The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 31

Translated by Novice Translations

Shock and Awe, Four-Clawed Red Blood Snake

    This bloody scene happened to be witnessed by his half-brother. At the time, the young snake was frightened by the bloody Xue Ming. He plotted a grand scheme in his heart out of fear.

    He took a badly wounded Divine Serpent cub to the place where Xue Ming was hunting and then used the blind eye technique on the cub.

    It wasn’t a young Divine Serpent that Xue Ming saw but a red-skinned wild boar. He devoured the red-skinned wild boar into his stomach.

    He didn’t know that this was planned by his half-brother. Nor did he know that he had eaten his kin cruelly or that it was a seriously injured baby.

    All of this was witnessed by the Divine Serpent’s elders and they were shocked by his bloodthirsty cruelty.

    At once, Xue Ming explained, but no matter his explanation, the clan didn’t listen. They only believed what they saw with their eyes. Even his biological parents were frightened by his brutality and were ashamed of him.

    So Xue Ming was punished to be executed, no one believed him, and everyone wanted him to die.

    In order to integrate into the clan, he endured his bloodthirsty nature, but in the end, it was for naught. So, he blackened and escaped from his clan with half his life, then he broke his self-restraint and freed his bloodthirsty nature. He devoured spiritual beasts or whatever he encountered in a bloody manner.

    He constantly devoured and became more and more powerful. Later, he swallowed the previous Demon King alive and then became the new Demon King. He continued to act freely.

    From his actions, the four-clawed red blood snake was well-known for its fierce reputation. When the people, beasts, and god beasts heard of it, the Divine Serpent regarded him as a disgrace. In order to eradicate the scoundrel, the Divine Serpent even cooperated with its eternal rival, the Qinglong clan.

    When Xue Ming talked about his past, his face was calm and indifferent, but Nan Xun was distressed.

    Xue Ming was once a small pure steam bun. Unfortunately, God had allowed him to become a fierce bloodthirsty creature.

    When Nan Xun thought about it, she immediately lost any good feelings she had for the Divine Serpents in the battlefield. Even the mighty Qinglong no longer were in her eyes.

    “Little eight, have you seen Xue Ming? Why haven’t I seen him yet?” Nan Xun asked.

    “He’s that little black spot.” The void beast answered.

    Nan Xun squinted for a long time before she saw a small black dot on the head of a two-tailed black python. He was wearing black robes which made it hard to see him.

    After Nan Xun found Xue Ming, her eyes followed him and watched him stand on top of the python and her view zoomed in. He casually waved a powerful bloody red and black mist which directly entangled with its target. It would burn a god beast, or an emperor ranked Xuan from the human race, they quickly screamed and turned into a pile of ashes.  

    “Oh, my family pervert is really awesome…” Nan Xun sighed.

    Watching the Qinglong lead several other dragon beasts to attack from the front, while several Divine Serpents circled to the rear, Nan Xun breathed tightly and angrily shouted, “Don’t bully, too shameless!”

    The void beast said, “Don’t worry, your family pervert can handle it. Watch carefully.”

    Wait, the pervert is a pervert. Why add the word “your family”?

    Just as the void beast’s voice fell, the black dot on the python’s head flew off.

    A thick black mist rapidly gathered around the black spot, forming into a large black cloud.

    At this moment, all the beasts and god beasts who were fighting, stopped and stared at the vast black cloud with a look of fear in their eyes.

Nan Xun also stared at the dark clouds.

    When the black clouds dissipated, a huge beast covered the sky and sun.

    Looking at the behemoth, Nan Xun’s mouth became an O-shape. The last time she saw the Demon King’s body was really reduced several folds! In addition to the palace’s darkness and being shy during the time, she didn’t take a good look at the Demon King’s beastly body.

    But now…

    The fierce Demon King was now in beast form and every person was full of fear and retreated for their lives.

    Huge bony wings stretched out and covered the huge serpent for half a day. The red blood scales densely covered the snake, there were four sharp claws on its hands and feet. A cold bloodthirsty aura overflowed from the snake’s eyes. A row of sharp barbs appeared on the top of its head to its back, like a row of blood-colored knives inserted along its spine. Its large bloody mouth flashed silver and revealed the sharp poisonous fangs!

    Nan Xun touched her chest, her heart beating strongly from embracing and frolicking with the beast not too long ago.

    The four-clawed red blood snake in its beastly form was simply overbearing. In a blink of an eye, it swallowed numerous human beings, who were powerful Xuan leading the frontline, at least above the emperor rank. They didn’t even struggle before being swallowed by the Demon King.

    Nan Xun shivered.

    The scene was a bloodbath and Xue Ming was eating people. But before they were still…all real living people, and in a twinkling of an eye, they entered the Demon King’s belly.  

    “If you can’t watch, don’t force yourself.” The void beast said thoughtfully and turned off the live broadcast.

    Nan Xun had some regrets, but when she thought of the scene just now, she accepted the void beast’s actions obediently.

    Nan Xun was preparing to lay down and sleep but felt the entire palace tremble.

    “It’s the enchantment. Someone damaged the enchantment outside the palace!” Nan Xun’s expression changed.

    There were too many people or beasts outside that wanted her dead. Currently, the Demon King was too far away from the demon realm and was in the battlefield in the wilderness. Although this enchantment was created by him, its effectiveness is less powerful now in his absence. It’s not impossible for his enchantment to be breached by some powerful individuals.

    Nan Xun listened to the banging sound and her heart jumped.

    “A Divine Serpent and your beastly cousin are breaking the enchantment.” The void beast said.

    Nan Xun sighed with relief, at least it wasn’t beasts who eat people without saying a word.

    “By the way, your father is there as well.” The void beast hesitated to add.

    Nan Xun suddenly felt happy. “He thought that I was locked up by the Demon King, so he came to save me?”

    The void beast remained silent for a moment and replied, “Maybe.”

    Nan Xun listened to its tone, and it didn’t sound right but didn’t think much about it.

    Since her cheap father was present, the Divine Serpent and the beastly cousin wouldn’t harm her. 

    The few voices sounded flustered, but the people outside worked tirelessly to destroy the enchantment.

    “With your father’s secret technique against the heavens and the Divine Serpent, this enchantment will be destroyed soon.” The void beast warned.

    What? Against the heavens?

    Nan Xun whispered, “Is he crazy? That’s the most powerful forbidden clan technique. He dares to use the secret technique and isn’t afraid of the heavens!”

    But in the next moment, the palace’s entry door broke with a thump and she heard a sharp bang from outside the palace.

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