The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 35

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Fuck, You’re Pregnant

    Nan Xun sees the strong hatred and killing intent within his eyes. Nan Xun couldn’t help but sneer, “Do you hate me? Lord Hei Ze, you’re strange. If you weren’t clever enough to provoke Xue Ming, everyone wouldn’t have fallen to such a point. The culprit is you, the most damn is you!”

    Nan Xun stood up and approached him step by step. “Don’t you feel ashamed to hold my bracelet that Xue Ming given me to protect your life?”

    Hei Ze staggered back a few steps and sat on the bloody ground. He spread his right hand and stared at the blood bead bracelet in his palm which had shattered.

    Nan Xun walked up to him and placed her foot on his chest mercilessly which made him vomit blood again.

    The woman looked down at him and her voice was cold. “I really want to stab and kill you. But you look like you will soon die. I don’t want to dirty my hands.”

    Nan Xun finally glanced at him and left with the golden-winged Dapeng, leaving people in the pool of blood, half-dead.

    “Your personality seemed to have changed and I’m not used to it.” The void beast suddenly said.

    Nan Xun’s face was expressionless and faintly said, “After more than a decade, it’s inevitable to become ink black and become infected with Xue Ming’s moodiness.”

    Void beast: …

    It was still a little flustered. For a moment, it thought that the heartless Nan Xun it knew was fake. Also, it was with the fake Nan Xun that it usually quarreled with, it was as if there was another Nan Xun within her heart and this was the real her.

    It felt really flustered.

    “Little eight, what is the blood contract that Hei Ze mentioned?” Nan Xun suddenly asked.

    The void beast suddenly returned from its thoughts and replied: “It should be a type of contract. Isn’t it similar to the equal master-servant contract signed between a human and a beast? In any case, when someone dies, the contract will disappear. Don’t worry.”

    Nan Xun, who left the battlefield, found a beautiful place, dug a pit with her own hands and buried Xue Ming’s scales then set up a wordless monument.

    One person and one beast talked a lot along the way. At last, little eight found the familiar Nan Xun and its heart was no longer flustered.

    “Little eight, you think, was it really because of me that Xue Ming exploded his beast core?” Nan Xun asked and looked at the wordless monument.

    The void beast hissed, “Are you stupid? Was the Demon King so infatuated that he would die for love?”

    Nan Xun was silent for a while and said, “It looked like it. After Hei Ze threw my bloody clothes to him, his beast core self-destructed, if it wasn’t because of me, then why?”

    The void beast scornfully replied, “He didn’t explode his beast core because of you, but because Hei Ze and the Qing Long set up the ancient blood evil spirit array. This array was provided to them by your cheap Father himself, which is very powerful. Once activated, the Demon King’s life will end, but you don’t know his abnormal nature. If he was going to die, he will drag others as well, so he exploded his beast core.

    It really wasn’t because of me?” Nan Xun hesitated.

    “How big is your face? You forgot, that later the Demon King’s evil value changed back to 100. At that time, his entire thoughts were to destroy the world, so how in the devil could he think of you.”

    Nan Xun made a sound and stopped asking about it.

    “It’s late, it’s time for us to go.” The void beast reminded her.

    Nan Xun was shocked, “Where are we going?”

    “Stupid, to the next world.”

    “Wait, let me get dress.”

    The void beast sighed, “You’re going to die to the next world, and you dress up to be presentable for a ghost!”

    “You don’t understand. If you die, die beautifully.”

    The void beast “hehehe” followed her and Nan Xun was in a bad mood.

    Nan Xun took a floral bath and rid the bloody air from her body, on her back was her black shiny hair which was soft and smooth.

    After facing the lake for a long time, Nan Xun asked little eight, “How are my clothes and bearings?”

    “Beautiful, perfect!” The void beast within the bracelet secretly rolled its eyes.

    Nan Xun especially found some beautiful dream-like sea-flowers, she messily and prettily arranged them. When the white dress was scattered onto the ground and covered with red petals, she said to the void beast: “Okay, little eight, let’s go to the next world.”

    In the void beast’s heart: This ancestor is completely ruined.

    The void beast began to work.

    Huh? What the fuck is going on!

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but wondered why she hadn’t moved for half a day. She has kept this beautiful posture for so long, her hands and feet were going stiff.

    “Little eight, be faster.” Nan Xun urged.

    The void beast was annoyed: “I’d like to hurry up too, but the problem is that your soul can’t be extracted!”

    Nan Xun was confused, “Why is that?”

    The void beast sneered, “You have to ask yourself, did you especially taken something that you shouldn’t have? I have long said that you can’t carry anything in this world when you’re leaving. Are Laozi’s words wind that passes your ears?”

    Nan Xun thought about it and suddenly exclaimed, “Ah!” She raised her hand and asked, “Is it because of this storage ring on my finger?”

    The void beast roared: “Still not hurrying to throw it away!”

    Nan Xun asked, “Can’t I wear it while dying? Anyway, my soul can’t take it away.”

    The void beast gnashed its teeth, “No!”

    Nan Xun sighed sadly and took off the storage ring that Xue Ming gifted her.

    “What happened? Why can’t I extract your soul!” The void beast was startled and was suspicious, “Do you have anything else?”

    Nan Xun replied, “There’s really nothing. What about clothes?”

    The void beast pondered, “I don’t know, otherwise…try being naked?”

    Nan Xun: …

    In the end, Nan Xun naturally didn’t strip naked. Before discovering the reason, Nan Xun temporarily returned to the Zuili family.

    At this moment, the tragic situation on the battlefield has spread throughout the Yinchuan continent, and the entire continent was enveloped with grief.

    When Nan Xun returned to the Zuili family, she heard everyone’s cries.

    In order to annihilate the Demon King, whom humanity and god beasts shared the same hatred. Some of the talented were on the battlefield. The Zuili family, as the head of the five major family set an example. All the young generation were on the battlefield to kill the enemy. Now, all these people and beasts were turned to ashes.

    Nan Xun returned to her own small courtyard and set up a ban on everyone except for her mother.

    Nan Xun spent the whole day in her own yard, studying with little eight why she couldn’t leave this world.  

    After a month, the void beast suddenly shouted, “I finally know why!”

    Nan Xun, who was eating cranberries was shocked by it. “Why?”

    The void beast almost roared, “You, why do you still ask me, look down at your fat waistline!”

    Nan Xun was stunned, “Isn’t it just bigger by two sizes? Why are you angry?”

    The void beast cried: “Fat peat, you’re pregnant! And it’s been six months that you’ve carried this world’s child! You can’t leave while with child!”

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