The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 29

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To Unlock 9,981 Forms

    Without waiting for him to approach, Nan Xun pushed him aside fiercely and shouted angrily, “Do you want to die? The voodoo in my body hasn’t been lifted yet!”

    Xue Ming smiled and said: “The witchcraft poison in my body has been dispelled many times and the poison in Xun Xun’s body is controlled by my beast core, which will not affect me for the time being.”

    With that, he merged with her little by little, firmly and began to savor the delicacies under him repeatedly carefully.

    By the time Nan Xun opened her eyes, the man besides her disappeared.

    “Little eight, where did the Demon King go?” Nan Xun yawned and asked.

    The rehabilitated kinky snake was so terrible that she felt that her body was no longer hers and was sore and weak.

    The void beast’s tone soars, “The Demon King went to repair the demon realm for those restless beasts~”

    Nan Xun smiled and asked, “Are you in a good mood, little eight?”

    The void beast replied: “Last night, the Demon King’s evil value dropped from 99 to 10. How can this lord be in a bad mood? The power of love is so great that you triggered the Demon King to realize that there are more wonderful things in the world besides killing, killing, eating and eating. I predict that the last 10 evil value will be eliminated when he gets his revenge, haha…”

    Nan Xun, however, wasn’t happy. After a moment of silence, she suddenly asked, “Can he win against the gods and beasts led by the humans and Qinglong without his beast core?”  

    The void beast exclaimed, “Are you worried about the Demon King? You, you, you didn’t fall in love with the Demon King, right?”

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes. “I clearly remembered that the Demon King bit the flesh on my shoulder. It felt so painful that I wanted to die on the spot.”

    The void beast let out a sound.

    Nan Xun continued, “I remembered vividly that the Demon King swallowed the fake Zuili Xuan. The scene was too beautiful, I dare not look at it, but it’s in my dreams every night, ha ha.”

    The void beast let out another sound.  

    Nan Xun said coldly: “Do you think that I will shake m?1Shake m – masochist Falling in love with an obscene snake that would eat me? If I hadn’t been smart, quick-witted and a first-rated actress, I would have already been devoured by that pervert!”

    The void beast: “Short oil, it’s not good, I’m afraid you would fall. You must know what is false to you. Your goal is to return to your own world. Don’t forget this in your heart.”

    Nan Xun looked at the night pearl embedded in the wall. Her dark pupils were particularly bright illuminated by the faint light.

    She’s been awake.

    Perhaps she had a moment where Xue Ming was in her heart, but she has always been a sensible and almost indifferent person, clearly remembering her purpose.

    Besides, if she hadn’t been lucky and had high EQ, she would have really been eaten by Xue Ming! It’s true, it’s not fake!

    The Demon King will disappear for a while every day, and the remaining time he spends in the palace, pressing Nan Xun and shamelessly brewing sauce.

    At first, it was simply pressing and thrusting. Later, she didn’t know who the Demon King was instructed by. He was suddenly enlightened, and tried countless venues, such as the dressing table, stone tables, floors and even the walls.

    The posture changed alongside the venue and unlocked the 9,981 styles with great exhilarating pleasure.

    Nan Xun wants to curse but couldn’t even exert the strength to swear.

“Xun Xun, I’ve written a war document for the humans and beast gods. We agreed to fight in a decade, regardless of the outcome, the two sides will no longer fight for ten thousand years and the Yinchuan continent will be peaceful.” Xue Ming’s big palm caressed Nan Xun’s soft waist fondly. Accompanied by such hooliganism was his extremely serious tone.

    Nan Xun weakly sighed, lifted her soft finger and pointed to his chest. She said, “Ming, the voodoo in my body is gone, you can take back your beast core.”

    Xue Ming’s snake tongue slowly stretched out to lick her lips and his eyes smiled, “Xun Xun, do you know how many people in this world wants my beast core? How can you always be so dismissive of what others dream of?”

    As for the long serpent tongue on her face, Nan Xun was used to it. When she heard his words, she seriously retorted, “I just don’t want you to have an accident. Ten years will be a drop in the bucket. You have to use that time to recover your strength.”  

    After saying that, Nan Xun told little eight in her heart, “I feel like a piece of shit. All these love phrases are handy, this is all thanks to the 《Words of Love Book》that little eight gave me.”

    She wonders if the Demon King has almost recovered recently. The number of replies from little eight is getting less and less, this time there was no response.

    Nan Xun’s love words caused Xue Ming’s heart to sound. He hooked Nan Xun’s nose and his eyes almost overflowed with indulgence. “Well, I’ll listen to Xun Xun and end the war as soon as possible. Didn’t you mention that you wanted to go sightseeing all over the country? I’ll accompany you when the war is over.”

    Nan Xun happily wrapped her arms around his neck. “That’s what you said.”

    After that, she kissed him on her own initiative and said vaguely: “Come and take the beast core.”

    Xue Ming chuckles and frolicked with her for a while. His long tongue reaches out and plays with the woman’s body, after a while it hooks out the beast core.

    A decade in the demon realm quickly passes. Within those ten years, Xue Ming and Nan Xun was an old married couple. Nan Xun would cook meals daily while Xue Ming handled government affairs during the day and would later rush home to eat together with her.

    No one could ever imagine that Xue Ming, who was once a bloodthirsty monster that enjoyed eating raw meat and drinking cold blood, would skillfully grasp his chopsticks and place vegetables in Nan Xun’s bowl. His face drowned to pamper her, “Why do you always eat meat, eat some vegetables.”

    Nan Xun was full of meat. At the sight of the pile of green vegetables in her bowl, her face suddenly changed, humph, and immediately used her chopstick to place a piece of carrot in Xue Ming’s bowl. She smiled with her eyes bent, “Ming, it’s good for your health to eat more carrots.”

    Successfully seeing Xue Ming’s face changed, Nan Xun laughed.

    She inadvertently discovered that Xue Ming particularly was averse to eating carrots. In fact, this vegetable wasn’t a carrot, but the taste and color were very similar to them, so she called it a carrot.

    Once Xue Ming bullied Nan Xun, she made carrots. After a few days from being tossed by the other, she was upset and made a plate of fried carrots every day.

    Although Xue Ming’s face changed, he obediently used his chopstick and ate the carrot Nan Xun gave him. Then looked at her with a straight face and said, “Well, you eat all the vegetables in your bowl until there is none left.”

    Nan Xun could only eat the vegetables with a bitter face.

    When they were full, they were at a loss and fell silent.

    “Ming, in three days will be the day of way.” Nan Xun said.  

    Xue Ming sighed, “You can rest assure that I will not be in trouble, until the end of this war, regardless of the outcome, the two sides abide to the agreement, truce for thousands of years to come.”

    Nan Xun reached out her hand and held his hand, “You must promise me to return safely.”

  1. Shake m – masochist

TL Note: Maybe he’s averse to carrots because it reminds him of the time when she fed the first little white carrots “lovingly.”

Updated the table of contents to show the titles up to world 5. This is 1,167 chapters long…if an arc is 30 chapters there’s like 38 worlds/arcs before the end of this story.

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