbalanced.

    “Chuxue, it’s me! I’m A’Xi—” Nan Xun shouted to the tribe. “Chuxue, I’m looking for you because it’s urgent—” 

    After that, Nan Xun had Big Grey land in an open space outside the tribe.

    Soon after, Chuxue and A’Yu led 30 to 40 warriors out.

    Seeing A’Xi, Chuxue couldn’t hide her joy. After she said something to the guarded A’Yu, she couldn’t wait to run towards Nan Xun. “A’Xi, I missed you very much! How are you doing with the cannibal tribe?”

    Nan Xun didn’t have time to reminisce with Chuxue. Instead, she quickly explained the purpose of her visit.

    Chuxue was very surprised. “A’Xi, are you talking about the plague? The plague broke out in our tribe some time ago, but I found a kind of grass root that can cure it so all the infected were treated. I thought it was only our tribe that was infected with it, could the other tribes…”

Nan Xun nodded. “I suspect that all the nearby tribes are infected with this plague. Most of the cannibals died. I’m afraid that if they aren’t treated, the whole tribe will be decimated!”

    Chuxue immediately gave Nan Xun the grass root that could cure the plague. “A’Xi, you see, this is it. There are slender leaves on the root and it can be found everywhere in the jungle.”

    Nan Xun gave Chuxue a big hug. “Thank you, younger sister. I wish you happiness.”

    Chuxue was stunned for a moment, and her eyes flickered before becoming very firm. “I will. I will grasp my happiness firmly in my hand.”

    She looked at A’Yu who wasn’t far from them. A beautiful woman stood beside him with a slightly bulging belly.

    He was now the new Patriarch and the strength of the tribe made members of other declining tribes take refuge, especially women. Since there were more women in the tribe, there are more women for every man. 

    A’Yu originally insisted on not wanting them, but those women stuck on him like flies that he couldn’t get rid of.4Dude, my other novel explained this so brilliantly, ‘those men are like flies who are stuck on poop. Chuxue used to feel more at ease with A’Yu ah, but she didn’t expect that he would let this woman A’Xiang scheme against A’Yu.5A’Xiang is the person who was A’Bao’s woman and wanted A’Mang and actively called Nan Xun a witch

    A’Xiang gave A’Yu an aphrodisiac while he wasn’t paying attention, and she took advantage of the opportunity to intertwine with him. The two had a good night together and now she already has A’Yu’s baby.

    Nan Xun also saw A’Xiang. She didn’t expect this damn woman to abandon the cannibal tribe early on to take refuge here.

    This damn woman coveted her man, and now even schemed against Chuxue’s man!

    “Chuxue, you have to be careful with this woman,” Nan Xun reminded before leaving.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll kill her sooner or later,” Chuxue murmured.

    Nan Xun: …

    It’s terrible. I accidentally witnessed the blackening process of a little tender white flower.6I wish I could follow that story, The blackening process of a white flower seems so interesting

    Chuxue said indifferently, “I know that A’Yu only loves me, but even if he didn’t do it on purpose, my heart is so disgusted like I swallowed a fly. But I have no choice. Compared with other men, he’s already unique and I can’t push him to other cheap women because of one mistake.”7He’s already unique for only loving one person or loving a person at all. Since the primitive only do it to reproduce really.

    Nan Xun didn’t have the cheek to say A’Yu isn’t unique, but my A’Mang is.

    Chuxue was already bitter enough, she didn’t want to sprinkle salt on the little girl’s wound. 

    Nan Xun and A’Mang flew high into the sky with Big Grey under the shocked eyes of the group.

    “Heavens na, A’Xi is the envoy of the god Uto, she can control the beast!” someone exclaimed suddenly, and the tribe clamored immediately after.

    Everyone fell to their knees on the ground with a thump and repeatedly kowtowed in the direction of the big bird.

    Big Grey flew far away, but Nan Xun saw the primitives still kneeling on the ground respectfully as they became as small as ants.

    “I didn’t expect that I would be able to enjoy this veneration one day, tsk,” Nan Xun said to Little Eight in her heart.

    Little Eight: …

    Nan Xun and A’Mang collected a lot of grass roots in the jungle, then took them to the cannibal tribe and all the nearby plague-stricken tribes.  

    They landed like gods and saved a large number of tribes. Nan Xun became the envoy of the deity Uto in everyone’s eyes and was respected for a while.

    After returning to the treehouse, A’Mang hugged her in his arms, fearing that she would run away in the blink of an eye.

    When Nan Xun was asleep, she heard a man whispering in her ear, “A’Xi, it turns out you’re not a witch, but an envoy of Uto. No matter what you are, you’re my A’Xi. You’re not allowed to go anywhere…”

    Really overbearing as always ah.

    In her sleep, Nan Xun gently hooked the corner of her mouth up.

    The two returned to a calm and nourishing life, but god seemed to be annoyed by something and wanted to severely punish the creatures in the jungle. It wasn’t long after the plague outbreak that god brought a great fire.

    The whole forest was set ablaze by a raging fire and the flames rose into the sky, enveloped in smoke.

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