The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 4

Translated by Novice Translations

Come Into This Sister’s Arms

    A girl’s face reflected in the stream is as beautiful as a snow lotus in Tianshan Mountains, clean and dusty in temperament, and a pair of beautiful eyes are full of autumn water, clear to the bottom, without any impurities. The bridge of the nose is upright, the tip of the nose smooth that you can see sunshine highlighting it, the lips are like peach petals, slightly opened, revealing a small slit, with the vaguely visible pink tongue inside.

    This is a clean and beautiful woman that people feel reluctant to get close. For fear of being close, they will tarnish the her temperament.

    Nan Xun blinked at the woman in the water, and so did the person in the water.

    “Okay, don’t pity yourself. Just think about how to complete your task –” The void beast said halfway but abruptly stopped.

    “Little eight? Little eight?” Nan Xun called several times and did not hear the other party.

    Nan Xun muttered strangely and looked around for a while without noticing anything wrong.

    She found that her hair and face were stained with blood. Nan Xun squatted down, placed her beautiful hair into the water sideways, then hand combed it. While combing and shampooing her hair she pondered.

    Since her goal is to redeem the demon king, she must go to him. The present kinship is just an opportunity. Fortunately, she has one day left and can find an excuse about her elopement.

    After washing her long hair, Nan Xun directly bent over and sprinkled a handful of water onto her face.

    Beads of water slid down her cheeks, shining in the sunlight, like pearls.

    Suddenly, Nan Xun turned her head to see what was happening.

    Under a big tree not far from her, a long-eared rabbit stared at her.

    The rabbit has a pair of blood red eyes, dark and deep, emitting a bone-eroding gloom.

    Nan Xun did not notice this as her heart was completely germinated by this furry spirit.

    The long-eared rabbit is one of the lowest ranked spiritual beasts. It is herbivorous, which is harmless to Nan Xun. Moreover, this little guy is very furry and looks very cute.

    Nan Xun lifted her skirt and walked lightly over. She crouches down, and stares at the long-eared rabbit with big eyes.

    The long-eared rabbit did not hide, as it stayed in the same spot waiting for the woman to approach.

    “Rabbit, are you lost? Come on, come into this sister’s arms, this sister will take you home.” Nan Xun smiled and cajoled. She reached out and held the long-eared rabbit in her hand.

    The long-eared rabbit’s body stiffened slightly. In a place where no one can see, a blood-red pupil flashed bloodthirsty, murderous intent.

    “Little eight, can I raise a pet? This long-eared rabbit is really cute, but you can rest assure that my favorite is you, you are the cutest.” Nan Xun asked the void beast in her heart.

    It did not respond.

    When Nan Xun agreed, she raised the long-eared rabbit high with joy. “Rabbit, how about we live together in the future?”

    The long-eared rabbit did not care for her and seemed unable to understand what she said. It just looked at her in a quiet way with its red-blood pupils.  

    Nan Xun did not expect it to understand. She was trying to find a small pet with little spirituality to listen to her. Otherwise, she was not familiar with this world and little eight ignored her. She was afraid that she would be suffocated before her task will be complete.

    Nan Xun touched the little guy’s long ears and couldn’t help but rub it against her face.

    Haha, it’s so soft and comfortable, there’s a pillow in the future.

    The ears of the long-eared rabbit droop slightly, a pair of animal pupils lowered. There is a blood-thirsty violent temper in the depths of its eyes.

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  1. Ven Rayne

    Ah I don’t know but I have a strange feeling that the rabbit is the ML 😂

    1. SwordEmpress

      Me too lol 😂 even though they said he is a ‘Snake Demon’ somehow even the ‘Rabbit Demon’ gives the ML vibe,
      I mean look at the distance between two species

  2. midoriha

    lol it appears that the male lead has appeared in the form of a cute rabbit! this is illegal! don’t you know cuteness is the weakness of most people!!

  3. Silent Hobby

    Is rabbit = snake demon king ?

  4. avatar136

    Theory: rabbit = snake king= little 8?

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