The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 38

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World 2, I Have a Date with a Ferocious Ghost

    The next day, Nan Xun said goodbye to her thin mother, hugged her and said, “Mom, I will study hard, take good care of yourself while I’m away.”

    Her mother was very pleased and replied, “Bai Mo, you don’t have to worry about tuition and the living expenses. Mom is willing to sacrifice everything she has to provide for you.”

    Nan Xun nodded, a person with red eyes set foot on the road towards the city.

    Other family’s children were escorted by their parents. She is the only one who carried her old luggage. She went to registered herself for the school’s formalities.

    “I feel that you’re in a bad mood.” The void beast suddenly said.

    Nan Xun smiled, “Nothing, I was just thinking of my mother. Actually, her life is my sole concern.”

    Her mother spent a lot of effort on her, but her mother never forced her to learn. She doesn’t have to learn elegant things like the piano or violin, but she liked it, so she earned the 10th level. She liked taekwondo and mixed martial arts. Her mother didn’t object and encouraged her to do anything she wanted.

    She was also her teacher and friend. Her mother’s tolerance caused her to develop her optimistic and casual character, but perhaps because of her slag father, she was extremely indifferent.

    “Little eight, recover quickly. Although I used to be a bookworm, I really don’t want to study again.”

    The void beast: “Short oil, don’t you know that the last Wuxia world was much higher? It’s very laborious to shuttle you back and forth by spending spiritual energy, okay? Try to experience the student life again. It’s something that many people won’t be able to experience. You be content with one’s situation, humph~”

    Under the void beast’s persuasion, Nan Xun let herself go. Anyway, there will be no one in the school who knows Bai Mo, she wasn’t worried about falling into ruins from people’s arrangement.

    Bai Mo’s face1They mean face here by her reputation. was good as she had good grades, was cheerful, enthusiastic and helpful, soon she attracted a large group of younger brothers and sisters. She had a very good life.  

    In order to lighten the burden on Bai Mo’s mother, Nan Xun didn’t know what self-respect was. She applied for the school’s difficult subsidy and the application was miserable. Several of her teachers saw her red eyes, then paid special attention to her. Once any subsidy was applied for, the first thing they thought of was her.

    During the senior high school entrance exam, Nan Xun lived up to expectations and took first place in the city. She was admitted to the city’s key high school and won the honor of alma mater and successfully smoothly obtained a large amount of grants. The town’s mayor also provided financial assistance, she harvested enough bits to completely cover her high school’s tuition fees.

    Her cheap mom happily wiped her tears and her black-hearted uncle who has been expecting her to drop out of school and get married also temporarily stopped his thoughts.

    However, Nan Xun was waiting for Bai Mo’s destined catastrophe. Bai Mo’s mother fainted and was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer.  

    Every day, Nan Xun runs to both ends, her little face becomes weary and thin.

    However, the day before the college entrance examination, her mother passed away, and the next day she failed to take the college entrance examination.

    Nan Xun collapsed on the ground and cried to little eight, “I feel like I’ve been hollowed out.”

    The void beast felt a little guilty, “Wait a minute, my spiritual power will be full soon. It will only take one month at most.”

    Nan Xun buried Bai Mo’s mother, then sold the house and left town alone.

    Nan Xun who only has a high school diploma is thinking about how to earn money to support herself. Her family’s eighth child suddenly happily said, “I’m recovered. Now, I’ll take you forward by 4 years!”

Before Nan Xun could express her opinion, she felt darkness in front of her.

    Four years later, Nan Xun shared a two-bedroom, single home with others. The room she lived in was not big but clean. There were several pots of hanging orchids on the balcony and a bamboo rocking chair. It looked very comfortable and she indeed liked the style.

    “Little eight, what am I doing now?” Nan Xun asked.

    “You work at the bar as a singer.” The void beast replied feebly.

    Nan Xun was surprised. “How can I be reduced to singing? So miserable! But little eight, what’s wrong with you? You don’t sound very energetic.”

    The void beast replied, “This low-level world’s spiritual energy is too thin. I’ve used up all the energy I’ve gathered. I’m afraid I have to sleep for a while.”

    Nan Xun hurriedly asked, “No, little eight, how can I find the big bad boss with evil value of 100 when you’re not here?”

    The void beast’s voice gets smaller and smaller, “Your first request you mentioned earlier is that this world’s villain likes you. He will definitely take the initiative to find your door. Be obedient, shoot I want to go to sleep~”

    Nan Xun: …

    “Little eight? Little eight! Little eight……” Nan Xun affectionately called many times and the void beast didn’t utter a single word.

    She didn’t adapt to little eight’s absence for a while, but she was lying on the rocking chair with the sunshine outside the window warming her body. She listened to the soothing light music from her mobile phone and such a pleasant afternoon nap made Nan Xun soon forget all her troubles.

    The light music from the mobile phone was interrupted by a ring tone. Nan Xun picked up the mobile phone bewildered and heard a nasal sound.

    There was faint laughter on the other end of the cell phone, but Nan Xun didn’t hear it.

    Nan Xun was awake for the most part and looked at the strange phone number displayed on her cellphone. Her intuition said it was advertising. She was still languid and askew, she yawned and asked, “Hello, who is it?”

    The other end of the cellphone was quiet for a while. Later, a man’s voice answered, “Hello, is this Bai Mo?”

    The voice was low and deep mixed with strands of softness, which gave a very comfortable feeling. However, this sound seemed to bring a chill and Nan Xun couldn’t help but wrap a blanket around her body.

    Nan Xun quickly confirmed and asked, “Yes, I am. Who are you? What can I do for you?”

    “This is Fu Yu. Do you remember me?” The man asked without any hesitation. Just listening to his voice, easily made people feel good.

    Nan Xun felt that the name, Fu Yu was very familiar to her, as if he were her high school classmate.

    Nan Xun hasn’t been wearing the host for four years. Her high school life had just occurred. Otherwise, she really wouldn’t have remembered this person called Fu Yu.

    Nan Xun was a little confused. She doesn’t know how the other side had her phone number. Moreover, in the three years in high school, the words she and Fu Yu exchanged can only be added up to no more than ten sentences.

    As the other end on the phone was still waiting for her reply, Nan Xun didn’t think much about it. She smiled and said, “Of course, Fu Yu, you’re the smallest, but always sat in the last row. Besides, you didn’t like talking, but your grades were particularly good.”

    On the other end of the phone, came the man’s low laugh, as if his mood seemed to be very pleasant because of her response.

    “Bai Mo, where are you now?” Fu Yu asked.

    His breathing seemed very light, as if he doesn’t breathe at the end of his sentences.

  1. They mean face here by her reputation.

TL Note: So…guys her host name, Bai Mo means frothing from the mouth…ahaha it’s probably building suspense from that alone…. scary!~ Maybe this arc is a bad ending?! Let’s find out! Going to read the spoilers so I can mentally prepare myself

; A ;

Also, Nan Xun wants to loosen the burdens on Bai Mo’s mother, even though she’s lazy as shit she’s getting all these grants and “free monies” to help her “mother”.  Also, in just 800 words, her 6 years of schooling in middle and high school ended…lol…now she just graduated, and her mother died.

My goal is try to finish arc 2 before the end of thanksgiving with me taking vacation and going out of town :s

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