The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 41

Translated by Novice Translations

Little Boy, Cold Kiss

    Qin Jia finished this sentence and her eyes dimmed, “Our two families have a good relationship. His parents wanted me to marry him as their daughter-in-law. At first, I didn’t like him and thought he was a sick person, but after four years of contact in college, I gradually fell in love with him. I thought this proposal was very good, but it’s a pity…he already had someone he liked.”

    Speaking of this, her look towards Nan Xun was complicated.

    Nan Xun heard her upset tone and managed to reply, “Qin Jia, you’re grieving.”

    Qin Jia sighed. “You say, he was so young, just when his career was successful, how can he just die?”

    Nan Xun also lamented for a while, he was indeed so young.

    “Little eight, why are all the world’s prodigies killed in a car accident? Look at me, I accidentally had a car accident before that ended my lifetime as well. Ah…I’m in the same boat with this Fu Yu.”

    Little eight was asleep, otherwise if it heard this, it would have cursed at her, “Come on, what kind of genius are you?”

    “Bai Mo, how on earth did you get the news? You’ve disappeared for so many years and the city so big. It’s not easy to find you. Have you been in touch with other students in recent years?” Qin Jia suddenly asked.

    Nan Xun was shocked and truthfully answered, “It’s true that someone called me. He claimed to be Fu Yu, but since Fu Yu passed away, it must have been a prank.”

    Qin Jia slightly frowned, “Prank? Even if someone wants to play a prank, they would need to know your contact information first. Fu and I…I haven’t heard from you all these years. Is it so easy to prank someone you don’t know?”

    Nan Xun was silent and replied, “Maybe it’s not Fu Yu and I made a mistake.”

    Qin Jia stared at her for a long time and didn’t continue the topic.

    She picked up her cellphone, and opened her phone’s contact list, then deleted Fu Yu’s number and said sadly, “The phone number will no longer work in the future…”

    Nan Xun looked at the string of numbers and suddenly felt it was familiar. She took out her phone and discovered from her call history it was the same number from a few days ago.

    With this knowledge, Nan Xun was scared and felt her back went cold, the phone number of the person who called was exactly the same as the one Qin Jia deleted!

    How could it be Fu Yu’s mobile phone number?!

    “Bai Mo, what’s the matter?” Qin Jia asked when she saw that her expression wasn’t right.

    Nan Xun shook her head and said it was nothing.

    Maybe the prankster used Fu Yu’s mobile phone to call her…right?

    Nan Xun felt that she shouldn’t think too deeply about it and immediately stopped.

    At the end of the reunion, everyone left.

    Nan Xun was left alone at last, she couldn’t help but sigh. When she arrived, she came by taxi. Now, where can she take a taxi in the middle of this wilderness!

    Finally, Nan Xun asked the owner of the farmhouse to borrow a bike to ride back.

    It was more than ten kilometers away. Come on, she’s going to have to ride in the dark.

    Nan Xun pushed the bike out quickly, only to bump into a little boy.

    The little boy wore a small white T-shirt, denim shorts and had a pair of big black clear eyes, thin lips which were slightly pursed and looked like a delicate doll.

    He held a bouquet of wild chrysanthemums in his hands and looked up at Nan Xun quietly.

    Nan Xun saw that he was the youngest son of the owner’s wife. But when she saw the little guy, he was still catching crickets with a group of wild boys. He was very lively and wasn’t as quiet as he was now.

    The child’s little delicate face was expressionless, and his big eyes held no emotions, there was a dead silence within them.

Nan Xun smiled awkwardly and asked, “Little brother, were you just hurt by sister? Sister, will apologize to you?”

    The little boy didn’t speak.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but squat down to be eye level to him, she smiled and said, “Sister can do a magic trick for you. Look, change, change chocolate!”

    Nan Xun handed a chocolate to the little boy’s chubby small paw.  

    He looked down at the chocolate in his hand, then looked up at her again, and those pair of clear black and white eyes unexpectedly made Nan Xun feel somewhat profound.

    Nan Xun made sure that he didn’t get hurt, then reached out to rub his furry head, then pushed the bike away.

    After several steps, Nan Xun couldn’t help but look back.

    He still looked at her so quietly, but his little red mouth slightly raised into an arc.  

    Nan Xun also hooked her lips, but she didn’t forget to talk to little eight in her heart, “I knew that it would be difficult to take care of the little baby.”  

    Naturally, the sleeping little eight was unresponsive.

    The little boy walked slowly and steadily towards her, step by step, not like an ordinary child

    He handed the wild chrysanthemum to Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun said, “Is this flower for sister? Thank you.”

    The little boy didn’t say anything, but only looked at her quietly.

    Nan Xun looked at the delicate little face, smiled slightly, and squatted down to kiss the little face.

    The little boy turned his head slightly, and her kiss landed on his red little mouth.

    That cool sensation passed from their lips to the center of her heart, Nan Xun unconsciously shivered.

    Nan Xun touched the head of the small radish. “How could your body be so cold on a hot day? Don’t play too much, remember to go home early. If you have a cold, your mom and dad will worry about you.”

    Nan Xun placed the flowers gifted by the little radish into the bike’s basket, then left on the bike twistedly, this mountain road really wasn’t good.

    Halfway through the ride, the sky darkened.

    Nan Xun looked around and suddenly saw several graves in the field. At this time, a gust of wind blew by.

    Nan Xun shivered and felt a little panicked.

    She didn’t know if it was an illusion. Nan Xun was riding the bicycle but felt heavier and heavier. It was like there was suddenly something on the backseat of the bike…the weight of another person.

    Nan Xun was frightened by her sudden metaphor. She quickly increased her strength and pedaled faster.

    The night wind seemed to be a bit strong and cold, there was always a cold air surrounding her. Fortunately, it’s summer now, so it was quite comfortable.



    Nan Xun suddenly heard someone crying in the distance from behind, as if calling her.

    Nan Xun subconsciously wanted to turn around, but she jerked her head back.

    You can’t look back, you can’t look back.

    Cold sweat gathered on her forehead while she pedaled for a long time in a panicked state, she listened to the crickets and frogs the entire way back and finally returned to the city.

    Nan Xun took a shower and laid in the large-sized bed.

    Suddenly she thought of something. Nan Xun went down the stairs again and took out the wild chrysanthemums from the bicycle basket.

    It was an adorable little baby that gifted it to her, it’s not good to throw it away.

TL Note: Chrysanthemums are typically funeral flowers.

I just realize, this is a very good arc for this month because of Halloween!! This arc is spoooooky!!

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