The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 32

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Crying Bitterly, Hand Cut Off

    Nan Xun glanced at her cheap father and was worried. She took several big steps towards him to welcome him. “Dad, why did you—?”


    Before Nan Xun could finish speaking, Zuili Qing Shi slapped her. She was sent flying to the ground with her mouth bleeding and her eyes saw stars.

    Nan Xun covered her swollen face, incredulously looked at her cheap father. She shouted at little eight within her heart, “I was so worried that something had happened to him, but he directly slaps me? Come on, is this really Zuili father?”

    The void beast replied, “Really.”

    The Zuili father pointed at her and shouted angrily, “Evil child, evil child! Father thought you were killed by the Demon King but didn’t think you were in cahoots with that beast. The entire Zuili clan is fighting against the Demon King, but you live comfortably in the Demon King’s palace! If it hadn’t been for Lord Hei Ze who seen you with his own eyes, then father wouldn’t have believed it, you, you…you are the shame of the Zuili family!

    The man next to him, dressed in navy-blue said indifferently: “Zuili head, these reprimands can be said later, now it’s time to do important business.”

    “Yes, uncle, let’s listen to Lord Hei Ze and do business first. I believe that cousin had a temporary fascination. If she returns properly, she will turn over a new leaf.” Qin Yuexuan said.

    Nan Xun listened to the three people’s words and intuitively felt that bad things were about to happen.

    She didn’t want to leave here, but in front of these three, she couldn’t resist.

    Nan Xun was knocked unconscious by her cheap father and carried away.

    Almost at the same moment that the palace’s barrier was breached, the eyes of the four-clawed red-blood snake shrank sharply within the battlefield and the red within his eyes were gleaming. He wanted to return to the palace but was entangled with several stinky dragons and Divine Serpents in front of him. Only when his back was cut by a Qinglong dragon did his bloodthirst overtook his mind. Now, it was a fantasy for him to teleport and leave the battlefield.

    Xue Ming was impatient and finally went into an increasingly violent killing spree.  

    As soon as Nan Xun woke up, she saw several people standing around her: her father, her mother, her beastly cousin, and the Divine Serpent named Hei Ze.

    Her mother took her hand and cried. “Xuan’Er, how can you do such a foolish thing? Who is the Demon King? He eats human flesh and drinks blood and had killed several elders in our family ten years ago. How can you be bewitched by him? Did you forget that you are Zuili clan member and the daughter of the Zuili head!?”

    Nan Xun knows that her cheap parents have really been hurt by her, but now she felt chilly after listening to this.

    Have they ever thought much about her when they sent her to the demon domain? Would they rather have her die with dignity by being buried in the Demon King’s stomach for the sake of righteousness, instead of living well now, was it so wrong?

    She believes that she hasn’t done anything wrong with people, but just “love” the Demon King, is this really so unacceptable in this world?

    Nan Xun suddenly sneered, looked up at her cheap parents and whispered, “Father, Mother, did you know that the elders poisoned me with voodoo? From the moment I was chosen, I was a chest piece sacrificed for their sake in the name of their so-called righteousness. I was long dead in their eyes before.”

    When he heard this, his eyes twinkled and were ashamed. “Xuan’Er, this matter was only known later by father. Although some elders were apologetic for you, they have devoted themselves to the Zuili family for many years. All their decisions were for the sake of the Zuili family, and also for the sake of all lifeforms in the world. It’s difficult for this world to be peaceful unless the Demon King is eliminated.”

    Nan Xun smiled slightly and muttered, “So, I should be dead?”

    “Don’t talk about it!” Zuili Qing Shi shouted with an iron-blue face.1Iron blue face – extreme anger You were with the Demon King, disgraced the lintel,2Lintel (door) – figurative speech for family’s social status but father would have rather you died from that voodoo poisoning!”

    Her mother held her within her arms and cried, “Xuan’Er, don’t talk back to your father, admit your wrongs, Mother begs you.”

    Nan Xun muttered, “I’m all right. Are you trying to take my life by capturing me? If so, then do it!”

    The void beast was shocked by her non-humble attitude and sincerely admired it. “Now you look like a heroine that is about to die, especially handsome.”

    Nan Xun immediately retorted in her heart,” Little eight, can’t you see that I’m procrastinating? Ouch, why can’t my perverted family come rescue me? I’m going to lose my unyielding attitude if he doesn’t come soon enough.”

    The void beast: …

    It was blind just now, really.

    Nan Xun forcefully refused to admit her mistakes and continued with her unyielding attitude to the very end. So, her father went straight to the Divine Serpent with a conflicted heart and said, “Lord Hei Ze, let’s do it. I don’t think I ever had such a daughter before.”

    Her mother knelt on the ground with tears in her eyes. “Please, Lord Hei Ze, let the little girl go. She was only bewitched by the Demon King and is in a state of confusion.”

    Nan Xun was about to open her mouth but was surprised to find her mother pleading the Divine Serpent in order to protect her little life.  

    The Divine Serpent, Hei Ze said lightly, “Madam, please, I can’t take her life, but temporarily seal the blood in her soul engraved by the blood pact, and then…”

    After listening to the Divine Serpent’s idea, the beautiful woman held Nan Xun tightly within her arms and gently said, “Xuan’Er, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, Lord Hei Ze just wants your one hand.”

    What? One hand?

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened as she watched the serpent come towards her. He laid a seal on her forehead and then she watched her mother lift her left hand which was wearing the blood bead bracelet. Then the serpent, Hei Ze, gently waved a dark blade towards her wrist.  


    In the next moment, Nan Xun gave a terrible cry and turned as pale as paper.

    They actually cut off her hand!

    Nan Xun looked at the bloody slender jade hand on the ground and shed tears.

    The void beast was puzzled. “Does it hurt that much? I just helped you shield 90% of the pain.”

    Nan Xun replied, “Thank you, little eight. No wonder it didn’t hurt so much just now. But I didn’t cry because of pain, but because I lost my hand and now, I’m a cripple. For my obsession with beauty, it might as well have killed me.”

    The void beast: “Oh, well, then that should have hurt you to death just now.”

    Nan Xun thought she would always be missing a hand from now on. But she didn’t expect that in the next second, her mother would feed her a medicinal herb and gently coaxed, “Xuan’Er, don’t cry, don’t cry. This is a muscle-growing bone pill, after eating it, you will grow a new palm quickly.”

    Nan Xun was overjoyed. However, she had just experienced great sorrow and joy, thus her expression looked extremely indifferent. On the contrary, she looked as if her sorrow was no greater than heartbreak.

    The black Divine Serpent, Hei Ze left, holding the bracelet that Xue Ming had personally placed on Nan Xun, which was stained with blood. In addition, he took Nan Xun’s dress outside and spilled her blood on it.

    Nan Xun was somewhat confused and asked the void beast, “Little eight, this serpent, who isn’t a good bird at first sight, took my bracelet and bloody clothes and left. Say, what do you think he’s going to do with it?”

  1. Iron blue face – extreme anger
  2. Lintel (door) – figurative speech for family’s social status

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