The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 27

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Xun Xun, I Found You

    Nan Xun regretted asking little eight to help her open the “thousand miles” eyes. Previously, she obviously prepared herself to be eaten, but then she watched the live broadcast of the Demon King’s cannibalism. She rather stab herself ahead of time than to be swallowed whole by the Demon King.

    Bong, Bong, Bong.1SFX – ringing bells

    Suddenly in the quiet night, the Zuili’s family beast detector enchantment rang, and its vibration was fierce.

    Everyone was awakened and soon there was a fearful hum of the various beasts.  

    “Not good, there is a powerful beast intruding—” She doesn’t know which elder shouted, followed by chaotic footsteps and panicked calls.

    Nan Xun suddenly straightened up, “Shit, little eight! Don’t tell me it’s the Demon King coming. Wasn’t he in the palace within the demon domain?”

    The void beast explained, “There’s a mysterious technique called teleportation, which allows the user to break the void and go to any place they desire within a blink of an eye.”  

    Nan Xun: …

    After the void beast said that, it stopped talking. Nan Xun predicted that the Demon King has arrived.

    In this instant, her mind flashed through countless images and finally settled on the scene where “Zuili Xuan” was devoured.

    Her feet were filled with lead and she couldn’t move.

    So, she looked ahead with her big black eyes wide open, filled with tears…

    I’m scared.

    The night before her stirred slightly. A man in a black robe, covered in blood, appeared in front of Nan Xun.  

    The man’s thin lips curved slightly and gently said, “Xun Xun, I found you.”

    Nan Xun’s tears flowed uncontrollably. She looked at the man in front of her and whispered, “Xue Ming…you’ve finally came…”

    The two slowly walked towards each other, gazed at each other affectionately and then reached out their hands.

    One hand trembled while touching the whip marks on the other’s cheek. While the other hand directly grabbed the other’s slender white neck.

    Nan Xun was gripped and couldn’t say a word. Her throat was strangled, if the other party put in a little effort, her neck would be broken with a crack.

    “Xun Xun, is benwang not good to you? Why did you betray benwang, huh?” Xue Ming came closer to her ears and his deep voice was chilly and cold.

    Nan Xun wanted to explain, but her voice struggled while being strangled and her neck at risk of being snapped. “Xue Ming…no…no…betrayal.”

    “Xun Xun, remember what benwang once said? If you’re not obedient, benwang will eat you one mouthful at a time.” Xue Ming’s voice was soft and gentle, his big palm that encircle her neck slowly loosens.

    Nan Xun gasped and coughed violently, but the next moment when he let go, the man suddenly dipped his head and bit onto her shoulder, severely tearing off a piece of her flesh.

    Nan Xun’s cried bitterly in pain but didn’t utter a word.

    Xue Ming chewed the flesh in his mouth, his thin lips stained with blood and was extremely beautiful.

    “Xue Ming, I didn’t betray you, why don’t you believe me…” Nan Xun wept silently and her words were full of grievances.

    She was really wronged, and she didn’t do anything. But as a result, all the pots were on her back.

    Xue Ming opened his bloody mouth, two sharp poisonous fangs exposed from his gums, ready to take another bite into her flesh. Hearing the woman’s defense, he whispered and sneered “Xun Xun, you and I are together, day and night, the only person who has the opportunity to poison me is you, who is a Zuili. The poison is so powerful that it affected benwang. Benwang was trapped in the nine-treasure cage for more than two months. Do you know what kinds of torture benwang suffered during that time?”

    His voice suddenly sinks, “And all this time, it was all thanks to you, Zuili Xuan!”  

    “Xun Xun, benwang really likes you, but you can’t escape death if you calculated benwang to this extreme. Benwang thought about it, it’s better to swallow you into benwang’s stomach, so that we can become one. Xun Xun, what do you think?”

    Nan Xun’s body couldn’t stop trembling. Her previous feelings of weakness surfaced again, especially strong this time.

    She knew she was about to faint, so she grabbed onto the man’s arm with one hand and grasped his chest tightly with the other and gasped to explain, “Xue Ming, I don’t know how you were poisoned, let alone how I would be able to leak out the defensive layout of the demon domain. I stayed by your side every day and never stepped out of the palace, so how would I know where the demon domain’s defensive layout would be? Xue Ming, I know you were worried about me after you were captured, and I was really worried about you. I was so afraid that you were dead, so afraid…”

    In the end, she couldn’t help but sob. “I’m not the most righteous and best woman humanity offers. I don’t know what happened…I don’t want anything, I just wanted you to come back alive, Ming, believe me, believe me, ah…”

    Xue Ming looked at her with scorn and disdain, then indifference. In the end, he widened his eyes slowly and showed a frightened expression.

    Nan Xun felt that the other person’s expression was very strange. It must be because she had acted so sensationally that Xue Ming finally believed her.

    Her head felt heavy, liquid flowed down her mouth and nose. Nan Xun was stupefied, she couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.


Her nose and mouth were bleeding.

    Her eyes blurred and two lines of tears fell from her eyes and mingled with the blood.

    “What’s wrong with me, me?” Nan Xun asked puzzled.

    “Xue Ming, Xue Ming, my head is so dizzy, and my eyes can’t see you anymore, I’m so tired, I want to sleep, ah…”

    Nan Xun’s grip on his bloody chest unconsciously loosened and slowly fell back.

    Xue Ming hooked her waist and hugged her to his bosom. His voice had a trace of fear that even he wasn’t aware of, “Xun Xun! Xun Xun….”

    Xue Ming held Nan Xun in a princess carry and was about to leave but saw the bright fire outside the courtyard.

    The spiritual beasts with sensitive noses found the Demon King and led the Zuili family to surround the courtyard.

    They thought it would be a general of the demon realm but didn’t expect the Demon King himself!

    “Wasn’t the Demon King locked in the Qinglong clan’s nine-treasure cage? Why is he here?!” The elders who led the crowd were shocked and frightened.

    The nine-treasure cage was made of dragon’s keels and ribs for over 200,000 years and forged with extremely rare fire. After being cast, they have added several ancient enchantments. It was the Qinglong clan’s holy treasure! How can the Demon King escape so easily?

    “Xuan’Er!” A beautiful woman screamed from within the crowd.

    It was unknown if the woman within the Demon King’s arms was alive or dead. Her seven orifices were bleeding. The flesh and blood on her shoulders exposed, the blood flowed like a river and dyed the white dress red, which looked very miserable.

    “You wicked beast! What did you do to my daughter?” The head of the Zuili family face changed and violently screamed.

    Zuili Xuan’s mother who witnessed signs of her being eaten by the Demon King, rolled her eyes backwards and fainted.

  1. SFX – ringing bells

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