The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 40

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He Died, Just Three Days Ago

    Gu lu lu…

    Nan Xun struggled several times and the strange force pulled her into the water until her head was completely submerged.

    Her breathing began to get worse and her mouth unceasingly spat bubbles.

    Nan Xun vaguely heard someone on the shore shouting Bai Mo’s name.

    Just as her consciousness was beginning to slip, someone seemed to have held her waist, then with a light touch on her lips, the oxygen gave her a chance to live.

    Nan Xun subconsciously embraced the other and greedily inhaled the oxygen delivered from the other.

    She seemed to have heard a sigh of helplessness mixed with endless tolerance and indulgence which occupied the last traces of her consciousness.

    When Nan Xun woke up, she was lying in the arms of a strange man.

    “Wake up, Bai Mo, are you okay?” The man next to her asked eagerly.

    Nan Xun shook her head and dazedly looked at the man who held her, “Did you save me?”

    The man was very handsome. He nodded slightly and thoughtfully replied, “How are you feeling now? I’m Bai Xiye, Bai Juyuan’s older brother. You fell into the water just now and scared everyone.”

    Nan Xun hurriedly looked at the distant pond. “What about the little boy who fell into the water?”

    Jiang Wen Wen’s expression was a bit strange, “Boss Bai, what are you talking about? There wasn’t a little boy in the pond. I just saw that you were shocked and rushed towards the pond quickly, then jumped down with a plop.”

    Nan Xun replied, “But I really saw a little boy fall into the water, then I jumped in to save him.”

    The surrounding people were quiet for a moment then stood up roaring with laughter.

    Bai Xiye felt her forehead directly with the back of his hand and asked, “Are you suffering from heatstroke and it’s the reason why you are dazzled?”

    Nan Xun was sent to the farmhouse to rest. Everyone said that she was blind, and she thought to herself. Maybe it was her…what’s the point?

    Nan Xun thought for a while and had some lingering fears, but little eight was still asleep. If something happened to her during this time, it would be over for her.

    After sitting for a while, Nan Xun went to the kitchen to help.

    She suddenly remembered something, then Nan Xun quickly asked Jiang Wen Wen next to her, “I’ve been here for a while, but Fu Yu hasn’t come yet?”  

    Jiang Wen Wen first thought about it, then was surprised, “You mean that freak?”

    As soon as she finished, she covered her mouth and smiled. “I’m wrong. I shouldn’t have said that. But I haven’t heard news about that invisible person in recent years. I don’t know his current situation, but even if the class representative pulled down his face and called him, he wouldn’t have come.”

    Nan Xun frowned slightly. She asked several other people but found that none of them knew that Fu Yu would come. Even the class representative was surprised, stating that he didn’t contact Fu Yu at all. Not only that, but that Nan Xun would come today also.

    “I thought it was the other students who informed you. After all, I haven’t heard news about you for a long time. As for Fu Yu—”

    The class representative paused, then there was a trace of envy that flashed in his eyes. “You may not believe it, but Fu Yu, who was a bit of a jerk is now the big boss of the Si Mo Corporation. I heard that he started his business in his sophomore year. After graduation, he ran the company.”

    The people present in the room couldn’t help but click their tongues, they thought it was quite inconceivable.

    Their impression of Fu Yu was that he was a freak. He never talked to anyone and sat alone in the corner and seemed to have separated himself from the whole world.

In fact, many people secretly suspected that Fu Yu may have severe autism. It’s said that this kind of person was the most terrible and must not be provoked.

    “Class representative, Fu Yu is so good now. Why didn’t you ask him to come to the get together?” Jiang Wen Wen quickly asked.

    The class representative ridiculed, “When I was in high school, I didn’t even have a bird. So, if I suddenly called people, isn’t it too good?”1Nan Xun mentions in high school only the rich had a cellphone, so the class rep who was so poor and didn’t even have a bird, how would he have Fu Yu’s contact information, that would be too good.  

    The person next to him couldn’t help but make fun of him. “Look at your advice now, where was the terrified class representative from that year.”

    Everyone laughed and made noise. Nan Xun pulled the corners of her mouth but couldn’t laugh.

    Last time on the phone, she got the definite message that Fu Yu would attend the class reunion, but after so long, he was still missing.

    Nan Xun didn’t expect that the people didn’t wait for Fu Yu but waited for Qin Jia.

    She came with a BMW, dressed in a long black dress, with light but delicate makeup on her face.

    Nan Xun was grateful to Qin Jia.

    When she was in high school, Nan Xun had a difficult life, so she went to work nearby to do some odd jobs in her spare time. But because she wasn’t old enough, people didn’t dare to accept her. Later, the little girl in front of her helped her get a job at a coffee shop and to serve dishes in a western restaurant.

    Even with the plate, she was much taller.

    It’s said that Qin Jia’s family has a good relationship with Fu Yu’s family, they often pay each other a visit.

    Qin Jia took off her sunglasses and swept her eyes all around until it finally fell on Nan Xun’s body and her face was astonished.

    “Bai Mo, you actually came?” Qin Jia stared at her for a long time.

    Nan Xun was somewhat upset and explained: “I received a call from Fu Yu. He gave me the address, so I came.”

    But Qin Jia didn’t want to hear this, her eyes widened, and her face flashed with a frightened expression.  

    But she didn’t say anything at that moment since everyone else was around.

    Including Qin Jia, apart from Fu Yu, almost all the high school classmates have arrived.

    The owner of the farmhouse had a table full of dishes, and everyone began to eat, drink, talk and laugh.

    Qin Jia didn’t speak until the end of the meal. She suddenly called Nan Xun aside to chat.

    “Bai Mo, we’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

    She’s talking about them.

    Before Qin Jia arrived, Nan Xun also knew about everyone’s current situations.

    It’s said that Qin Jia and Fu Yu attended the same university in the city, but Fu Yu obtained first place in the province, and Qin Jia was admitted in by her family’s money.

    “When you left, you really didn’t leave any news for us. There was a huge crowd, where could we find you…” Qin Jia lightly said.

    She didn’t know if she was delusional, but she felt that Qin Jia had a strange attitude towards her as if she held some resentment.

    But they hadn’t met each other in several years, where did all this resentment came from?

    Suddenly, Qin Jia coldly stared at her, “Bai Mo, don’t you know?” She asked, then suddenly threw the deep-water bomb, “Fu Yu is dead.”

    “Just three days ago, he died in a car accident.” She added coldly.

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened, thinking that she might have heard a joke.

    The day before yesterday, Fu Yu called and talked to her for so long.

    Is it possible that…it was a prank?

  1. Nan Xun mentions in high school only the rich had a cellphone, so the class rep who was so poor and didn’t even have a bird, how would he have Fu Yu’s contact information, that would be too good.  

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    The plot thickens!!(Not really, we already knew the ML was a ghost in this arc)

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    Does that mean he called her right after dying? I wonder if he called her filled with crush/resentment, only to discover she was still a nice person and didn’t think badly of him at all. I’m guessing based off how the others talked about him, he was perhaps thinking she’s be the same.

    He is a blackened after all. It’s not like he would be thinking the best of people.

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      That’s my guess. It seemed by the writing of the chapter he had resentment at the beginning but when he found out she was still the person he thought she was the writing seemed to make him a lot happier.

      Personal guess is he had unrequited love for MC and was hoping to tell her his feelings but then she disappeared without a trace. Probably led to Fu Yu having an obsession to find her. Which is why Qin Jia had resentment to MC cause Qin Jia liked her childhood friend Fu Yu.

      Seeing how I have yet to predict this author, I can’t wait to find out where this is going.

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