The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 33

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Beast Core, Bang! Explode

    The void beast sighed, and its tone was deep. “They want to die. They want to stimulate the Demon King by your death. Don’t they know the terrible consequences of the Demon King’s anger?”

    At this time, Zuili Xuan’s beastly cousin, Qin Yuexuan just answered her question. He smiled at Zuili Qing Shi and said, “Please take it easy uncle. The Demon King has feelings for cousin. Once he sees cousin’s remains, he is bound to be chaotic. My father is a powerful dream weaver. He will use this opportunity to drag him into a dream and trap him in it. At this time, we will kill the Demon King.”

    Zuili Qing Shi nodded randomly and said wearily, “I drove nearly half the Zuili into the battlefield, and I also tried my best to help Lord Hei Ze to get what he wanted and even used the secret technique against the heavens. We did everything we could as members of the Zuili family…”

    Nan Xun was shocked and asked the void beast, “Little eight, what’s the matter with Xue Ming? Does he really think I was killed by them and will fall for their trap?”

    The void beast confidently said, “Absolutely not. How big do you think your face is? That pervert won’t die for you no matter how much he likes you.”

    Nan Xun replied with a sigh of relief, “I’m relieved to have you.” Then added, “There is still an evil value of 1 that hasn’t been eliminated. Xue Ming can’t have an accident at this time.”

    The void beast said, “Oh, do I need you to explain?”

    Nan Xun said no, then laid down on the bed with a peace of mind.

    Not long after, Nan Xun was awakened by a sharp scream in her mind.

    Nan Xun like a carp turns and sat up, rubbing her head, “Little eight, did you see a ghost? Your scream is so harsh.”

    The void beast cried, “Ah ah ah! It’s a thousand times more terrible than a ghost. Do you know what just happened? Motherfucker, the Demon King’s evil value jumped back to 100! It’s not 99, it’s 100!”

    Nan Xun: “…Little eight, don’t tease me. It’s not a funny joke at all.”

    The void beast continued to cry, “I’m not joking.”

    Nan Xun staggered to the window, the sky is dark now. There were no stars in the sky, it was a cloudy night.

    Nan Xun looked at the night sky and said expressionlessly, “I have strolled in my dudou1Dudou – undergarments for more than a decade, but in the end used a wicker basket to draw water,2Wicker basket to draw water – wasted effort all my hopes and efforts were for nothing. Little eight, my heart is bitter.”

    The void beast sobbed, “My heart is more bitter, if the Demon King’s evil value becomes 0, I would have gotten a lot of merits in this world alone and would have succeed sooner, but now I have nothing…”  

    Nan Xun wasn’t in the mood to comfort it. Suddenly, she thought of something. Her face suddenly changed, and she shouted, “Little eight, fast! Let me see what’s happening in the battlefield!”

    In the bloody battlefield, the Qinglong and Divine Serpent were in the same side, facing against the four clawed red blood snake.  

    Nan Xun sees the Divine Serpent called Hei Ze.

    Hei Ze carried bloody clothes in his hand and had a cruel sneer on his lips. “Xue Ming, I haven’t seen you in a long time, I trust you’ve been well since we last met.” At this point, he paused, then picked up the corners of his mouth, “…My brother.”

    Xue Ming’s eyes fell straight on the bloody garments and he emitted a chilling bone eroding aura. “Whatever you say, benwang will not believe it.”

Hei Ze laughed and sneered, “You don’t believe it, do you? The enchantment outside the palace has been broken. And the small darling person inside was taken care of by me.”

    After that, he threw the bloody clothes in front of Xue Ming and spread open his palm and revealed the blood-stained bracelet.  “This bracelet is made of the toughest scales from your body, moreover you placed a cursed enchantment on it. No one can remove it unless she does. Also, your blood contract that is branded on her soul, can’t you feel it?”

    “Xue Ming, don’t deceive yourself, that human woman that you’ve been protecting has been…dead.”

    “No, impossible! Xun Xun can’t die, she can’t die! I promised her that we would travel the country. I haven’t fulfilled her wish yet. She can’t die, she can’t die…” Xue Ming held the bloody clothes and muttered to himself, looking crazy.

    Hei Ze nodded slightly toward the dragon and the two made a move behind them without a trace.

    The people behind quietly began to retreat.

    Now that the Demon King is in a state of confusion, it’s the best time to activate the ancient blood evil spirit array.

    Earlier when the battlefield was determined, the Qinglong and Hei Ze asked for this secret array from the Zuili clan. In the center of the battlefield, a great array of ancient blood demons and evil spirits was set up. In ancient times, the great array of blood evil spirits used a blood sacrifice and called the world’s spirits, with their tremendous power, can destroy souls within the array.

    This array won’t be completed until every last living creature was swallowed and then the array will be released.  

    As long as everyone exits the array’s boundaries, the Qin family leader will release the dream weaver to lead the Demon King into the array. At that time, when the array opens, even with the Demon King’s great capability, he won’t be able to escape the ancient blood evil spirit array!

    But before the array could be opened, people saw the Demon King suddenly raised his head and laughed. He held the bloody clothes of the human woman and his bloody-red eyes were dripping. His laughter was worse than crying.

    “Now that Xun Xun is dead, what are you still doing alive? What’s left in this world? Better to be all destroyed! All destroyed, hahahaha….”

    The man in the black robe looked like a handsome demon god and laughed wildly, his whole body was full of blood and rage. The Emperor-classed Xuan people nearby were bleeding from their nose, kneeling on the ground.  

    Hei Ze’s eyes were wide opened and he yelled in horror, “Xue Ming, you, what are you going to do?”

    Xue Ming looked at him. His eyes were sinister and cold. He slightly smiled but didn’t reply to his words. His eyes turned and fell on the Qinglong. His voice is as cold as ice. “Qinglong, I have no injustice or hatred towards you, but you have schemed against benwang several times and even united with Hei Ze. Along with Hei Ze, I hate you very much. Today, benwang curse your Qinglong clan in the name of the four clawed red blood snake…in the future, it will be doomed!”

    The Qinglong’s eyes glared and said angrily, “Xue Ming, how dare you!”

    Hei Ze yelled at the Qinglong, “Don’t argue with him, leave quickly and start the ancient blood evil spirit array!”

    The Demon King’s mouth is slightly hooked, revealing a bloody sneer, “It’s too late, you can’t run, everyone can be buried with benwang and Xun Xun!”

    Nan Xun who watched the battle, at this moment widened her eyes, “Little eight, little eight! What is he going to do?”

    The void beast was also forced. “I guess he’s going to explode his beast core, fuck! Tens of thousands of years from a fierce ancient beast, if the beast core explodes, the whole–”

    Before little eight could finish, the image was interrupted and the whole ground suddenly shook violently.

    The dark night sky was illuminated by the dazzling bloody light. At that moment, the night sky was as bright as day.

    Not long after, a loud bang came from a distant place, which made the eardrums ache.

    Nan Xun’s legs went soft and collapsed onto the ground. She stupidly stared at the bright sky, watching the blood light scatter bit by bit and the sky darkened again.

  1. Dudou – undergarments
  2. Wicker basket to draw water – wasted effort

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