The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 34

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Already Dead, Why Don’t You Die?

    “Little eight… What just happened?” Nan Xun asked, staring at the sky.

    The void beast sighed, “The Demon King blew up his beast core. The blast radius made everyone in the battlefield – human, beast, god beast, follow him to ashes. If the battlefield wasn’t previously contained by the humans, I’m afraid that most of the Yinchuan continent would have been destroyed by him.”  

    Nan Xun suddenly covered her head. After a dull pain, there were many things in her mind, many essences of beast taming, ancient witchcraft, secret techniques and arrays.

    Just now, she had awakened the unique heritage of the Zuili clan.

    The ancestors of the Zuili clan, or the Zuili themselves, were a very intelligent ethnic group. They learned this method from the big demons and beasts. They passed on their memories through their bloodline which sealed their wisdom into their blood through an ancient secret technique. This allows their descendants to inherit their memories.

    As soon as the time is ripe, the inheritance will awaken, the better the qualifications, the higher quality the inheritance will become.

    Nan Xun didn’t expect to awaken her inheritance at this time.  

    If the Demon King is dead, what could she do if she awakens and inherits it?

    Nan Xun roughly turned over the things in her mind. Her eyes brightened after discovering a resurrection skill. Since there is a resurrection skill, can she resurrect the Demon King without knowing how to do so?  

    However, after Nan Xun examined the resurrection technique, her heart and liver trembled and gave up on the idea immediately.

    What, it uses hundreds of blood-related grievances to gather broken souls, it uses hundreds of loyal servants’ flesh and blood to create the new flesh and so on? This technique makes Nan Xun’s back turn cold.

    Nan Xun pinched an enchantment by breaking the stone, which had been made by the Zuili’s to hide her secretly and she quickly dashed out.

    “Xuan’Er! Xuan’Er, where are you going?” Her mother has been guarding the door and was surprised to see Nan Xun break out.

    “Mother, I am going to the battlefield. Don’t stop me this time, you can’t stop me anyways.” Nan Xun looked firm.

    At the end of her speech, Nan Xun suddenly closed her eyes and instantly, a huge spiritual force was released.

    “All Spiritual beasts, please help me.” Nan Xun looked into the distance.

    A natural anomaly occurred, the earth shook and all the beasts within the clansmen homes rushed out of the houses and gathered in the hall with constant noise.

    At this time, the sound of birds and beasts suddenly came from afar.

    A golden-winged Dapeng flies quickly, followed by a green phoenix, black feather eagle, colorful birds and many others. The birds of various attributes arrived and the light reflecting the different colors dyed the entire sky gorgeously.

    The beasts also rushed in, and all the people immediately gave way, watching the various black-spotted cheetahs and iron-winged lions spread their claws to her side.

    Everyone’s hearts were shaken.

    They were all Zuili clansmen. Naturally, they can detect that these beasts were summoned. However, those clansmen with ability, including Zuili Yuejian, Qin Yuexuan and many others of the younger generation, all followed the Zuili adults to the battlefield, and all the spiritual beasts within a several miles radius were also taken to the battlefield with them. So now, where did such a large wave of spiritual beasts come from?

    If they were from a distant place, how powerful is the Zuili master’s spiritual abilities who summoned these beasts!  

    They saw with their own eyes that a group of birds and beasts had entered Zuili Xuan’s home. Not long after, the first golden winged Dapeng flew out to the sky over the home. On the back of the golden winged Dapeng, stood a woman in white.

    White clothes fluttering, untainted by even a speck of dust,1Idiom – untainted by even a speck of dust; selfless and incorruptible spotless she was surrounded by the spiritual birds and animals truly like the Ninth Heaven Goddess.  

    “Xuan’Er! Xuan’Er, don’t go-” Zuili Xuan’s mother stumbled out and looked at the person who was far away and burst into tears.

    Everyone said that the daughter she gave birth to, didn’t live up to expectations. If she didn’t have the qualifications to be a Zuili, then…who could call themselves Zuili?  

    If they knew this before, the elders would not have sacrifice her at all.  

    She’s going to find that evil beast and accompany it to die!  

    People didn’t know that the battlefield had just been reduced to ashes. They thought Nan Xun was going to die, but Nan Xun went to collect the remains.

    The golden-winged Dapeng directly took Nan Xun to the battlefield, and the group of following spiritual beasts smelled countless of their companions and started to whine.

    The bloody aura in the battlefield has yet to dissipate. The spiritual animals were afraid and only dare wander outside the battlefield. The golden-winged Dapeng is a distant relative to a beast god and could withstand the bloody atmosphere and sent Nan Xun to the center of the battlefield.

    Nan Xun looked around, it was empty with only the bright red blood on the ground flowing and it smelled tangy.

    “Nothing…” Nan Xun murmured, suddenly feeling some pain in her chest.

    The golden-winged Dapeng next to her rubbed her leg with its head intimately, as if to comfort her.

    “I’m fine, thank you.” Nan Xun rubbed the golden-winged Dapeng’s two golden hairs on top of its head.

    One person and one beast stepped over the bloody river on the ground and looked a hundred miles around and the remnants of the battlefield filled their eyes.

    Nan Xun’s hand shook slightly and she couldn’t help but whisper. “Little eight, you told me to regard everything in this world as a game. The things in this game are not real. However, these were obviously living people, living people…”

    After a moment of silence, the void beast replied, “Life and death is destiny. Don’t be too upset.”

    In fact, the saddest thing was that she was about to succeed in changing the Demon King, but at the last moment, the Divine Serpent, Hei Ze destroyed this possibility, come on, he’s truly the real beast.

    She didn’t know how long she walked for. Nan Xun finally found several red blood scales in a pool of blood.

    “…Xue Ming.”

    Nan Xun’s eyes flickered slightly, then crouched down and carefully gathered the scales into her hands.

    The golden-winged Dapeng saw the scales of the four-clawed red blood snake and called out.

    Nan Xun quickly comforted it. “Don’t be afraid, I just want to bury the Demon King’s remains. Now in this battlefield, the evil spirits and resentment doesn’t disperse. We can only bury the Demon King’s remains to calm his anger.”

    “You’re wrong. These evil spirits and grievances are not only the Demon King’s, but also the tens of thousands of people and beasts!” A voice full of hate came from ahead.  

    Nan Xun suddenly looked up and saw Hei Ze in the flesh and blood standing in front of her.

    “Little eight, why isn’t Hei Ze dead? He was the closest to Xue Ming. How can Xue Ming’s self-destructing beast core that has the power to destroy the continent, not destroy him?”

    The void beast explained, “He has the amulet given to you by the Demon King, that’s the bracelet.”

    Hei Ze stumbled over and glared at Nan Xun, and gnashed his teeth and said, “I knew he was in love with you, but I didn’t know its depths. It was enough to brand your soul with the blood contract, but to self-destruct his beast core! In order to exterminate this deviant, the entire Divine Serpent clan went to the battlefield. Now, they are all buried with this evil animal and are all dead. Hahahahaha….”

    His tone suddenly was sharp, “All the people, beast gods and beasts are buried here with this evil animal, but you, the most damned lowly human are not dead!”

  1. Idiom – untainted by even a speck of dust; selfless and incorruptible spotless

TL Note: So Zuili Yuejian and the beastly cousin has finally died in the battlefield with Xue Ming.

Added a release schedule and contact page.

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