The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 42

Translated by Novice Translations

Later, Find a Man who can Cook

    Nan Xun placed the wild chrysanthemum into a beautiful glass vase.

    The white chrysanthemum exudes a faint fragrance, Nan Xun felt it smelled good and placed it on her bedside table. She could have good dreams just by smelling the flower’s fragrance in the evenings.

    Nan Xun slept well that night.

    The next day, Nan Xun woke up and went to the bar as usual.

    The bar is in the center of the city, it’s a little far from the house she rents. It takes more than an hour by bus.

    Truthfully, Nan Xun thought the job is very good. She just stayed in this world for a while and didn’t need to do anything. Her salary was enough. Now she sings seven or eight times a day in this bar, if the response is good, she could earn 200 to 300 yuan a day. It’s really good for a person who only has a high school diploma.

    After singing for a few days, Nan Xun still sang with gusto. She had some talent in music and Bai Mo’s voice was very good, she was very happy to eat this bowl of rice.

    But these days, there is a rich boy in the bar who comes to cheer her on every day, this rich boy’s name is Zhao Qilin. His name sounds powerful, but he looks a little…well, it’s hard to say.

    It’s said that his father is a coal mine owner and that he’s a nouveau riche.

    Nan Xun repeatedly chewed little eight’s previous sentence again and again, before it went to sleep. She wondered if Zhao Qilin, the rich and young man, is the big boss that she is looking for and was the one that took the initiative to come to her door.

    But when she thought of Zhao Qilin’s paunchy stupidity. Nan Xun immediately denied this idea. Little eight is like her, a face freak. How could it select a boss that is so fat?

    Rich boy Zhao Qilin was honest for a few days and couldn’t help it. On this day, he directly stopped her to express his thoughts of having a one-night stand with her.

    Nan Xun’s face darkened and expressed her refusal politely.

    Zhao Qilin broke the wine glass on the table and his words were full of profanity. “It’s just singing XX. It’s your blessing that laozi looked at you. Fucking don’t be shameless! Don’t you want money? Laozi will give you 200,000 yuan tonight and buy you for one night. If you make laozi comfortable, laozi will add another 200,000 yuan…”

    Nan Xun listened in anger, then directly picked up the bottle and slammed it on his head.

    There was a crash and the whole bar was quiet.

    Nan Xun scooped her ear and sneered, “It can be quiet at last.”

    Later, the bar owner sent Zhao Qilin out and saw that Nan Xun’s face was very black.

    Fortunately, Nan Xun was popular everywhere and other people in the bar helped her talk. The boss didn’t directly dismiss her and only deducted one month’s salary.

    Since the boss didn’t let Nan Xun go, Nan Xun had the cheek to stay.

    Not long after, Nan Xun heard that the rich second generation, Zhao Qilin, died in a car accident.

    It’s said that Zhao Qilin’s death is a bit strange.

    He really died by himself, but when the car was about to pass, it was as if he was pushed out by something. The reason for that speculation was because there was no one besides him during that time. Even the surveillance tape showed that he flung forward abruptly and actually collided with the car and died on the spot.

    After listening to this, Nan Xun didn’t care too much. Some rumors spread ten times, others a hundred times, and finally nothing remains the same.

    It should be an ordinary car accident, Nan Xun thought.

The bar business is good during the evenings and there were many guests. Nan Xun sang two more songs before going back.

    When Nan Xun returned to the house, she saw a table of food. Her eyes were shining, and her saliva was about to flow out. “I say, it’s quiet. What’s the occasion today? How are you so virtuous today?”  

    Lin Jingwan’s voice came from the kitchen: “I’m in a good mood today, so please have a big meal.”

    Nan Xun was starving, she went into the kitchen happily and got a pair of chopsticks. When Lin Jingwan’s last dish landed, she couldn’t wait to put a piece of braised chicken in her mouth. “Oh, the workmanship is truly good, afterwards when you marry it’s indeed the blessing of three lifetimes.”

    Lin Jingwan disdainfully said, “You’re too good to bribe, it’s just a table of food.”

    Nan Xun laughed and replied, “I’ll find a man who can cook and contract him to make three meals a day.”

    As Nan Xun said this, suddenly she felt a gust of wind across her neck and itched, she couldn’t help but shrink her neck.

    After dinner, Nan Xun was consciously given the task of dishwashing. Although she hated washing greasy things the most, she was embarrassed from eating rice.

    “Mo Mo, I remember you placed this chrysanthemum for a long time. How come it’s still so gorgeous?” Lin Jingwan went to Nan Xun’s room to borrow a charger and looked at the vase of white chrysanthemum that was on the bedside table.  

    Nan Xun also thinks it’s amazing, “I don’t know. I guess the vitality of that flower is more resilient?”

    Lin Jingwan replied, “Mo Mo, I swear this flower is a bit sinister, why don’t we throw it away?”

    “That won’t do!” Nan Xun held the flower and the vase within her arms. “This was gifted from an adorable radish head to me. I promised him that I will raise it well. Anyway, it’s kept in my room and you won’t see it again.”

    Lin Jingwan immediately rolled her eyes and said, “Look at you, being fiercely protective of your baby, I don’t think you’re even aware of what you’re holding.”


    Nan Xun’s mobile phone suddenly rang and the screen lit up.

    Lin Jingwan glanced at it and saw the short text message with her eyes and its contents.

    “Mo Mo! You, you, you actually have a boyfriend. You didn’t tell me, you’re too much! You see, the proof is right here, this handsome guy named Bai Xiye is asking you to see a movie!” Lin Jingwan picked up her cellphone and shook it at her, with an expression of “catching a couple in the act.”

    Nan Xun recovered her mobile phone and explained: “Last time I attended the class reunion. I accidentally fell into the water and he saved me. He was my senior high school classmate’s older brother. That day, he also went to the reunion.”

    Lin Jingwan clicked her tongue twice, “Bai Mo, classmate is a coverup, needless to say, you go on this date, I won’t say anything.”  

    Nan Xun really wants to meet him. First, Bai Xiye is kind to her. Second, she has some doubts that Bai Xiye is the villain boss that she has been waiting for.

    Little eight said that the big villain boss has long liked her and that she also gathered information from Bai Xiye. The class reunion from before was not the first time they met.

    The first time they met, it involved a very bloody thing. While Nan Xun was shopping, a thief stole her wallet, then a handsome guy appeared from thin air and recovered it.  

    And this person was Bai Xiye.

    It seems that Bai Xiye fell in love with her at first sight.  

    Little eight is an appearance freak. At least the person she’s looking for wouldn’t be bad looking and Bai Xiye is a handsome man. In addition, he likes her. Nan Xun had to suspect that Bai Xiye is the boss she had been waiting for.

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