The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 3

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The Original Owner Eaten by the Demon King

    Nan Xun gazed at Qin Yuexuan, who was fighting with a group of demon wolf beasts. He had a vigorous tall posture, handsome, and his pair of peach blossom eyes, which were slightly raised were very attractive. It’s no wonder that Zuili Xuan was coaxed to eloping with him.  

    Today is the second day that Zuili Xuan discovers her family’s plans and elopes with Qin Yuexuan. With the strong influence of the Zuili family in this world, she is afraid it won’t be long until she is captured.

    “Little eight, what happened to the original Zuili Xuan? When I entered her body, what happened to her?” Nan Xun asked.

    The Void Beast was silent for a while before saying: “After three days, she will die, and I promised to help her guide her soul, so I went to her three days before her death and requisitioned her body in advance.”


    What the fuck, she seems to know what’s wrong!

    “Little eight, are you saying that after three days I am going to die?”

    The void beast laughed and said, “Yes.”

    “How did I die?” How miserable was it?

    “Well, it’s all right. You ran away with wild men and rubbed against the evil king’s scales. Then the evil king ate you into his stomach. As for the wild man, he was smothered by the demon king and hanged at the city’s gate for seven days and seven nights, and finally dried up.”

    Nan Xun did not listen to everything. Her mind was full of the words, “The evil king ate you into his stomach,” which reverberates back and forth.

    “Little eight, do you understand what eating is, like how I understand the meaning?” Nan Xun holds onto a glimmer of hope.

    The Void Beast is not happy. “Does it seem like a joke? You were eaten into the bloodthirsty and cruel demon king’s stomach, and he didn’t even spit out your bones.”

    Nan Xun shuddered: “It’s not me, it’s Zuili Xuan.”

    “Hey, you are Zuili Xuan now, you will be eaten by the demon king in three days. Do your best. I’ll take care of you.”

    Nan Xun felt tired and didn’t want to talk to the Void Beast anymore.

    At this time, Qin Yuexuan, who killed a group of demon moon wolf beasts, came over with a bloody smell.

    He dares not to approach, for fear that his bloody clothes would stain the beautiful woman in front of his eyes.

    “Don’t be afraid, cousin. I’ve taken care of this group of demon moon wolves.” Qin Yuexuan looked at her with gentle eyes full of obsession.

   Nan Xun smiled. “Cousin, I seem to hear the sound of water. Let’s go and wash.”

Qin Yuexuan stayed where he was and stupidly said: “Cousin, you really look good when you smile.”

    His voice floating.

    Nan Xun burst out laughing. How beautiful was she, that a smile could fascinate the other party?

    Qin Yuexuan walked ahead with a heavy head and light feet, his ears became redder and redder in front of Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun followed him, looking at his dull appearance from time to time.

    It didn’t take long for the two to see a clear stream.

    Qin Yuexuan took Nan Xun upstream while he went downstream. Before he left, he told her “Cousin, if anything happens, call me immediately. I’ll be in front of you.”

    Nan Xun ought to be fine, waiting for him to go far, she couldn’t wait to walk to the shore.

    The water is clear and smooth as a mirror which clearly reflects her appearance.

    After seeing what she looked like, Nan Xun inhaled a breath of cool air and asked the void beast in her heart. “Little eight, be honest, are you actually a beauty freak?”

    The void beast said: “Look how I treat you. I found you such a beautiful face. Even the wild man who you eloped with is a beautiful man.”

    Nan Xun’s eyes looked up at the sky and rolled her eyes back. “Yes, it’s true, going to heaven in three days.”

    The void beast has no heart, its fat waist twists, its small claws tilt. “Short oil1Slang – playful and cute saying; internet buzzword. Its equivalent is “what is wrong.”, you just need to turn the tide in your favor.”

  1. Slang – playful and cute saying; internet buzzword. Its equivalent is “what is wrong.”

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    loool beauties, male and female, everywhere! uh, but the timeline is pretty late huhhh!

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    I think this story is promising 👍👍

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    So by ‘eat’ was she hoping the sexual kind? And let me say I love the shameless honesty

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    The original host dont want to enslave the beast but you can’t stand to marry the lord. She is like common white lotus FL but not have FL halo?

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    How come her cousin is constantly wild man? Or is this someone else she will meet? I thought a “wild” man or woman was an unknown (to the family) person who probably doesn’t have a supposedly proper background.

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      **considered a (not constantly). Stupid autocorrect!

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