The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 37

Translated by Novice Translations

Named, The Egg is Called Zuili Feng

    “I’ve nearly added a hundred enchantments to my egg, which can last for at least five hundred years. Now we can depart at any time.” Nan Xun said.

    The void beast replied, “Fuck, look at you now. Your soul is so weak, if I break the void now, your soul will shatter.”

    Nan Xun who just sealed the battlefield was as pale as a ghost and as thin as a tree trunk.

    Nan Xun was embarrassed and said, “I thought this secret technique was very easy to use, but I overestimated my ability.”

    After a moment of silence, the void beast said: “Well, I will give you another twenty years to raise the primordial spirit. But you know, the reason why I’m so tolerant towards you is because it was my mistake that you were pregnant with the Demon King’s cub. There will be no such cheap thing in the future.”

    Nan Xun especially wanted to hold little eight and kissed its forehead. “Little eight, thank you. However, twenty years, even, nineteen years is enough.”

    The void beast: …

    What the fuck, what’s the difference?

    For the remaining 19 years, Nan Xun took the opportunity to chat with the egg while recuperating.

    “Little eight, I think I should give my egg a name.”


    “May I give it my surname, Nan?”

    “No, there is no Nan Xun in this world, only Zuili Xuan.”

    Nan Xun can only give up.

    One day, Nan Xun looked at a red maple leaf and suddenly clapped her hands, “Yes!” Then she raised the egg blanket from her waist and asked with a smile, “Son, you’ll be called Zuili Feng, okay?”

    The void beast snorted, “The mother’s chirping of insects,1Chirping of insert – sighing noises is not pleasant to hear.”

    Nan Xun ignored its opinion.

    She was afraid that the egg didn’t know the words, so Nan Xun engraved “Zuili Feng” on the eggshell.

    On a different day, Nan Xun thought about it. She planned to go to the Demon King’s grave to extract some red blood scales that she had previously buried. She brought it back to the PiaoMiao mountain and together with the incomplete jade slip, she sealed them in the spiritual source of the mountain.

    “Little eight, when you said we will go the next world, you would promise me one condition. Does it still count now?” Nan Xun asked.

    The void beast snorted, “Counts.”

    Nan Xun thought for a moment, “I hope that the big boss in the next world would like me, this kind of strategy is easier.”

   The void beast: …

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but laughed at its stupidity, “It’s just a joke, don’t take it so seriously.”

    “I’ve taken it seriously, I can satisfy this request.” The void beast replied.

    This dumbfounded Nan Xun and her eyes changed, she was really moved and said, “Little eight, you really do love me.”

    In the last year prior to Nan Xun’s departure, there were several Xuan people in the mountain. Anyway, she wanted to leave, so she took in several people. The several Xuan people didn’t want to leave, instead they asked if Nan Xun would establish a sect here and that she would be respected as the master.

    Nan Xun nodded and waved. “Yes, it’s called PiaoMiao sect.”

    After her son Zuili Feng was placed in the forbidden cave, Nan Xun planned to die. On the day of her death, there were already 100 disciplines of the PiaoMiao sect. All the disciplines bowed down and saluted.  

    Nan Xun stood on the top of the mountain with her hands behind her back and looked like a high-profile expert.

    Overlooking the great river and mountains at her feet, Nan Xun authentically said with satisfaction. “I didn’t expect to establish a sect before I died. I have a premonition that later on, this ancestor’s PiaoMiao sect will surely become a huge pillbox sect.”  

    The void beast: “Stop talking nonsense, let’s leave this fucking world soon.”

    Nan Xun’s soul was separated from the host’s body and was taken away from this world by the void beast.

    Before fainting, Nan Xun heard the faint voice of little eight. “It seems as if there’s something following after Laozi!”2Laozi – this father; little eight likes to use this word a lot to curse. I feel like the humor on this curse word is lost since it’s really funny to native Chinese people, it’s supposed to be really rude….


    When Nan Xun woke up, she was lying on a stiff bed and was very uncomfortable from head to toe. Then she opened her eyes and looked guarded and saw that there was nothing else in this small, damaged room. There was only a small bed and table, on the small table it was almost filled with a thick stack of books.

    The small modern broken furniture made Nan Xun feel warm. However, after seeing her small arms and calves, Nan Xun’s eyes widened in surprise. “Little eight, did you especially found me such a pink, delicate body to let me get close to the villain whose evil value is 100?”

    With this, the void beast rolled its eyes. “Where is it pink and delicate? Aren’t you only thirteen years old?”

    With that, the void beast’s tone turned serious again, “Something unexpected happened on the way to this world.”

    Nan Xun was a little nervous because of its serious tome, “What was the accident?”

    “I think there was something following me, but that’s impossible. Breaking the void requires powerful force. Except for other void beasts that are naturally born as masters of space and time, ordinary people can’t easily break the void.”

    Nan Xun listened to its tone of voice and was aware of its uncertainties, and comforted, “Maybe you think too much.”

    The void beast didn’t know what to think. Suddenly, it coughed guiltily, “First, I couldn’t control the time when we traveled to this world. At this time, the big boss’ evil value is not ready, it won’t be until ten years later.”

    Nan Xun: …

    “Baby, so, what do you want to say?”

    “The spiritual essence in this world is too thin. I can’t take you forward ten years for the time being, so wait for me, wait for me to rest, then later I will take you forward ten years.”

    Nan Xun regretted it, if she had known, she would have stayed in the previous world for a few more years.

    In the last world, she had a son egg, but this world had a pile of broken things and endless homework.

    This body is called Bai Mo. Her father is a drunkard and gambler. Later, he directly took the family’s money and left. Her mother and her led a hard life, eating pickled vegetables and radishes every day. Even now, Bai Mo’s malnourished body was yellow and emaciated. On the contrary, she was marked to blossom much later.

    Then, Bai Mo’s maternal uncle was suddenly moved to marry her off to a blind 40-year-old uncle in town. Her mother desperately protected her, and her uncle’s thoughts were temporarily dispelled.

    For three years in junior high school, Bai Mo had strong self-esteem and did not get along well with her classmates. In order to not return to her hometown to get married, she studied hard day and night and finally was admitted into the city’s best high school.

    It’s just that her high school life wasn’t good. In her second year of high school, her mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She worked as a child laborer, went to school and ran to the hospital every day. Her life exhausted her. In her third year of high school, her mother passed away and she missed the college entrance examination.

    Bai Mo resigned to fate, she was married by her maternal uncle to the blind and ugly uncle. She was raped and abused all day long and was finally overwhelmed. At the age of 30, she killed herself by overdosing on medicine.

    Nan Xun: “Sigh…”

    The void beast, “Sigh, I have already suppressed Bai Mo’s soul and expropriated her body and now you’re in her thirteen-year-old body.”

    Now that Bai Mo has just been admitted to the key middle school in the city, she will leave town tomorrow to experience junior high school life in the city.  

    After thinking about studying with a group of younger brothers and sister, Nan Xun felt her head was big.3 Head is big (fig) – to have a headache

  1. Chirping of insert – sighing noises
  2. Laozi – this father; little eight likes to use this word a lot to curse. I feel like the humor on this curse word is lost since it’s really funny to native Chinese people, it’s supposed to be really rude….
  3. Head is big (fig) – to have a headache

TL Notes: The host’s backstory for this arc is so sad, her OWN maternal uncle basically sold her to someone that’s 20+ years her age and allowed her to be abused and sexually assaulted until her mind broke and she killed herself. ; A ; so sad. Well readers, let see what kind of ending arc 2 will have…

Important Story Info: So, guys for this series, every arc has 3 types of endings – good, normal and bad. For this arc, this was a normal ending as her life didn’t end with her truly being together with the villain. Yes, I did a small spoiler, there will be BAD ending arcs that will leave you crying and thinking about this story.

Also, I do daily releases for this in central time, I tentatively stated it. Ahaha I would leave a note if I can’t or missed a day because of my personal life.

Please remember I work 50 hours a week in the oil and gas industry so sometimes I might have to miss a release due to my real obligations ~trying my best as a new provider in the Light Novel community. 🙂 This blog has only been opened for 5 weeks now. Also, I chose to work on several ongoing projects simultaneously due to my short attention span on a single series.

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