The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 227

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A’Mang, I Like You

    Nan Xun and A’Mang lived in this jungle for ten years. When there was no food, they rode Big Grey to hunt prey in distant lands. Their family, including Big Grey and Big Black, happily ate together.

    They ran happily in the jungle. They climbed to the top of the big tree that had started to recover to watch the sunrise and sunset. They sat on Big Grey’s back to soar through the sky and admire the panoramic view of the entire jungle.

    Just as Nan Xun’s life was getting more and more comfortable, Little Eight suddenly reminded her, “Dear da, it’s almost time to go.”

    Nan Xun immediately responded, “OK ah, let’s go. But Little Eight, have you recovered your original form? This world is so rich in aura and there is no outside interference. Shouldn’t we wait so you can take this opportunity to replenish yourself?” 

    Although Little Eight felt that she was concealing her “dirty” scheming thoughts with painstaking persuasion, what she said was right. He’d been cultivating intermittently over the past few years and recovered a lot. But if they waited another ten years, he would be able to recover his most powerful original form. Then it wouldn’t be a problem to take Nan Xun through more than a dozen or a couple dozen worlds.

    As a result, Little Eight gave up and Nan Xun and A’Mang spent another ten years together contently.1So…her one year vacation became 10….then she convinced Little Eight to make it 20….OP

    In the twentieth year, there was wild grape trellis beside their treehouse. The branches of purple grapes hung from the trellis and emitted a heady aroma.

    The two laid on the rocking chair together. A’Mang held her in his arms and rocked the chair gently.

    Nan Xun felt that her life was about to end. Little Eight told her it was because the spirit gathering array consumed too much of her lifeforce, which would cause her death. The average lifespan of ancient people in this foreign continent was only 30 to 40 years. It was quite remarkable that she could still live till now after consuming her life energy with the array, Little Eight expressed in surprise.

    Nan Xun shrunk into A’Mang’s embrace and whispered, “A’Mang, thank you for your company for all these years. I thought that such a long life would be boring, but I’m very glad to have had you in my life these years together…”

    A’Mang gently patted her back as if to coax her to sleep. After hearing this, he leaned towards her and said, “A’Xi, if there really is a next life, you must still belong to me. No one can take you, you will only belong to me, A’Mang!”

    Nan Xun listened to his overbearing words, and her mouth curled up into a beautiful arc. She said with a smile, “If you don’t want others to take me, then you must chase after me ah.”

    A’Mang stroked her face with his rough hand and wasn’t stingy with his praise. “A’Xi, you’re as beautiful as when I first met you. You fell from that tree, not into my arms, but rather into my heart.”

    Nan Xun hissed. “A’Mang, my teeth are so sore. Why is it that you’re so old but you can easily speak words of love? It seems that you are more serious about improving than changing this habit.”2He’s so sweet that her teeth is sour/sore from hearing it, having a huge sweet dose of sugar makes your mouth tingle and sore/sour

    A’Mang laughed and replied, “As you get older and your teeth fall out, I will still love you as much as before.”

    Nan Xun began to laugh, before suddenly thinking of something and asking, “A’Mang, are you remorseful that I didn’t give birth to your child?”

    A’Mang replied, “Of course not. You’re everything to me. I’m happier that there’s no extra people to disturb our life.

    Nan Xun closed her eyes contently. Her voice became smaller and weaker. “A’Mang, I like you…”  

    It seemed that she had never said these words before.

    The two laid on the rocking chair from day to night.

    When A’Mang noticed that Nan Xun wasn’t breathing, he didn’t feel sadness or pain. He just held the woman in his arms tighter, until the back of her neck was against his forehead.3BRO WHAT ABOUT BIG GREY AND BIG BLACK?! WTF MAN

    Slowly, he also fell asleep. His breath gradually weakened until it disappeared, as if his vitality had been taken away in an instant.

    Little Eight didn’t immediately take Nan Xun to the next world. Instead, he took her into his own star space.

    This time, Nan Xun didn’t see a ball-like toddler. Instead, she saw a beautiful white horse at first glance.

    The white horse walked around her in a circle. His limbs were long, and his great tail swung gently as if scattering stars onto the ground.

    “Look ah, look at Grandpa! Grandpa is fully grown, hehe, Grandpa’s animal form is beautiful, right?” The white horse spat and constantly changed into various poses in front of Nan Xun. His big tail flicked like a big white umbrella that opened and closed.

    Nan Xun: …

    So, Little Eight brought her into his star space just to show off his animal form in front of her? 

    “Handsome, very handsome,” Nan Xun praised.

    Little Eight, who was praised, immediately lifted his tail towards the sky.

    “After listening to your words, Grandpa’s original feeling of loss immediately got better.”

    Nan Xun was puzzled. “You felt loss? Why did you feel that way?”

    Little Eight snorted twice and didn’t speak.

    The reason why he allowed Nan Xun to stay in that primitive world for such a long time wasn’t just because of self-cultivation, but for that fortunate opportunity.

    In the past two decades, A’Mang’s evil value had been steadily declining, until at the last moment when Nan Xun died, his evil value dropped to 0. Little Eight was looking forward to the merit, but there was nothing!

    What did this mean?

    This means that A’Mang’s initial evil value wasn’t at 100. Maybe it was 96, 97, 98, or 99, but never 100!

    Little Eight thought about it. There had never been a villain with an evil value of 100 in the original world’s trajectory. Even if there was a little heresy, it was impossible to violate heaven’s will.4Basically a villain with over 90 evil value shouldn’t have existed in that world to begin with so that was a little heresy. But if the original world didn’t have a villain with evil value 100 that means it didn’t violate heaven’s will since the heavens didn’t want such a villain in that world to begin with

    In fact, what Little Eight was the most curious about was where did A’Mang’s evil thoughts come from? His life was successful. At most, he killed people when he went out to hunt. It was impossible that his evil thoughts were innate, right?

    This time, Little Eight didn’t ask Nan Xun for her opinion. Instead, he took her and directly broke the void. 

    Nan Xun had a great vacation this time. No matter what the next world is or who she transmigrated into, she intended to accept her role happily.

    However, as soon as Nan Xun opened her eyes, she found that she was hiding in a pig pen on a farm, and was about to snatch pig food from a group of pigs. She immediately reneged her previous thoughts.

    She looked down and saw that her clothes were shabby, and her legs were dark. She didn’t know if she had bathed in months.

    Little Eight hehe with a guilty conscience and said, “You can’t always be so satisfied with your identity every time. In the previous world, you basically sat around and was waited upon. It’s justifiable to transmigrate into a little beggar in this world, right?”

    Nan Xun heard Little Eight’s words and really had nothing to say.

    So, if the last world was good, then in this world she had to become a beggar who robbed food from pigs?

    Even if she was a beggar, she didn’t want to be so miserable!

Novi’s Notes: Hi guys, hahah I release so fast for the first 2/3 of story and took almost a month for the last third, but we finally finished the arc after this time.

MadPanda is fully recovered from her hospitalization and can work on this project with me again. She will be doing the next arc and we will be alternating arcs like before.

Just a small spoiler, next arc is cultivation master x apprentice.

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