The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 28

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Short Oil, Excellent Performance

    Xue Ming wanted to burn the entire Zuili family to the ground. But changed his mind after seeing the middle-aged man and the woman in his arms look similar. He waved and a few black cloudy fogs descended on the elders who led them.

    After the elders were wrapped in the black fogs, they ignited spontaneously and screamed.

    The crowd rushed to extinguish the fire. When they looked up, the blood-covered Demon King left with the woman. It wasn’t determined if she was dead or alive.  

    “Head! Several elders have already, already…” A voice sounded out with grief.

    Everyone was sorrowful and looked at the piles of black ashes in front of them. Several elders were directly burned to ashes by the Demon King’s black fog!

    Her father shook his fist fiercely and declared, “The Demon King has killed my precious daughter and burned five Zuili elders alive. This is an act against the Zuili and warrants revenge! From now on, the Demon King will be the enemy of the Zuili, and we will eradicate this evil beast at any costs!”

    When Nan Xun woke up, she was lying in the Demon King’s arms.

    The man’s bloody eyes stared at her. The previous bone-eroding hatred from when her flesh was bitten and devoured had disappeared, replaced by an intense burning magma-like love and deep regret.

    Nan Xun slowly raised her hand and touched the wound on the man’s face. She said sadly, “If I don’t see you for a few days, you’ll be like this, but it doesn’t matter. In my eyes, you are still as beautiful as when I first saw you.”

    Her voice was very light, as if she would sleep at any time, and the corner of her mouth was lightly hooked, making her pale cheeks angrier.

    Xue Ming also hooked his lips. “I forgot that Xun Xun like my face best. I shouldn’t frighten you with this ghastly appearance.”

    With that, he covered her palm with a black mist. It went over his face, when the black fog dissipated, the face full of scars became as beautiful as the god of beauty.

    Nan Xun gently laughed and poked her finger to his face. “You, I don’t dislike you. You should deal with the wounds on your body first.”

    “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Xue Ming’s voice was rarely low and gentle.

    He healed all the wounds on his body, but the wounds on his chest seemed to be more serious and took longer to heal.

    Then, Nan Xun noticed there was something wrong. She pulled his clothes apart and saw a piercing bloody hole in his chest.

    “Ming, this is a place of Dantian, but they took out your…beast core?” Nan Xun was distress and felt two lines of tears falling and couldn’t help but touch the bloody hole lightly. “How could they, how could they…”

    Xue Ming touched her head, kissed her gently on the tip of her nose and on her pale lips and whispered, “Xun Xun, don’t worry, even if the benwang is poisoned by voodoo, they can’t think this would seriously easily wound benwang. Benwang’s beast core is not gone, but temporarily placed elsewhere.”

    Xue Ming stared deeply at Nan Xun and asked: “Xun Xun, did you know that you have been poisoned by voodoo for a long time?”

    Nan Xun widened her eyes, “Ming, what did you say? I’m poisoned? When did I get voodoo poisoning?”

    Xue Ming caressed her slender neck, a fragile spot where he could pinch with little strength and kill her. But the woman in his arms didn’t realize it and exposed all her fatal weaknesses in front of him.

    This woman… why did she provoke him. He will not let her go. He will never let her go. She will never leave him for the rest of her life.

    “Ming, about what you said, what the hell is going on?” Nan Xun shook his arm.

   Xue Ming looked at her, gently parting a wisp of hair from the front of her temple to behind her ear and faintly said, “I’ve been thinking about when you poisoned me. Although I can’t remember when, I thought it was you who did it. So, I thought you wanted me to die. At that time, I was so angry that I wanted to devour you into my stomach, so you wouldn’t deceive me anymore, but I found out that you didn’t deceive me. After you were voodoo poisoned, I realized that…Xun Xun, before you came to the demon realm, you were given a kind of witchcraft poison. I love you day and night, and the poison that you had passed onto me.”  

    Speaking of the latter, a pair of blood pupils were full of bloodthirst and murder, and the whole body was wrapped with gloomy violence.

    When Nan Xun heard this, she groaned in her heart. “Little eight, what do I need you for? You didn’t even know what the hell I’ve got!”

    The void beast laughed and said. “Although this god beast has great powers, it is not omnipotent. Even the doctors that came to the Zuili home didn’t know you were voodoo poisoned.”

    “Did you speak?” Nan Xun was surprised.

    The void beast snorted, “The Demon King has been wounded to a dog, and even the beast core been fed to you. Even if he had four eyes and four ears, he can’t perceive me.”

    Nan Xun was shocked.

    Xue Ming took out his beast core for her?

    Little eight, who has always been afraid of the Demon King, now wasn’t afraid of him. How seriously injured was he?  

    Nan Xun looked at the man in front of her and suddenly asked, “Ming, the poison in your body…”

    Xue Ming smiled slightly, “Xun Xun be at ease, it has been solved.”  

    Nan Xun breathed a sigh of relief, but after thinking of something, her face changed slightly, and immediately asked: “Where is your beast core?”

    Xue Ming pursed his lips and said lightly, “Xun Xun, don’t worry about it. Anyways, I’m all right.”

    Nan Xun’s eyes suddenly reddened and asked, “It’s in my body, isn’t it? Tell me?”

    Xue Ming was silent.

    “Take it back, I don’t want it! I don’t want your beast core, if you give it to me, what would you do? You are so badly injured…I don’t want it. Take it away. Take it away quickly…” Nan Xun kept repeating this sentence, her attitude was determined, and her eyes were full of distress and heartache.

    The void beast muttered in a low voice, “Your performing skills are progressing rapidly. I’ll give a best new actress award to you later.”

    Nan Xun’s distressed expression almost fell apart, but she was able to resist.

    Xue Ming paid attention to the distressed and heartbreak within the woman’s eyes, his grasp on her arm suddenly tightened. He suddenly lowered his head and suck on the woman’s lips greedily and insatiably.

    “Mmmm…mmm…” Nan Xun pushed against him vigorously and managed to gasp for breath. She quickly said in a low voice, “If you don’t take the beast core back, don’t think about getting back on my bed again!”

    She doesn’t know why this sentence pleased the Demon King, but it made him laugh happily with a pleasant smile. The deep laughter caused his chest to vibrate and it passed through the tight skin to Nan Xun’s ear, his mood was a lot better.

    “What are you laughing at? I’m serious!” Nan Xun was mortified.

    Xue Ming smirked and shattered her clothes. Without saying a word, she was pulled across the bed and bullied.

TL Note: So, guys, she wasn’t pregnant to begin with.

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