The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 226

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Isolation Formation, Gathering Array

    Naturally Nan Xun knew that it wasn’t because of God’s anger, but rather the dry weather, and the jungle full of dead trees and leaves which were huge fire hazards.

    Nan Xun quickly dragged A’Mang onto the Big Grey’s back. The bird hovered in the sky, and they were able to see the jungle’s situation.

    The fire swept from the ignition point through the vast jungle in their direction. The fire was fierce and unceasing. These primitives who didn’t have fire precautions wouldn’t be able to stop it.

    A’Mang looked dignified and said in a deep voice, “At this time, the dead trees have just sprouted and haven’t fully recovered their vitality. They will most likely be consumed by the fire.”

    The portion of the jungle they lived in was about to be engulfed in flames, but all they could do was watch, as they were unable to contend with this natural disaster. This feeling of powerlessness was very difficult to bear.

    Big Grey suddenly let out a long sad cry.

    Nan Xun touched the bird’s feathers and comforted it silently.

    Nan Xun’s thoughts were unknown, but her eyes flashed and she suddenly asked Little Eight, “Little Eight, if I use the Zuili’s technique to summon rain, it shouldn’t affect the main storyline of this world, right?”

    Little Eight firmly replied immediately, “Don’t even think about it, it definitely will!”

    Nan Xun was stunned. “Your mother, how can it be ah. Who will I be hindering?”

    Little Eight explained, “This fire is one of the main events. The fire will burn down this jungle, causing Chuxue to take the nearby tribes to the South. She will ultimately create a new home in a place that is spring all year, so they can prosper together.”

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but purse her lips. “So, we just watch this fire destroy the whole jungle and finally devour my and A’Mang’s home?”

    Little Eight was afraid that she would be impulsive so he suggested, “You can set up a barrier to protect your and A’Mang’s home ah.”

    Little Eight said that, but he didn’t actually expect for Nan Xun to take it seriously. 

    After returning to the treehouse, Nan Xun immediately said to her man, “A’Mang, quickly give me a bowl of animal blood!”

    With a cold face, A’Mang looked into the distance. He didn’t ask much after hearing Nan Xun’s words. He soon bled the newly hunted deer.

    Nan Xun bit her finger and dripped a few drops of her blood into the bowl of animal blood.

    “A’Xi, what are you doing?” A’Mang’s eyebrows scrunched together. He was usually reluctant for Nan Xun to be harmed in the slightest way. Thus, he felt a little distressed when he saw her bleed.

    Nan Xun didn’t explain, and directly handed the bowl to A’Mang. “A’Mang, you take this bowl of blood and go walk around this small piece of forest around us. Drip a drop of blood every ten steps until all the blood is gone. Don’t be dazed, go!”

    A’Mang looked at her and saw she had a very grave expression. He was stunned, as he had never seen such an A’Xi before.

    A’Mang didn’t ask anything else and left with the blood.

    While he was away, Nan Xun began to draw the formation on the ground.  

    Fortunately, this world was full of aura. Even if there was no qi in humans here, Nan Xun could use this formation to manipulate aura, then use the animal blood and her own as a medium to set up the isolation formation.

    Little Eight exhaled. “Grandpa was scared to death, Grandpa thought you were about to pour your blood into that bowl.”

    Nan Xun sneered and said, “It’s just to isolate us from the fire. It’s not to isolate the entire Xuanwu Continent, who needs to use such high purity of blood as a medium? Stupid Little Eight.”

    Stupid Little Eight: …

    A’Mang ran in a large circle around a small piece of the jungle and their home with the blood. He vaguely guessed A’Xi’s intentions and was shocked in his heart.

    The fire burned for several days and nights. When it reached Nan Xun and A’Mang’s jungle, it encircled them.

    A’Mang walked to the boundary where he dripped the blood. He looked at the raging fire that was unexpectedly blocked beginning to spread around the barrier.

    He even felt the scorching heat of the fire from the other side of the boundary, causing the nearby air to distort around him.

    Nan Xun defended their home, but the whole jungle was burnt down. During this period, God mercilessly didn’t allow it to rain.

    When the fire finally came to an end, there was only scorched black earth. The beautiful sounds of the bird and insects were gone; leaving only the cawing of vultures.

    A’Mang held Nan Xun in his arms, awestruck.

    The jungle was destroyed, and all the animals and humans began to migrate south. A’Mang glanced behind them at their home and stopped talking several times.

    Nan Xun thought he was reluctant to part with this piece of land. Even if they kept this small territory, there was no food, and thus they would starve to death. They had to leave.

    Nan Xun suddenly took his hand and smiled mysteriously. “A’Mang, do you believe me? If you believe me, we will stay here.”

    A’Mang replied without hesitation, “A’Xi, no matter what you do, I’ll always be with you. You are the envoy of Uto, and the one who belongs to me alone…”

    The two calmly watched groups of animals and tribes passing by in front of their home.

    Nan Xun also saw Chuxue and A’Yu, who were migrating south with their people.

    When the tribes saw this small piece of well-preserved jungle in front of them, they revealed shock and awe when they looked at A’Xi.

    But this piece of jungle was too small for them to live on. Even the envoy of Uto couldn’t save them.

    They angered God, so God reclaimed this land.

    Chuxue tried to persuade Nan Xun to go with her, but she failed with red eyes.

    She thought that Nan Xun and A’Mang were determined to die together in this jungle.

    But she couldn’t. She and A’Yu had so many people that needed to survive.1I’m guessing Chuxue already killed off A’Xiang cause she’s not mentioned. Probably conveniently left her behind during the fire and let her be burned alive haha ironically like how she was trying have Nan Xun burned alive as a witch

    Early spring was the season for plants to flourish and bloom, but Nan Xun and A’Mang watched the groups of tribes migrate, until finally, there was only the two of them left in the jungle, along with Big Grey and Big Black.

    Big Grey was reluctant to leave its beautiful treehouse, while Big Black was old and didn’t want to move.

    Nan Xun set up a huge gathering array around the treehouse and stone caves.

    While she was setting up the foundation of the array, A’Mang watched by her side. His eyes were fiery, and there was a trace of crazy infatuation and indulgence.

    With such a huge aura array, the aura contained within hundreds of miles around them gathered.

    Little Eight was shocked by Nan Xun’s approach. “Fuck, don’t kill yourself ah, how long can you support such a large gathering array? Do you want to sacrifice your life?”

    Nan Xun’s expression was calm. “I’ve calculated that for this jungle to be fully restored to life, this gathering array must exist for at least 10 years. For the sake of the life on this land, I can still afford these ten years.”2So beautiful the words but the only life on this land is the snake, bird and her man LOL – oh and the vultures as of right now 

    Little Eight originally wanted to discuss leaving with Nan Xun. After all, the one-year vacation was almost over. But seeing such a great Nan Xun, he suddenly couldn’t say anything.

    How about leaving after ten years?

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