The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 297

Translated by Novice Translations

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Beautiful Person, Beautiful Tune

     “Little Eight, did you do this on purpose? Why do I feel like this Shan Shui is very similar to that Gong Da* from the previous world ah?” Nan Xun suddenly asked Little Eight.1referring to the 1st disciple of Gong Moran who was obsessed with the big boss, to the point of worshiping him as though he was a God aka ‘Gong Da the foolish’

    Little Eight hurriedly said: “You’re thinking too much about it, ha. Although Grandpa has to admit, you were like that big Gong’s fanatic fan kind of girl, hehe.” 

Nan Xun: ……

Even though she was now Shan Shui herself, even had all kinds of fanatic fangirl ideas exist in her mind from Shan Shui, somehow Nan Xun still found it dumbfounded.

How can someone be such a fanatic fangirl to another person to this extent? 

After returning to the apartment, Nan Xun logged onto Shan Shui’s ManMan account. This account was just like Weibo from her world, a very popular social platform. There were 150,000 followers on Shan Shui’s ManMan account which showed that she joined the ranks of being a successful small-time Internet celebrity. 

However, after Nan Xun flipped through Shan Shui’s previous post, her brain started to hurt again.

What the hell is this?  

All of Shan Shui’s selfies had heavy makeup with different poses and expressions, or reposting news of her male god. Almost every one of them were reposts.  

Nan Xun sighed and without hesitation clicked to delete all her selfies, only leaving reposts of the things related to the male god. 

Then, she posted a new update:

The medicine was now stopped! From today onwards, I’m returning to my true self.2Don’t stop the medicine is a song sung by Damai Mai, basically about people who are pretending to be someone they aren’t

A normal photo of her was also attached below.

In that photo, A girl looks about only eighteen or nineteen years old. Her long black hair was draped over her shoulders. She was smiling brightly at the camera. Her lovely lips were slightly raised, and her eyes were smiling crescent-shaped. There were two bright dots shining in her eyes, like a cartoon character’s eyes, very beautiful. 

Ten minutes later, Nan Xun glanced at the comments under her post. 

She couldn’t help but be a little surprised. There were more than a thousand comments below after such a small period of time. This was something that has never happened before.  

Nan Xun flipped through a few randomly.

Poor woman: Who is this ah? Was Sister Jinmao’s account hacked?

Blessing from passers-by on the street corner: Look carefully, upstairs. Fuck this is Sister Jinmao ahhhh!3Basically her background of her interior is the same as previous posts…

Inspiring to become a devil to eat food: Oh my God ya, this big beauty is Sister Jinmao? Someone quickly lent me some eye drops, I think there’s something wrong with my eyes! 

Pippi Jiusang: voted +1 upstairs, I think my eyes are also having problems! I need to see an eye doctor urgently!

    QianChenXiao: No need to go to see an eye doctor. Fuck, this sister ah. There’s nothing wrong with your eyes. This big beauty is really Sister Jinmao! 

Leng Yueyouyou: Ying ying ying, Has Sister Jinmao changed her medicine? Or did she get hit by something? 

Yuqing eats cat food: I think Sister Jinmao really committed suicide earlier today. After that incident, she changed drastically. Now I really do feel sorry for her. 

Nan Xun read it for a while, before exiting out of ManMan. The comment section was much more friendly than what she had initially expected. 

It’s been a long day, but Nan Xun didn’t feel hungry. Compared to Li Yunduo, Shan Shui’s food intake was pitifully small. 

And it was the last day of the month.

Tomorrow, I could go to withdraw my earnings.

Nan Xun had rummaged through a drawer and found only 200 yuan left.  Shan Shui’s aesthetic wasn’t very good either.

When Nan Xun left, she was wearing a small off-the-shoulder dress that didn’t fit her well. Her breasts were too big.  Hence the dress couldn’t highlight her curves, it made her upper body look very bloated instead. 

    When she went out before, Nan Xun wore a mask and didn’t care too much about her appearance. Now that she has free time, she began to rummage through the wardrobe. 

The wardrobe was full of expensive brand-name clothes, but all the style and color weren’t suitable for her. 

After rummaging for a long time, Nan Xun finally found a suitable dress. It was a goose-yellow simple dress that was a little worn out. 

    Nan Xun left the apartment and found a place to rent a bike then leisurely rode a bike around the city. 

    At the street stalls in the downtown market, Nan Xun bought a pair of slim jeans for 50 yuan, a pair of flat shoes for 40 yuan and a red loose cotton T-shirt for 30 yuan. Nan Xun folded the hem of the T-shirt and placed a flower on her waist which made her waist appear slenderer. 

Long hair in a shawl, the whole person looked very beautiful. 

    In the square, there were many aunties and young men street dancing, attracting a crowd of onlookers. 

Nan Xun felt the lively atmosphere around her and couldn’t help but deeply inhale. 

“This is the breath of life ah, so good.”

    Little Eight sounded ‘ai yo’ before he said, “Your mother, are you still a young girl studying literature and arts, ah? Why did you come out at night and wander about?”

Nan Xun: “Didn’t you want me to quickly get into the entertainment industry? This sister is creating an opportunity for herself.” 

    Little Eight didn’t understand but didn’t dare to ask any more questions, fearing that he would get scolded for being stupid. 

    Nan Xun went to many places. The lively square, crowded snack street even to the overpass.

On the overpass, there were many street performers. 

Seeing a young man playing the violin, Nan Xun’s eyes twinkled. She then borrowed the man’s violin and played a song.

The tune of “Canon” sounded melodiously throughout the overpass.

At first, it started slowly and leisurely. But in the second half, the tune sped up abruptly, becoming lively.

The onlookers felt like they were watching a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon then flying out to a vast land. They became so immersed in the music; their mood sublimated. 

The gusts of wind at night blew the girl’s long hair. The girl who played the violin smiled so sweetly and her sweetness brought about an indescribably amorous feeling. 

After the song finally ended, there was a warm applause all around. 

Nan Xun smiled brilliantly, returned the violin to the dumbfounded artist, and left while waving.

    Little Eight asked eagerly: “What did you say about creating opportunities for yourself? What did you do all night?”

Nan Xun, who was already lying-in bed after taking a shower murmured, “You’ll know in a few days.” 

^However, it didn’t even need to take a few days.

It was the next day that Little Eight found out while Nan Xun was browsing ManMan.

A video titled; “Beauty Violinist” had entered the hot search list.

Although it didn’t make the headline, it was still very conspicuous.

It was ranked second to the hot search headline of “Movie King Ou Qian was Suspected of Having a Mysterious Girlfriend”. 

Nan Xun clicked on the video and watched it. Although the camera trembled a bit, this person had captured her beautiful appearance while she was playing the violin.

Then she clicked the dropdown option and was suddenly stunned.



What’d just happened?!

Nan Xun quickly opened the hot comment section.

The first comment came to view, said: Beautiful person. Beautiful tune.

The commenter has a very well-known avatar nonetheless still this ManMan’s verified account made Nan Xun a little confused.

Ou Qian (internationally renowned artist and actor), then next to his name was a dazzling diamond-studded crown.

He commented: Beautiful person. Beautiful tune. 

And the replies under this comment alone have already exceeded 50,000.

Dark night: Fuck ahahah, what’d just happened, Laozi actually saw Ou Qian! 

Liangliang: Aoaoao, I was surprised to find my male god!

Detective Ke Lan: It’s recently rumored that Ou Qian has a mysterious girlfriend. And now, he suddenly comments on this video. tsk tsk… Beautiful person. Beautiful tune. Ou Qian rarely praises. I have no doubt that this beauty violinist in this video might just be his very own, mysterious girlfriend! 

Sanskrit Under the Rose: That’s impossible, you’re reading into it too much.

Gutu: Then I’m reading too much into it too +10086

Nan Xun felt a little flattered, before she then hurriedly looked through the other comments.

She was indeed praised in the many comments about her performance but due to the fact that Ou Qian has commented, there were fewer negative comments than what normally would’ve been.

After all, the male god already said it was good so if you disagree, that’s the same as slapping the male god’s face. 

Nan Xun thought for a while and then shamelessly replied under the male god’s comment: Thank you. The truth is I’m one of your crazy fangirls, and my ultimate goal is…to climb on you.

p/r: pfftttt…… (╯✧ ∇ ✧)╯it hadn’t yet to be confirm about who will ended up climbing eating whom in the end.  ☆〜(ゝ。∂)☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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