The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 23

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Crying, The Evil Value Rebounded

    Just after saying that, she stared at the oven in the middle of the palace, “Why is there such a thing here?”

    Nan Xun frowned and said to the void beast in her heart, “Little eight, I seem to smell jealousy…It’s over, I seem to have brought a wolf into the room.”

    The void beast exclaims, “It’s rare for you to have such awareness.”

    Nan Xun replied, “You don’t understand, a woman knows a woman best. You see, Hong Chou’s jealous face is exposed, I didn’t expect this since she dressed so well1Dresses so well – her mask was on so well that Nan Xun didn’t detect her inner treacherous thoughts. in front of me, I had no idea at all.”

    The void beast humph, “You’re nervous, of course you won’t notice. I have already discovered it.”

    “You found out but didn’t say?” Nan Xun despises it.

    The void beast hesitated, “It’s because the Demon King’s perverted surveillance of you, I didn’t have an opportunity.”

    “What should I do now? I’m so scared that Hong Chou will kill me.” Nan Xun was nervous.

    The void beast began to advise. “Find ways to satisfy her vanity, so she will humiliate you first and will not kill you immediately.”

    Nan Xun: …

    “I asked you, this rubbish thing, did you bring it into wang’s palace?” Hong Chou frowned.

    Nan Xun nodded, “Yes, because I wanted to barbecue for wang.”

    Hong Chou’s face suddenly changed and shouted, “Wang is not a human, so he doesn’t eat cooked food! Don’t give him such dirty things in the future!”

    “Oh, okay.” Nan Xun seems to be busy.

    Don’t blame her, she must try to save her little life before she eliminates the Demon King’s evil value.

    Hong Chou glanced at her, and the corners of her mouth was bent, she suddenly reached out to hold her chin. “It’s really beautiful, but you are not qualified to stand in front of the Demon King.”

    Nan Xun pretended to find out she wasn’t right and glared at her. “Hong Chou, why are you talking to me in that kind of tone?”

    The cold Hong Chou snorted, and her slender jade finger cut a blood mark on Nan Xun’s chin and pushed her away.

    Nan Xun fell to the ground and patronized her by trying to satisfy her vanity as much as possible.

    “Zuili Xuan, what makes you, a human, keep your head above the Demon King? You cheap human!”

    “I used to think that the Demon King wasn’t fond of women because he hated to be close to any women, but! But the Demon King is interested in you! What on earth do you have that is better than Hong Chou? Face? But Hong Chou isn’t bad, or is it your skills in bed? Hong Chou knows 9,981 techniques and will wait on wang to serve him comfortably. How can you compare to me?”

    Nan Xun laughed in her heart. “Little eight, this female demon is so dirty. Isn’t she reading too much erotic pictures?”

    The void beast: “Think about your situation first.”

    Nan Xun suddenly couldn’t laugh.

    Hong Chou completely revealed an ugly face full of jealousy. “Do you know how excited and jealous I was when I first saw your love marks? The excitement I felt when I found out wang likes women and that I had a chance. I’m so jealous because wang is so obsessed with you. In the past few years, excluding the monthly demon domain meeting, wang has never stepped outside the palace. And his original ambition to eradicate the humans and the beast gods has been worn away because of you.”

    Nan Xun shrank herself into the corner with her injury and replied, “Hong Chou, I have always regarded you as my sister. If you like wang, you can tell me, and I will let wang know.”

    “Enough, enough, Zuili Xuan, Hong Chou don’t want your charity!”  

    Hong Chou looked down at her and sneered, “Now you have two choices. First, immediately roll out of wang’s palace and be killed by the other beasts. Second, stay here and serve me. Otherwise, I will eat you immediately!”

    In order to save her life, Nan Xun wanted to choose the second option, but she didn’t want to humiliate the Zuili family.

    So, Nan Xun left the Demon King’s palace which she lived in for several years.

    Hong Chou sneered from behind and seemed to visualize her end of being eaten by the beasts.

    When she was about to step out of the palace, Nan Xun couldn’t help but look back. She saw Hong Chou on the quilt bed smothering her mouth and nose in the bedding and having a look of intoxication. Soon, she curled up in the snow silk quilt, writhing and moaned from her mouth.  

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun was too embarrassed to tell her that the snow silk has never been touched by Xue Ming. She liked to use it to wrap her body after bathing, even though it smelled like that.2The quilt smells like Xue Ming because she has been heavily brewed in his sauce for years and his scent lingers on her…even though its really her bodily scent that been tainted.

    Nan Xun immediately left the palace and took out the many charms that her mother has given her and remembered the passing note that was mixed with them.

    Although it can teleport people dozens of miles away, the entire demon realm is enclosed. She can’t leave the boundary. She can only temporarily leave from the top of the demon realm where the Demon King’s palace was located at.

    Nan Xun wanted to use the teleporting charm to leave from here but heard the sudden screams of the void beast within her mind. “Fucking Hell! What happened?! Why did the Demon King’s blackening value suddenly become 100! The evil value also went back to 99!”

    Nan Xun’s brain rumbles and her shock was not inferior to the void beast. “Little eight, what did you said? The evil value bounced back to 99? Why is it so bad that it rebounded!? Didn’t this, didn’t this make all my hard work over the years ruined?”  

    Nan Xun wants to cry.

    The void beast was also shattered and was silent for a moment.

    “Umm!” Nan Xun who was sad had her mouth suddenly covered.

    Nan Xun wanted to struggle but heard a familiar voice in her ear. “Don’t be afraid, it’s me.”

    Nan Xun blinked, it sounded like Lan Shui.

    Oh no, after Hong Chou then comes Lan Shui. Does Lan Shui secretly love the Demon King and also hates her to the bone?

    Lan Shui handed a black silk umbrella to Nan Xun and said, “Hold this umbrella and follow me, and don’t speak if you see anything.”

    Nan Xun looked down at the black silk umbrella in her hand and vaguely felt the demonic aura encircling her. She can’t help but ask: “Lan Shui, what is this?”

    “A superior item that restrains and conceals your human aura.” Lan Shui’s brows twisted. “Xuan’Er, it’s not too late, quickly leave with me.”

    Nan Xun was stunned, Lan Shui and Lu Sui Ren has never called her Xuan’Er. The Lan Shui in front of her was inexplicably strange.

    Although strange, but harmless, Nan Xun didn’t ask any more questions, holding up the umbrella and followed her.

    Lan Shui used a token and was unobstructed along the way.

    Along the road, Nan Xun saw a lot of humanoid beasts, half-human half-beasts, and fierce beasts that could not take human form.

    “Lan Shui, where are you taking me?” Nan Xun whispered.

    “To leave the demon domain.” Lan Shui replied heavily.

    Nan Xun’s footsteps stomped violently. Does Lan Shui actually want to take her out of the demon domain?

  1. Dresses so well – her mask was on so well that Nan Xun didn’t detect her inner treacherous thoughts.
  2. The quilt smells like Xue Ming because she has been heavily brewed in his sauce for years and his scent lingers on her…even though its really her bodily scent that been tainted.

Guys, I think Hong Chou catalogs all her techniques…she knew the exact number of techniques she is well-versed in…9,981…. okay

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