The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 311

Translated by Novice Translations

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Hehe, On the Way

    Nan Xun, who was on the way, gasped ‘oh’. She stared at the male god for a long time before she could look away towards the male god’s assistant.

    “Since Ou Qian won’t drink this water, I’ll take it back.” Nan Xun said to the assistant, taking the water shamelessly. Then she unscrewed the bottle cap as she walked away and took a sip.

    Ou Qian’s assistant: …

    Ou Qian: …Haha.

    During the ten-minute break, Ou Qian leaned on the special recliner his assistant bought with his cellphone. He didn’t know what he was scrolling through, but his thumb kept swiping across the screen.

    Nan Xun felt that she was a new actress, and the set was local thus she didn’t allow her little assistant to follow her on set. During break, she could have socialize with the crew or even with Director Wang and the assistant Director about the script and how the scene should be acted out.

    Instead, Nan Xun was quiet at this moment. She found a small stool to sit on, adjusted her position and took out her phone to snap a selfie.

    This wasn’t a simple selfie. In the photo, besides her big head was the distant view of the red-robed male god leaning on a recliner playing on his cellphone.

    Before the TV series was broadcast, Director Wang prohibited all crew members from divulging film clips and private photos of the crew. So, this sneaky photo that Nan Xun snapped was just for her eyes to see.

    It was her personal group photo with him.

    Nan Xun smiled, she couldn’t wait to set this photo as her computer’s background.

    She had to say that watching the male god act on scene was very shocking. The male god is worthy of the title “Film Emperor”. Regardless of the role he acts, he can easily do it. Even acting out Ji Qing, only Ou Qian can seamlessly act out this role with a unique charm. His acting skills were that amazing.

    The old actors who also acted alongside the male god was so inspired by him that they were absorbed in the scene. The way the scene was acted out was very exciting. Even Director Wang replayed the scene in the background and let out a satisfied laugh that startled the crew.

    After a short break, they began filming the last scene. Ji Qing killed Mother Yang while Yang Yurou watched helplessly while hiding under the bed. Her nemesis’ red boots and that cold voice was deeply engraved in her heart.

    The scene was filming the part where Mother Yang was persuading Yang Yurou to escape through the secret passageway. They were in a heated argument pushing each other. In desperation, Mother Yang hit Yang Yurou’s acupuncture point and started to hide her under the bed. At this moment, Director Wang suddenly roared, “Cut!”

    They stopped and looked at him. Nan Xun consciously asked, “Director Wang, did I do poorly?”

    Director Wang angrily pointed at her arm, “Roll down your sleeves and look. What the hell is on your arm? It was exposed during the scene just now!”

    Nan Xun looked on her arm and saw that it was Ou Qian’s signature. Because Little Eight’s water-proof powder, it didn’t fade even though she bathed every day.

    All the crew members knew that Shan Shui was a crazy little fangirl and asked Ou Qian for an autograph. Naturally, they knew that this signature was personally signed by Ou Qian himself. They felt incredulous that the signature was still intact.

    Damn! It’s such a hot day now, ah. After so many days, how is the signature still there?

    Didn’t Shan Shui take a shower the past few days?

    Even if she avoids cleaning her arm and washes everywhere else, it must be caked with dead skin cell if it hasn’t been washed for a few days. It must smell awful!

   Tsk, and her they thought that they were Ou Qian’s die hard fan, but compared to Shan Shui, they were really weak.

    Nan Xun pulled down her sleeve and looked at Director Wang and quietly said, “Can I leave it? This is the signature my male god bestowed upon me.”

    Director Wang wiped his face, pointed to Ou Qian on the side and said, “Look, your male god is here. For the next few days, all these scenes are yours. You can ask for his signature any time you want and as many times as you want. If he doesn’t give it to you, I will tell him to do it. Damn it, can you be a bit less ridiculous!”

    Nan Xun glanced at Ou Qian in embarrassment but found that he was looking at her with a slightly…subtle gaze.

    “Oh, good!” Nan Xun nodded towards Director Wang and reluctantly wiped off the signature on her arm.

    Nan Xun didn’t know but from then on, the crew no longer called her Shan Shui in private, instead she was called Ou’s little crazy fangirl.

    Filming the last scene went smoothly. The only exception was that Mother Yang didn’t perform well enough at the beginning but she acted smoothly the second time around. Director Wang was originally worried that Shan Shui wouldn’t act out the scene as well as the first time. But unexpectedly, the second time was better than the first time.

    At the end, Director Wang reminded everyone: “Tomorrow we will change set. Please remember to come on time. The special shuttle for the crew will not accept tardiness. If you are late you will have to take a taxi to the set.”

    Nan Xun quickly reminded, “Director Wang, don’t forget to pick me up.”

    The corner of Director Wang’s mouth twitched, “Is your company so stingy that they can’t arrange a cab for you?”

    For newcomers like Shan Shui, there is very little income starting off. Generally, the company will provide transportation. This Yixin Entertainment is one of the top ten entertainment companies in the country, yet it doesn’t even provide their artists a car?

    “I’m still small fry ah. I’ve been with the company for less than three months. Usually, the car is allocated after three months. The company is already very good to me. It has provided me with a little assistant. Also, Director Wang, can I bring my little assistant along with me tomorrow? There are many things.”

    Director Wang nodded replied, “Of course.”

    Discretely, Director Wang broke out in cold sweat.

    Fortunately, this little girl isn’t well-known. Just now, he inadvertently asked this. But if Shan Shui showed any dissatisfication with Yixin Entertainment or it’s heard and record by others. It will definitely cause drama and Yixin will be dissatisfied with Shan Shui.

    The following scenes were filmed in Ji Qing’s resident. If all the scenes were filmed in only one or two cuts, then they will probably be finished filming in less than seven or eight days. However, if filming doesn’t go smoothly and factoring in the weather, it will take at most 20 days.  

    In other words, Nan Xun has at least seven or eight days to act with the male god. If she’s lucky, she can have up to 20 days.

    Nan Xun was very excited when she thought of this.

    “Where do you live now?”

    Nan Xun was secretly delighted and suddenly raised her head when she heard this.

    She didn’t know when Ou Qian walked in front of her. He looked at her and asked, “Little sister Shan Shui, where do you live? If it’s on the way, I can pick you up and take you to the set tomorrow.”

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened. She was so happy that she couldn’t see.1When you smile so big that your eyes become little slits and you can hardly see… She quickly said her address, and held her hands together fidgety. She looked expectantly at her male god, “Great Ou Qian, is it on the way?”

    Ou Qian laughed with a smile, “It’s on the way.”

    Director Wang opened his mouth and looked at him with an incredulous expression.  

    On the way? On the way to what ghost road! Ah, there were at least three streets in between!

Novi’s Announcement: I hadn’t read any of MadPanda’s translated chapters so I honestly have no idea what’s going on…haha hopefully this turn out okay. I felt bad that no releases for this series happened in a long time. For those who are interested –

I was depress after getting laid off and being unemployed for 18 months and just couldn’t get into translating. Also, I discovered that my ex-fiancé of 9 years wasn’t cut out to be my life partner so I left him and moved back to my hometown.

Good news – I secure a job in my field two months ago and am slowly getting my feet under me and working my way towards happiness. I was very active and passionate about translating in 2019-2020. I don’t know if that trend will continue as my outlook on life has changed and I want to change my priorities to my career & developing offline relationships.

I’m also approaching my 30s and starting to think about making a family before I become an old maid too haha. Gotta secure the right man for the job you know what I mean? 😉

Side note – I’ll try my best to release chapters since I’m in a much better place now than I was before.

Unfortunately, MadPanda is not doing well and is in a bad place in her life – arguably the worse. Certain life events smacked her across the face and now she is unable to do translations for the unforeseeable future. She will not be around the translating or light novel community for a long time.

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