The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 36

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The Egg is Laid, You Can Leave

    Six months ago, was when Xue Ming left and the war began.

    After Nan Xun found out, she said, “No wonder, I felt a little heavy recently, especially in my stomach.”

    The void beast wanted to applaud her calm response.

    “Little eight, can I give birth to this child?” Nan Xun suddenly asked with shining dark eyes.

    The void beast exclaimed, “Are you crazy? You have to leave!”

    Nan Xun touched her stomach and whispered: “I always think about my first baby who haunts me. The first time, I didn’t want him. For the second time, I can’t want him again. Little eight, don’t you say that I’m too casual and worried that I can’t focus on my task? If I give birth to this child, I will have another goal in the future, that is, to finish all the tasks and come back and see him.”

    Since it’s possible for the void beast to bring her into this world once, she can come back again.

    This time, the void beast was silent for a long time and finally made a sound.  

    Nan Xun estimated that if her family knew that she had the Demon King’s flesh and blood in her belly, they would definitely break her leg and kill the child in her belly. So, Nan Xun left a letter and secretly left the Zuili family.

    The golden-winged Dapeng carried Nan Xun to the north. Under the guidance of little eight, Nan Xun found a mountain rich with spiritual energy.

    Nan Xun temporarily lived there, but the golden-winged Dapeng refused to leave and stayed with her and becomes her mountain guardian beast.

    Nan Xun looked at her obvious pregnant belly and asked little eight anxiously, “I’ve only been pregnant for seven months. This baby won’t stay in my stomach for three or four years, right?”

    The void beast: “Wait for it. It will be born in 3 months.”

    Less than 3 months later, the golden-winged Dapeng guarding the mountain suddenly said its farewell, saying it found its other half. The two giant Dapengs planned to travel into the sky, and after playing enough, they had a litter of babies.

    Nan Xun watched the golden-winged Dapeng go far away and was reluctant to part with it.

    “If you are lonely, you can call a group of spiritual beasts to accompany you. Now you are a beast-tamer.” Little eight reminded.

    Nan Xun felt it was feasible and summoned a group of small partners.

    Birds and animals played in this mountain all day long. She doesn’t know if it was due to the spiritual beasts’ influence, but the aura of the mountain was getting richer and stronger.

    Nan Xun touched her stomach and looked at the increasingly pale and emaciated face in the bronze mirror. She said: “In the past, Xue Ming told me that my body with a beast’s child would not be able to bear it. If it was serious, I may die. I thought he was bluffing me, but now it seems to be probably true.”

    The void beast hissed, “Of course, it’s true. The blood of a beast is powerful, not to mention the four clawed red-blooded snake. If you hadn’t drank the Demon King’s blood every day, your body wouldn’t have improved. When you were three months pregnant, you would have been drained by the little thing in your belly.”

    Nan Xun shuddered, but still tenderly caressed her stomach. “This child is different. You can see that he never bothers me. Besides feeling weaker, he doesn’t hurt me or give me a stomachache. He’s very obedient.”

    It turns out that Nan Xun’s baby is really very good. When she gave birth to her baby, she was in so much pain.

    It’s just that Nan Xun looked at what she birthed…it was an egg, the whole person was a little confused.

    Especially, she forgot that the father was a snake, or the four clawed red-blooded snake!

    She waited patiently to hold a plump and tender baby, but she didn’t want to hold a round and shiny snake egg.

   The void beast gloated and said with a smile, “Look at your reaction, I didn’t have the heart to tell you that you were going to birth an egg this morning, hum~”

    Nan Xun ignored little eight. She touched the egg in her hand, rubbed the eggshell and carefully placed it in the basket and covered the egg with a small handkerchief.

    The next day, Nan Xun made ten egg blankets, each made with good quality fabric.

    Nan Xun placed the egg within the blanket, revealing only half the egg.  

    Seeing that the egg’s surface was too smooth and monotonous, Nan Xun was very playful. With a pen, she drew a pair of big cartoon eyes, a nose and a mouth on the egg exposed from the blanket, with a small tongue sticking out of the mouth, it was especially cute.  

    The void beast: …

    “Now that the egg is laid, we should go.” The void beast reminded her.

    Nan Xun replied, “But it hasn’t broken through the shell yet.”

    The void beast sneered, “Do you want to wait until it breaks from its shell? How clever is the Demon King’s son? He guessed that you would leave without him breaking his shell. If he doesn’t break his shell for hundreds of years, will you wait for hundreds of years?”

    Nan Xun was stunned, and her eyes were bright, “Little eight, do you mean that this egg has its own consciousness? What’s more, how do you know that the egg is a boy?”

    The void beast pretended it was dead. It was tired and didn’t want to talk.

    Since then, Nan Xun has started her life with the slippery egg. During the day, she hung the egg in the blanket around her waist and goes out for a walk when she has nothing to do. At night, she held the egg in her arms and told stories.

    Later, Nan Xun discovered that her family’s egg was very clever. It likes to wear blankets made of snow silk and being washed with Lingquan water best. He doesn’t like the faces that she painted on. When he has time, he will rub it off on the blanket.

    So, after a year, Nan Xun sighed and said, “I believe you little eight, this egg is being intentional, I think. When I finish one last thing, we will leave.”

    “What do you want to do?” The void beast asked.

    Nan Xun said, “I want to give some virtue for my family’s egg because it is heavy from all the killings his father done. At present, the evil spirit in that battlefield has yet to disperse. If we go on like this, there will be resentment. I want to seal that battlefield.”

    The void beast yelled, “What are you really so great? Do you know how big the battlefield is? How would you seal it!”

    Nan Xun smiled, “there is a secret method from the heritage of the Zuili, which can seal a space into a secret place.”

    So, Nan Xun went to the battlefield alone.

    After three days and three nights, Nan Xun finally succeeded in sealing the whole battlefield, and it was locked away in a jade slip.

    After thinking about it, Nan Xun broke the jade slip into two halves, leaving a small piece for herself and the remaining to the Zuili family.

    She was thinking, to not place it with the egg in the basket, in case the jade slip was obtained by people with ill-intentions and try to open the secret place, the consequences will be unimaginable.

    However, Nan Xun almost spat out blood after hearing little eight’s words.

    For some reason, the half jade slip she handed over to her mother was divided in half and one piece was with the dragon beast clan while the other with the black Divine Serpent.

    “It’s okay. Hei Ze has been seriously injured and half-dead. He’s useless and let alone the dragon beasts. Their old ancestor, the Qinglong is dead, the rest are not good, and they were cursed by the Demon King. One day they will perish.” The void beast said.

    Nan Xun nodded and felt that she could die with ease.

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