The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 43

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Bewildered, Man in Empty Spot

    Because Bai Xiye didn’t look like a villain on the surface, Nan Xun also inquired about his background. His background was very clear, and there were some rich people in his family.

    Some accidents, but Nan Xun guessed that this Bai Xiye may be pretending to be a good man, but in fact, he has evil thoughts.

    After Nan Xun determined the strategic goal, she excessively beat her spirit, after the other party took the initiative to ask her, she readily agreed.

    When Nan Xun went downstairs, Bai Xiye’s car was stopped downstairs, and they went directly to the cinema with the best audio-visual effect in the city center.

    “Bai Xiye, did you book two horror movie tickets?” Nan Xun looked at the creepy movie poster at the gate of the cinema and the corner of her mouth twitched.

    Bai Xiye smiled and said, “Don’t you girls like watching these kinds of things?”

    Nan Xun sighed in her heart, haha, don’t think I don’t know your plan.

    There were many people on the weekends. This was a busy commercial area. At a glance, the theatre was almost full. So, Nan Xun was surprised to find that the seat to her left was empty.

    Maybe someone bought the ticket and suddenly didn’t come, Nan Xun thought.

    Nan Xun estimated that Bai Xiye wanted her to shrink into his arms when she saw half the film. She intended to cooperate with him. However, the special effects of this movie were so bad that she dozed off while watching.

    In a daze, she seemed to have tilted her head and fell onto the shoulder of the man besides her.

    His shoulders were wide and solid. She rubbed against it twice and went to sleep peacefully.

    She didn’t know how long she was asleep for, but she suddenly woke up because of the screams around her.

    By this time, the movie had reached its climax and the people around were screaming with fear.

    Besides her, Bai Xiye looked at her helplessly. “Mo Mo, you can sleep even watching horror movies.”  

    Nan Xun looked at him, his expression was somewhat stupid.

    Just now, she was sleeping in a daze and didn’t think about it. Now, her head seemed that it was tilted to the left, but Bai Xiye was sitting on her…right.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but swallow a bit of saliva and asked with difficulty, “Did the person sitting on my left just left now?”

    Bai Xiye replied, “No, it’s been empty.”

    Nan Xun suddenly felt that her whole body was cold. She just watched a movie that wasn’t scary but now she was a little afraid.

    “Can we change seats?” Nan Xun asked.

    Bai Xiye joked: “Mo Mo, are you afraid?”

    The two changed seats and there were people on both sides of her, so Nan Xun wasn’t so scared.

    Finally, Nan Xun felt relieved when the movie finished, and the surrounding lights lit up.

    Bai Xiye insisted on driving Nan Xun back. Thinking of the strange things that happened today, Nan Xun nodded and agreed.

    Bai Xiye took her all the way upstairs, and before he left, he stared at Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun thought that she was going to attack the target anyway, it was okay to give some sweetness, so she stood on her tippy toes and gently kissed his face.

    Just after the kiss, Nan Xun sneezed and muttered: “The weather seems to be getting cold these days.”

    Bai Xiye also hugged his arms and looked at her and smiled. “It seems that it’s really cold.”

    When Bai Xiye was far away, Nan Xun quickly opened the door and entered the house.

    Just as soon as she entered the door, Nan Xun heard a discordant noise.

    This sound was still coming from her own room.

    “Ah…oh… faster, quickly…”

“Oh…honey, you’re great…”

    It seemed to be the voices of Lin Jingwan and a man.

    Nan Xun’s face turned black in a flash. She listened patiently for a long time. When she was sure there could be no mistake, there were two people in it. They were turning over in her bed!

    Nan Xun kicked the door open and yelled at the pile of white flowers on her bed. “Lin Jingwan! You stinky girl—”

    Half an hour later, the wild man disappeared, and Lin Jingwan also woke up.

    “Mo Mo, I’m sorry, this time I really drank too much. I didn’t mean to. I mistook your room for mine.”

    Lin Jingwan had a good attitude while admitting her mistake, but Nan Xun was still very worried.  

    Although she didn’t have any serious cleanliness habits, she thought that was the place where she sleeps. Not long ago, two people were doing vigorous activities and the bed might still have something bad left behind. She was a bit…

    Nan Xun spent the night on the sofa.

    The next day, Nan Xun was determined to move out.

    Lin Jingwan felt a little guilty. “I’m sorry, Mo Mo. A dog can’t stop himself from eating shit, but this time I’m serious. I may have talked about this for a long time, so…I’m thinking of moving out.”  

    Nan Xun shook her head. “I’ll go out. Anyway, I will find a place to live before long. It’s not difficult to find a house now. My salary is more than ever before.”  

    Lin Jingwan also knew her temper and left.

    But the next day, Nan Xun beat Lin Jingwan to death. Before she moved out, Lin Jingwan brought the man back from yesterday.

    Nan Xun whose heart was stuffed, moved to the bar that evening.

    Bai Xiye heard that she lived in the bar and immediately said that he has a vacant villa that she could live in.

    If Bai Xiye was an irrelevant person, Nan Xun will certainly not agree, but he was the boss whose evil value was 100. Once she lives with him, the two would have more chances to get along. Only by knowing the source of Bai Xiye’s evil thoughts, she can find a way to help him eliminate it.

    In addition, Nan Xun just didn’t want to go back to the original house. Then, he should come down and help her move in tomorrow.

    Bai Xiye was happy to help her move. Nan Xun didn’t have many things, so she quickly packed them. She didn’t ask for some of the hanging orchids on the balcony and didn’t take the vase full of white chrysanthemum. Her mood was very sour now and she was afraid she wouldn’t have time to take care of any flowers and plants.

    With a bang, after the two left, the vase fell to the ground, split and the white chrysanthemum also scattered on the ground, stained with water, it looked extraordinary…delicate and beautiful.

    The two simply cleaned the villa together. The villa has two floors. Nan Xun likes the large balcony on the second floor, so they moved everything to the bedroom on the second floor.

    Bai Xiye helped her settle down and left. Before leaving, he looked at her reluctantly.

    Nan Xun threw a kiss at him and smiled, “Thank you, Xiye, thank you for being such a gentleman.”

    Bai Xiye smiled bitterly. “Mo Mo, do you think I don’t want to stay? I’m just afraid of scaring you.”

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes in her heart. Then, if you had openly asked me to be your girlfriend, I would have promised.

    She feels that she was now Bai Xiye’s little lover and she couldn’t see the light.  

    But it doesn’t matter. As long as she has time to get along, she will have a chance to eliminate Bai Xiye’s evil thoughts.

    However, they have been together for seven or eight days. Nan Xun couldn’t see the source of Bai Xiye’s evil thoughts. He has good family conditions and a healthy growing environment. Now he was the winner of both love and career.

    Nan Xun has some doubts about whether she found the wrong person.

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    I was wrong about something bad happening in the last chapter, it seems like she went on a date with the ML and a third wheel was there. It seems like she knows about something’s weird, given that she had the second male lead tell her that no one was sitting next to her during the film when she was sleeping. I think the ML was only happy about that.

    What Nan Xun’s roommate did was wrong on multiple levels, tumbling in her bed with another man. I wouldn’t put it past ML to punish his sweetheart since she did kiss Bai Xiyi on the cheek and let him sit next to him after the climax of the film.

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