The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 44

Translated by Novice Translations

Applause, Someone Behind Her

    After seeing Bai Xiye off, Nan Xun who was all sweaty went to prepare a hot bath.

    She reached for the zipper on her back. It took her a long time to reach it and she pulled it down smoothly.  

    Suddenly, Nan Xun’s back was stiff.

    She felt that there was someone behind her who was looking at her. She turned around abruptly but there was no one there.

    It seemed that there was a gap in the floor-to-ceiling windows and the wind came in from the crevice, bringing in a coolness which made the elegant and light curtains to stir.

    Nan Xun hurriedly closed the windows and then continued to take off her skirt.

    Halfway through, she felt that she was being stared at by something more obvious.

    Nan Xun turned around and looked for a long time. Once she determined there was nothing, she felt slightly relieved.

    She seemed to be a little nervous recently.

    Nan Xun quickly took off her dress and then sprinted at a high speed and charged into the bathroom.

    “Hehe.” A low-pitched laughter sounded, but in a blink of an eye it disappeared into the wind.  

    Although she lived in an empty villa, one of Bai Xiye’s property, he also expressed his intention of supporting her euphemistically. Nan Xun was an independent woman, she insisted on going to the bar to do her own business.

    On this day, the bar business was a bit deserted. When she went to sing in the evening, there were only a few scattered people.

    Nan Xun sat down on the stage and quietly sang a soothing love song <<Chasing>> into the microphone.

    It was as if the soft whispering in a singing voice that was sad beyond words, recounted their unsuccessful love, after the song, the people applauded.

    The bar where Nan Xun sings at is a quiet bar. The environment is very good. Most people come here to relax, drink a glass of wine and listen to the soothing love song. A day’s fatigue can be eliminated.

    Nan Xun glanced over at the several guests in the bar and smiled and saw that they enjoyed themselves very much.

    Everything was normal, but she didn’t know why she had a strange feeling.

    Suddenly there was a cool breeze on her ear, which made Nan Xun shudder.

    Where was the wind coming from in this enclosed bar?

    Nan Xun’s hand that held the microphone couldn’t help but grip it more. She wondered if she was ill recently. She always loves to hear and fantasize things.

    Nan Xun sat alone on the stage, feeling the cold air surrounding her, leaving her nowhere to escape.

    She tried to put aside the abnormal thing and sang the second song <<Secret Love>> into the microphone.

    She sang a song that was very provocative, it was about an unfortunate love that she didn’t asked for and the pain that couldn’t be bear.

    Because there were not many people, when she sang the second song the applause was sparse.

    But here, Nan Xun suddenly gripped the microphone in her hand.

    She heard a person’s applause that had came from behind her, clearly for a moment.

    Nan Xun turned her head a little and glanced behind her.

    ……no one.

    Nan Xun suddenly felt a chill from her foot which drenched her heart cold.

    No one, where did the applause come from?

    She didn’t hear wrong, someone really applauded behind her.

    At this time, Nan Xun finally faced the speculation in her heart.

    She thought her conjecture was a little funny, but she couldn’t laugh at all at this time.

    Nan Xun poked the villain in her heart and sneered at little eight. “Little eight, do you know that I want to kill you, so you hid and don’t speak? I thought this was a small and fresh world, but I didn’t expect it to be such a heavy world. It’s better that this is my fantasy. Listen, otherwise…haha, if I find the chance, I will crack your head.”

    She didn’t know when she provoked this kind of thing.  

    She thought to herself that she had done nothing wrong, and Bai Mo had done nothing wrong, and even if this world was haunted, she shouldn’t have been approached.

    Nan Xun was overwhelmed by the speculation from her heart. Even in the last world, when she witnessed the Demon King eating people, she didn’t panic much.

    Because the unknown is often the most terrible.

    After she sang two songs, Nan Xun hurriedly got off the stage.

    She wanted to leave here immediately.

    At this moment, a couple left, and Nan Xun breathe a sigh of relief. She didn’t dare to look at other people’s faces. She said hello to her old acquaintance the bartender and left behind the couple closely.

    Soon, Nan Xun returned to the crowd, it was a busy city here.  

    Listening to the bustling cries and dazzling neon lights, Nan Xun’s tense heart relaxed a little.

    Nan Xun came to the bus stop she took daily and there was a crowd of people. Because the bar was located in the business center and wasn’t far away, this was downtown, so the number of people getting on wasn’t small and there was more than ten.  

    However, at the next moment, Nan Xun suddenly thought of something and panicked.

    She had just moved into Bai Xiye’s villa, it wasn’t in a remote location, but it definitely wasn’t flourishing. So, she had to take another bus after getting off this one.

    Nan Xun wanted to give Bai Xiye a call and ask the boss to pick her up. It’s said that ghosts are afraid of the wicked. Bai Xiye’s evil thoughts were at 100, so ghosts should definitely be afraid of him.  

    However, Nan Xun made several phone calls and none of them were answered.

    At this time, the bus had reached the destination and Nan Xun had to get off.

    Several people who just got off the bus quickly left one by one until she was the only one waiting for the last bus at the station.

    The summer wind was a bit cool and Nan Xun couldn’t help but shrink her body and pinch the phone in her hand.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but make another call. The line was busy all the time and she didn’t know what was going on.

    Fortunately, Nan Xun didn’t wait too long for the bus to arrive and she got on the bus in a hurry.  

    The uncle driver looked at her and said with a smile, Little girl, don’t be out so late in the future.”

    Nan Xun grinned, “Thank you, uncle. I’ll pay attention later.”

    Nan Xun glanced in the bus and saw that in the last row, sat a man in a white shirt.

    At this time, Nan Xun especially wanted to talk to someone, so she went to the man and sat down and greeted him.

    The man next to her looked out the window and couldn’t help but turn his head towards her after hearing her voice.

    This man was very handsome with deep eyes, he wore a white shirt and western-styled trouser and leather shoes. He was dressed as an elite of the upper class.  

    Nan Xun thought he felt familiar but couldn’t remember where she has seen him.

    Nan Xun smiled at him and asked, “I’m going to the front styled villa town. I don’t know where you’re headed?”

    The man looked at her and replied, “Me too.”

    His voice was very pleasant, clear and cool, and the speed was slow and steady.

    There was someone to accompany her in conversation and Nan Xun’s previous panic diminished.

    The man was not talkative, but it was very comfortable to chat with him. No matter what she said, he would follow-up and throw out a new topic.

    After arriving at the station, the two got off the bus together, and Nan Xun, whose mood was now normal, was happy to say goodbye to the uncle driver.

    The uncle driver’s lips twitched slightly, and he smiled a bit ugly.

    When Nan Xun was far away, the driver quickly looked back in the bus. It’s clear there was no one else in the bus. He didn’t know who the little girl was talking to just now…

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