The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 25

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Wrongly Accused of Hooking Up with Her Man

    She didn’t know how long she had been walking, but she was so tired that she called upon a golden-winged eagle who can travel thousands of miles in a day. She quickly returned to the Zuili family.

    Someone saw her returned and shouted, then soon a large group of people came to welcome her home.  

    Everyone witnessed her tearful mother and father bringing her back home.

    In the eyes of outsiders, Nan Xun is a great hero. Most people admired Nan Xun’s behavior of “self-sacrifice”. Only a small number of people looked at her with strange eyes. After all, she has been committed to the Demon King for several years, and her body has long been unclean.

    Her mother embraced her and cried for a long time, sobbing and saying, “Just come back, just come back…”

    Nan Xun felt very tired, hugged her mother and whispered, “Mother, I’m a little tired.”

    Her mother told her to have a good rest and left with red eyes.  

    Nan Xun sighed. “Little eight, ah, I’m so sorry, wasting so much time, but I couldn’t eliminate the Demon King’s evil value, you didn’t get any merits.”

    The void beast: “Don’t be discouraged, there will be opportunities. Ah, the Demon King is captured, and not dead.”

    Nan Xun sprang from her chair and said, “Fuck, little eight, what do you mean by that? Would the Demon King be able to escape?”

    The void beast laughed, “I’m telling you, the Demon King is the most powerful existence in this world. He won’t die so easily, it’s a matter of time before he escapes.”

    Nan Xun slowly sat back down and said to the void beast softly, “Do you know what praises they sing about me outside? The daughter of the Zuili clan, went alone to the demon domain, willing to sacrifice herself for the world, helped capture the Demon King, a rare woman in the world, hehe.”

    “Little eight, do you know what that means? It means that I am the first person the Demon King would want to eat after he escapes.”

    Nan Xun’s gentle tone suddenly changed, “In the end, I’ll still be eaten!”

    The void beast first agreed and said in a negotiated tone: “I know that you live in this world with fear every day, as compensation, regardless of completing the task, I will promise you a request in the next world, ok?”

    Nan Xun regained some of her spirits, “It’s pretty much the same.”

    Then, Nan Xun left to binge eat and drink.

    Nan Xun’s idea is very simple. If you are destined to be eaten by the Demon King, it’s better to eat and drink more before dying.

    However, Nan Xun’s appetite is very good, but she was still thinning day by day, and her face has become a bit pale.

    Her mother found that her face was not right, and immediately invited a number of famous doctors. However, every doctor shook their head and said they couldn’t find out the cause.  

    Her mother can only conclude it was heart disease and worried.

    When Nan Xun said she wanted peace and quiet, her mother listened to her. She came to see her every other day. Daily, her mother made delicious food and had people bring it to her. She was worried about people gossiping about her, so she chose two quiet girls. One of them waited for washing and the other for serving.

    In short, her mother was heartbroken for her.

    Nan Xun likes the quiet, she sends the two maidservants away to be alone when necessary.

    Nan Xun was so excited to listen about her family’s gossip during the time she was away.  

    For example, she got so happy hearing about her distant cousin, Qin Yuexuan, who was a beast, recently married Zuili Yuejian about a month ago.

    Another example, the Zuili family has had a good relationship with the Qinglong in these recent years. Her fifth eldest sister, who is ranked fifth, has also obtained an equal contract with a dragon beast.

    Nan Xun drank a cup of tea and wandered into the small courtyard to enjoy the cool.

    “Little eight, I always feel dizzy and tinnitus these days. What’s wrong with me?” Nan Xun asked.

    The void beast was silent for a moment before replying, “I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll give you a pill for your health.”

    As soon as it finished speaking, it put a pill into her mouth, and it dissolved.

    “I feel much better, thank you, little eight.” Nan Xun smiled and laid on the rocking chair.

    The void beast: “You suddenly treat me so politely, I’m not used to it.”

    Nan Xun: …

    The rocking chair rocked and squeaked, Nan Xun’s head was dizzy and she slept unconsciously.

    Suddenly she noticed an itch on her face. Her heart trembled and her eyes opened immediately.

    When she saw an enlarged face coming closer, Nan Xun turned and screamed, “Lecher, you dare to be rude to me!”

    The man gave a cold smile and looked at her sullenly. “Zuili Xuan, how can you pretend to be a virgin? How many times have you been ruined by that beast? You’re so cheap that you would rather let an animal taint you than to commit yourself to me!”

    Nan Xun discovered that the person who snuck into her yard was no other than Qin Yuexuan who had lost a handful of rice but didn’t steal the chicken.1Chinese idiom – analogy to suffer a loss and didn’t obtain the goal

    “Presumptuous, who let you in?! I am the Zuili clan’s great hero, how dare you disrespect me?” Nan Xun was angry.

    Qin Yuexuan seemed to have heard a joke and ​​laughed loudly. “I say cousin, cousin, don’t you know how everyone talks about you privately? Your body that has been committed to the Demon King has long become dirty. According to the temperament of the clan’s elders, sooner or later, you will be silently executed, and your stupid father and stupid mother are really proud of you!”

    “You shut up!” Nan Xun angrily shouted.

    In the entire Zuili family, her father and mother treated her the best and she couldn’t tolerate Qin Yuexuan’s words.

    “Cousin, don’t you know your situation? Has cousin ever done anything that harmed you?”

    Then he grabbed Nan Xun’s wrist and his eyes were complicated, his voice lowered, “Xuan’Er, how about I take you out of here? Cousin doesn’t hate you.”

    There was a hint of supplication in the depths of his eyes, but Nan Xun didn’t see it.

    She threw aside Qin Yuexuan’s hand and said coldly: “Is cousin actually saying that you haven’t done anything that hurt me? If it hadn’t been little white who saved me, you would…now that you have married my third sister, you should live well with her and stop humiliating me!”  

    The last light in Qin Yuexuan’s eyes dissipated, and he sneered. “Okay, Okay, I won’t care about you anymore!”  

As he said that, he flicked his sleeves and went to the door, only to see Zuili Yuejian walking in.

    Nan Xun looked at the vicious woman and sighed in her heart. “Little eight, she thinks that I am hooking up with her man and witnessed an act of infidelity.”   

    The void beast immediately replied, “What she thinks is true. What’s the difference between Qin Yuexuan hooking you or you hooking him?”

    Nan Xun: …

  1. Chinese idiom – analogy to suffer a loss and didn’t obtain the goal

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    I actually think Qin Yuexuan was trying to save her because he didn’t want her to die at the hands of the elders. I feel a little (a tiny bit) sorry for him, he can’t forget her and yet had to marry someone else.

    As for Xun Xun, I think she is actually not honest with herself, I think she cares more about Xue Ming that she lets on.

    Also, I’m worried about her sudden sickness and I hope the medicine Little Eight gave her is nothing harmful.

    Still curious about when and how the hell did she poison Xue Ming.

    Thanks for the chapter~

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      Translator Admin

      This is my thoughts. What if, the cousin is such a shallow person and just lusts after her because of her good looks…and just wants a chance to cook rice before giving her to the elders and letting her die? FYI these are just my thoughts if she actually “ran” away with him again while he’s a married man. I don’t think he actually likes her as a person, more like he’s obsessed with her looks and wants a taste or to own her.

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        I definetly agree that he is just obsessed with her. And he did try to force himself on her. He is definetly no good.

        But somehow I feel the tiniest bit bad for him since he believes it’s love and since he won’t ever be happy or get cured from his craziness.

        But I by no means want Xun Xun to forgive him or be close to him.

        Maa~ he is just cannon fodder at the end of the day (destined to be evil and have a bad end by the author)~

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    I wonder why is she getting more thin even after eating like a pig. Could it be…. She’s pregnant??

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    poor girl…i maintain that the zuili family needs to die, except for nan xun and her parents!

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    Obv pregnant right.

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    I wonder if she’s pregnant. I bet she is. 🤔

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