The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 295

World 7: The Grandmaster’s Rice Bucket

Translated by Novice Translations

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World 8: The Film Emperor’s Fangirl

Nan Xun entered Little Eight’s star space. One person and one beast, both still had lingering fears.

Little Eight turned around and yelled, “Your mother, it was incredible. That pervert Gong Moran actually tried to trap your soul in that body. Fuck, fortunately. All thanks to my baby’s two brushes, otherwise you’ll be finished. You would’ve been trapped in that corpse, couldn’t even leave!”

Little Eight continued to lamenting, “It’s just an intermediate world, you say. But wasn’t this big boss a little too terrifying? This Lord actually had to spend the entire five days to break his damn formation before I managed to pulled out your soul. It’s obvious that I’m still very powerful, but this Master has to stay in this star space to cast spells. Was my divine power greatly reduced? If this Master left, it should have taken a few minutes to take you away…”

Nan Xun rubbed her head and whispered “Little Eight ah, can you be quiet for a while. Just for a while, my head hurts.”

Little Eight ‘oh’, his tall and handsome animal body finally stopped spinning. Then he went to stand beside Nan Xun, becoming a beast sculpture.

After a while, he couldn’t help but to sweep her shoulder with his beautiful tail and gently asked “Dear da, what’s wrong?”

He murmured again after a pause “The big boss in this world is very cunning and knew how to be careful. So, he will surely come after you alive and well. Don’t worry.”

Nan Xun whispered “It’s okay. I was just too deeply involved in the act. I’ll be fine after a while.”

Little Eight’s eyes moved and said with a smile: “Dear da, you will like the next world oh. It’s definitely a world that makes you shine and show off your strength!”

Nan Xun didn’t ask Little Eight what kind of world it was, she just nodded and said, “Let’s go. One day in star space is equivalent to a few months outside. Let’s not waste time.”

“Good!” Little Eight happily responded.

The next moment, Nan Xun’s soul twisted and in a blink of an eye, left the star space.


Before she could fully open her eyes, Nan Xun felt a stabbing pain on her wrist and the sound of liquid dripping.

When her consciousness slowly returned, and she quickly looked at her wrist.

She saw there was a fresh incision on her wrist, blood constantly poured out from it. Nan Xun exclaimed in fright and quickly searched for something to bandage herself to stop the bleeding.

“Fuck, Little Eight, why did you make me almost dead as soon as I arrived? No matter how bad it was in the past, at least it was always three days before death. Aahh, but now this time, it’s the day of death!”

Little Eight immediately gave her a blood tonic pill. “Tut tut, I can’t control the timing. Anyway, this Master is here, so you won’t die even if you came too late. Don’t worry.”

However, Nan Xun felt that she still had to go to the hospital for a doctor to have her wrist bandaged. She started to sorted out this body’s memories and recalled something. Then, suddenly looked at the desktop computer directly opposite of her.

Damn it!

Live stream?

“Little Eight, come out to die!!” Nan Xun roared inwardly.

Nan Xun rushed over and at one glanced she saw more than -nth messages from the live stream feed.

“Oh my God ah, older sister Jinmao actually committed suicide live, ahhh I’m scared to tears—”

“Fake, how can someone be that stupid as to commit suicide?”

“It’s true! Didn’t you see just now, she did cut her wrist with a fruit knife. The blood is still dripping down her wrist. It’s terrible ahhh…”

“Psycho, for the sake of red she’s willing to throw her life. I really look down on this kind of lowly person the most, really deserves to die…”

“Should we call the police as soon as possible ah?”

“Yi? Older sister Jinmao is alive again. Look, she’s moving…”

Nan Xun immediately closed out the live stream window and rolled her eyes weakly.

She looked in the mirror. In the mirror, she saw a strange face. She was wearing heavy makeup and non-mainstream smoky makeup. Some of her lips were covered with fiery red lipstick and her face was thickly covered with powder. She was as white as a vampire. Her long hair was dyed golden yellow which nearly blinded her. There were two big ring-shaped earrings hanging from her earlobes.

Tsk, this appearance is no good.

Nan Xun pulled out a mask from the cabinet and put it on, then hurried to the nearest hospital.

As soon as the doctor saw her wound, he gave her stitches while advised her not to commit suicide.

“Thank you doctor. I won’t.”

The doctor was taken aback, and he couldn’t help but laugh.


People usually called him a doctor or physician. This is the first time someone called him a doctor*.1 *The word ‘doctor’ that Nan Xun used was 大夫 which is the word that’s used to call a doctor in Ancient China. However, the word ‘doctor’ used in the modern word now is, 医生 instead


Afterwards, Nan Xun returned to her princess-styled room and threw herself onto the soft bed with a ‘thud’.

Actually, this apartment looks good, but it’s a pity that it was rented.

She’d just entered a world where the Internet was very developed. Here, anyone can earn some money by live-streaming, as long as there’s someone who’s willing to donate or be a sponsor.

In this streaming circle, her body, that is, Shan Shui, is in fact quite well-known.

Shan Shui is famous for her long golden hair. She is called older sister Jinmao* by her fans. In reality, she was only 20 years old, but her makeup style made her look so old that people always thought she was a 30-year-old married woman instead.2 *Jinmao literally means golden hair…

Shan Shui is a girl with very low self-esteem. Her academic performance wasn’t good, and she could only go to vocational high school and studied fine arts. However, in the past few years in vocational high school, she didn’t focus on her studies. The girls there like to compare themselves with others and there were always people who praise her beauty and said she could be a celebrity.

If it was only one person who said this, Shan Shui wouldn’t have taken it seriously, but a lot of people were saying that. Thus, she really considered that idea. Nonetheless, because she never learned any acting or singing and even dancing, she ended up didn’t know how to do anything. So, in the end she dreamt of becoming a superstar with only using her face instead.

When she finally repented, it was already too late. She didn’t learn what should have to be learned, but instead got into a lot of bad habits, such as being vain and proud.

Obviously as of a result, she didn’t have a good time and didn’t dare to mention it to her parents who were in the countryside, for fear that they would be worried. Later, in order to make money, she went down the path of being an internet celebrity and never strayed since. She was a beautiful woman, but she purposely dressed herself up like a married woman and also managed to offend a lot of people because of being too outspoken.

Shan Shui was tired of her current life to the point of getting depressed. She often went to looked at her male god’s film and television works over and over again every day, slowly becoming crazy and infatuated with his beautiful flawless face. That was how she survived until today.

Today, Shan Shui didn’t actually want to commit suicide. She was just too anxious to be popular, wanting to be closer to her male god, so she resorted to used such a stupid method. Unfortunately, she didn’t control her strength well and ended up really killed herself.

Little Eight said, “This Shan Shui’s obsession is too deep. I’ve never seen a girl follow a man like a pervert. Tsk, her computer is full of pictures of her male god ah. Let her lick her male god’s toes. I reckon she will be so happy that she can sleep for a few days.”

Nan Xun: ….

“Little Eight ah! Dammit, this time you let me escape from a perverted boss with an evil value of 100. But Oh, you shit, instead you turned me into a little pervert!”

Little Eight ‘hehe’ twice and said, “But this Lord gave you a beautiful face, oh. This Shan Shui is in fact so beautiful.”

Nan Xun ignored him and opened the encrypted file on the computer. She then casually opened a video named “Beautiful Man Bathing”.


The water gently rippled on the surface and in a certain moment, a man with long hair and naked upper body completes with an eight-pack broke through the surface. His hand reached out to smooth his wet hair to the back of his head, revealing his full forehead and flawless face.

As his gaze shifted, the man suddenly looked towards the lens, eyes narrowed, his thin and beautiful lips slightly hooked, he then smiled mischievously.


Suddenly, there was a thump.

Nan Xun’s heart beat heavily while two lines of blood flowed down from her nose.

PR: xD xD Nan Xun finally showed her pervertness out in the open. 😂😂

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