The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 296

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Capital, Fresh and Pure Sex Appeal

     Little Eight ‘haha’ loudly and said, “Look at you, you’re looked dumb, ahhahahaha…”

    Nan Xun calmly wiped off the blood with a tissue, and said, “Believe it or not, this nosebleed definitely wasn’t my own reaction, but this body’s reaction.”

    Little Eight, “Tut tut, I know that, you don’t need to explain. Grandpa knows that just now that video of a beautiful man bathing must have made your blood boiled. So it’s natural because you’re a female.”

    Nan Xun: …

    “Can you use your brain? This sister has already gone through so many worlds, in which world have I not seen a villain boss who is a first-class handsome man? Just take a look at Gong Moran from the last world for example, his appearance alone was simply already against the Heavens, okay?”

    Little Eight’s laughter suddenly stopped, as he was pondering about it.

Although Nan Xun was indeed a hardcore face-con like him, she wasn’t an idiot. At most, it would only be when her courage fattens up while facing a beautiful man or when she unconsciously courts all kinds of disaster.

Nan Xun opened several more videos and watched them.

After watching them, she couldn’t help but ‘tsk tsk’ and said, “These videos were edited by Shan Shui herself. According to my years of experience, this male god definitely belongs to the sly seducer type. Indeed, every smile and frown are very coquettish. Looks like a little seductive hussy had unexpectedly hooked this single little Shan Shui girl to become a little pervert.”

    Nan Xun poured herself a cup of hot water leisurely and sipped it gracefully, which made it look like it was good tea.

    Little Eight silently watched her pretend in silence.

    “But I didn’t come here this time to chase celebrities. Little Eight, tell me who the big boss is this time. I want to get close to him as soon as possible.”

    Little Eight coughed, “Dear da, Far away yet right in front of you. “

    Nan Xun hesitated, and her eyes fell on a photo she just opened.

    It was a man who wore a white suit sitting in front of a white piano. His slender fingers were resting on the black and white keys. His eyes were slightly drooping, making him look gentle and introverted. A large amount of golden sunlight projected through the French windows and shined on him. It outlined his flawless face that was so beautiful to the point of making people couldn’t move their eyes away.

    He was like a prince from a fairy tale, noble and reserved, but tender and soft like water. *1This is an idiom that means that he is a type of person who will be greatly
attached/deeply love someone

    However, when Nan Xun changed the photo. He then became a mature man with a wicked seductive charm exuded strong hormones, tempting people everywhere to commit crimes.

    Nan Xun was incredulous, “Little Eight, you mean the villain boss in this world is…”

    “Yes!” Little Eight laughed ‘hehe’ and continued, “It’s the little perverted fangirl Shan Shui’s male god. The youngest movie king at present and the No.1 dream lover in the hearts of women in China – Ou Qian!”

    When Nan Xun heard this exact answer, she looked at the beautiful man in the photo and her eyes suddenly changed.

    She moved her gaze and asked: “Why is his evil value at 100? At most, it could be said that he’s a little seductive demon, not at all like a person who is a big villain at all.”

    Little Eight laughed ‘ahhhaha’ loudly, “Don’t be cheated by him. The gentle and easy-going appearance of the big boss is very pretentious, pretentious! This man is cruel. He is the son of the richest man in this country. His mother later died from insanity. As soon as his mother died, his old man brought his mistress outside together with a pair of children. Hehe da, the son is only one month older than the big boss. Tsk~”

    Nan Xun frowned slightly, “Then what is the reason for this big boss to enter the entertainment industry? Wouldn’t it be convenient for that mistress and her children? This would allow them to constantly be by his father’s side, making it easier to win his favor. Moreover, old man Ou also has such a status, he shouldn’t have easily allowed his son to enter the entertainment industry, right?”

    Little Eight: “Do you think the big boss wants his father’s legacy? In the original world, his goal was to kill the entire Ou family, as well as that mistress and her son. In the end, he almost succeeded, but it was a pity that he was ruined by that mistress’s daughter.”

    Nan Xun heard a clue and immediately asked, “How can a woman ruin him?”

    Little Eight cried ‘ah’, “Grandpa forgot to tell you, that Ou mistress’s daughter, is this world’s child of fate. The big boss has feelings that is beyond brotherly affection.”

    Nan Xun’s face suddenly changed, and she stood up, “What are you talking about? Are you saying that the big boss likes his sister?”

    Little Eight ‘tut tut’-ed and said, “that’s enthralling, but it’s not his sister la. The mistress’s son is related to him, but her daughter isn’t. The mistress adopted her. But don’t worry, now the big boss still hates that mistress’s children. That matter of liking Ou Xingduo is has yet to happen.”

    Nan Xun’s lips were tightly pressed together.

Even if it hasn’t happened yet, she was still very unhappy.

    “What do you know? The pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first*.”2to benefit from intimacy with an influential person/the closest a person is to an influential person/source, then one would have a bigger chance to take the benefit

  After all, the big boss would be living under the same roof with his sister for a long time.”

Nan Xun said with a cool gaze and an inexplicable exasperation suddenly grew in her heart.

    Little Eight immediately said: “The big boss is busy with work. He only goes back once on the weekends and sometimes its only once a month when he’s really busy. But it’s very reasonable when you said, ‘the pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first.’ So, hehe, Grandpa’s idea is, do you also want to enter the entertainment industry? Your acting skills are very superb, you can easily become the movie queen ah. If you can star with the big boss by then, yi heehee, isn’t it easy to do that…”

    Little Eight laughed very obscenely.

    Nan Xun didn’t say anything after listening. Her eyes were dark and her thoughts were unknown.

    After quickly browsing the videos and photos on the computer, Nan Xun went to the bathroom to remove her makeup, revealing Shan Shui’s original face.

    Shan Shui didn’t have the current main-stream internet celebrity who has the appearance of a snake face. Her face still had a bit of baby fat and her eyes were the exaggerated big eyes. Her eyes were very dark, bright and energetic. Her nose bridge was very strong and her lips were slightly pouting and at a closer look, it looked cute while sexy at a distance.3So, in China, the popular internet celebrity has a snake face. It refers to those with very white faces, big eyes, red lips and pointed chins (V-shape chin). Usually this means that they also had many surgeries to look this way

    This combination of facial features was surprisingly perfect, pure and sexy.

If she enters the entertainment industry, she can star in many things.

    Little Eight triumphantly said: “How about it, Grandpa found you a body that isn’t too bad. She looks beautiful and belongs to the extremely beautiful type.”

    Nan Xun nodded slightly and couldn’t wait to go to the barber shop. Because this mask on her face had attracted lots of attention from many people.


    She dyed her blonde hair back to natural black. The barber held her long hair lovingly while trying to persuade her to have a haircut as well.

Nan Xun refused, “I like this kind of natural long hair.”

    The barber curled her lips and inwardly said, ‘What is this act, if you really like natural beauty so much, then why did you dye your hair into that fucking spicy blonde hair before?’

   Actually, Nan Xun wasn’t being pretentious, she was just too embarrassed after she discovered that Shan Shui didn’t have much money.

    This little girl turns out to be part of the moonlight group.4Those who spend their monthly income even before they earn their next paycheck.

Even though she is well-known in the Internet celebrity circle and earns some money every month, she usually sends half of it back home and would spend the remaining on either luxury goods or products endorsed by her male god.

For example, like when she once bought a hundred of boxes of toothpaste and yogurt. Also, when she bought those two boxes of yogurt, she then drinks it three bottles per day as well.

She was indeed just a brain-dead fangirl.

    No, the truth is Shan Shui can no longer be regarded as a simple brain-dead fangirl. She was a hardcore fanatic fangirl instead.

If Ou Qian were to stood in front of her now, she will definitely pounce him in excitement and would never let go!

Novi’s Notes: This arc’s original ML is supposed to fall in love with this world’s child of fate. Looks like Xun Xun is jelly and unhappy!

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