The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 39

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Gathering, Fell into the Water

    Nan Xun sighed, “Right now, I’m working at a bar called Wenxiang, my singing is pleasant but unfortunately I’m just a resident singer. After graduating high school, there was no news from anyone, I don’t know how they’re doing. By the way, Fu Yu, how are you, what are you doing now?”

    Nan Xun’s impression of Fu Yu isn’t deep. He didn’t seem to enjoy talking and always sat alone in the corner of the classroom, never listened to lectures during class and doesn’t hang out with anyone during his spare time. His whole body eluded a thick gloomy atmosphere.

    Even so, his academic performance was very good.

    After finishing high school, there was little eight hanging around. Nan Xun jumped four years forward in time. She didn’t know Fu Yu’s current situation. But before she left, she heard that Fu Yu had been admitted to the best university in the city. He could have gone to one of the top universities in the country, but he chose to stay in the city.

    For a moment, the phone was quiet, and the man’s voice sounded softly, “I founded my own company after graduation, it’s called Si Mo1He named the company after Bai Mo…Si – to think/consider then Mo – foam/suds. But he took part of the original host name to make that company from my speculations. Corporation.”

    Since the other side paused for a while, Nan Xun couldn’t help but be shocked. The other side was waiting for her reaction, so she quickly exclaimed, “Wow, is that right, Fu Yu, you’re really amazing!”  

    The man on the other end didn’t speak and the atmosphere was a bit awkward for a moment.

    Nan Xun laughs to break this stagnant atmosphere and jokingly said, “When your short on staff, I’ll come work for you. I’m letting you know in advance that I can’t do any high-tech work, but there’s absolutely no problem serving you tea and pouring water.”

    At the other end of the line, there was a man’s voice which was mixed with a faint smile. There was also a kind of nostalgia layered in as well. “Bai Mo, you’re still the same as before.”

    Nan Xun didn’t quite understand the meaning of his sentence.  

    However, the other party obviously didn’t continue the topic. He stated the purpose of his call, “There will be a high school reunion the day after tomorrow and everyone will attend. Will you come?”

    Nan Xun has no interest. Her purpose is to wait for the big boss to knock on her door and to eliminate his evil thoughts to proceed to the next world.

    “Fu Yu, I’m sorry, I’m very busy recently, so I won’t go. Besides, you should know, I didn’t even go to college, it will be humiliating if I went.”

    Fu Yu on the other end of the phone was silent for a while, then suddenly said, “Are you really not coming? Everyone misses you very much…”

    Nan Xun heard the sense of desolation from his words. She thought it wouldn’t be so bad, so she changed her mind. “I’ll go.”

    She said with a sly smile, “Since it’s you, the big boss who invited me personally, I will certainly give you face, but you need to protect me and not let others bully me.”

    Fu Yu laughed, “Okay.”

    Nan Xun asked, “Where is the gathering? Is it far?”

    “It’s not far, it’s in this city.” The man on the other end of the cellphone whispered, “I’ll send you the address later.” His voice was low as if weighted, “Bai Mo, I’ll wait for you to come…”

    Nan Xun felt strange after hearing this, but she couldn’t tell what was strange. The other party made a special phone call to her and his attitude was also sincere. Naturally, she patted her chest and promised again, confirming that she would definitely go that day.

    The man on the other side hung up.

    Ding, the other party sent the address to the class reunion.

    Nan Xun looked at the address, it’s not far away. It’s in this city’s suburb and it’s a very famous rural tourist location.  

Nan Xun thought it was interesting that the class representative didn’t choose a high-end hotel but settled for a natural atmosphere.

    However, Nan Xun had been wondering, how did Fu Yu know her phone number?

    In high school, except for the rich, the average person still couldn’t use cellphones, and even if she could afford a cellphone, the school didn’t permit them to carry it, so she didn’t leave any of her contact information at that time.

    She couldn’t figure it out and Nan Xun didn’t want to. Maybe because the other person was a big boss that he could find out at any time.

    After resting on the lounge chair for a while, Nan Xun began to rummage through the boxes and cabinets, trying to find a more dignified dress. There was no way, who called her poor? The clothes to participate in this occasion can’t be too shabby.

    Her roommate Lin Jingwan appeared to hear her overturning trunks and boxes. She couldn’t help but yawn and ask, “Mo Mo, what are you doing not resting in the afternoon?”

    Nan Xun didn’t lift her head and continued to rummage through the boxes. “There’s a high school reunion the day after tomorrow. I don’t have any suitable clothes.”

    Lin Jingwan thought it was an important event and immediately said, “Don’t look, older sister here has plenty of clothes, I happen to have clothes that especially fits you.”

    Nan Xun was a little embarrassed and said with a smile, “Thank you Lin Jingwan. I’ll treat you with a tableful of food when I return.”

    Lin Jingwan is a broad-minded person, who was very compatible with Nan Xun and had a strong sense of justice. But the one thing that Nan Xun couldn’t stand about Lin Jingwan was her private life that was too chaotic from being a hedonist, not only material, but also carnal pleasure.

    After her first encounter with this girl and a wild man on the sofa, Nan Xun’s eyes were blinded spicy and strongly expressed her opposition. The girl sneered that she didn’t understand the local customs. But since then, she rarely brought home strange men.

    Nan Xun didn’t want to find a new home to live in and she was a lazy person. Once she settled down, she was too lazy to move, so she stayed.

    On the weekend, Nan Xun took personal time off and directly went to the address of the gathering.  

    Just after getting off the bus, Nan Xun saw many people gathered in front of her. At first glance, there were at least 30 people.

    “Oh, look who arrived, it’s the great beauty, Bai Mo!”

    A woman with heavy makeup stepped forward towards Nan Xun with a lira in her arms. She said very enthusiastically, “Boss Bai, do you remember me, I’m Jiang Wen Wen.”

    Nan Xun chuckled. When she went to school, she did have a little girl who was her fan. Unexpectedly, the little girl who used to be fat became a big beauty.

    The years really carved people.

    Student life seems to be the purest time during a person’s life, especially during high school in senior year, when they were ignorant of everything. Although they hadn’t seen each other for several years, they soon chatted to catch up with each other.

    Everyone was distributed with work. The women boiled water and washed vegetables. The men caught chickens and fished. Nan Xun was a small portion of the people who were left out.

    She and Jiang Wen Wen wandered out onto the country road to chat about their recent situation.

    Nan Xun inadvertently glanced somewhere and didn’t know what she saw. Her eyes widened sharply, and she quickly ran forward.

    With a plop, she jumped into the pond.

    Nan Xun saw a little boy who fell into the water and was struggling desperately.

    Nan Xun hurriedly swam toward the little boy. But just as she was about to reach him, suddenly she felt something underwater caught her leg and dragged her down.  

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    Oh good! Considering the disaster of the last arc, it’s good to hear this one has a good ending.

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    Is she going to die? I mean this is a ghost story right???

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        Lol, got it! I read a couple of ghost ml arcs but they were both incredibly Yandere. One in particular she was forcefully raped for years when she was scared of him the whole time, being unable to escape or even leave the apartment. She got too much ghost energy and was permanently ill and weak. 😅 I have to say, even though I like yanderes to a certain extent, that’s a little over the top… So I can only feel a sense of foreboding haha. Interesting twist sounds fun though.

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