The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 46

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Hypnosis, The Person in the Dream

    Dr. Li said, “Let’s try again. This time you must cooperate well.”

    Nan Xun quickly agreed.

    This time, Dr. Li didn’t let her close her eyes directly. He took out a pocket watch from his pocket and hung it over her head and gently swayed it.  

    Nan Xun’s eyes stared at the pocket watch that kept constantly swinging, her eyelids became heavier and heavier until she slowly closed them.

    She was surrounded by a vast expanse of white, until the distant sky came instantly, the fog around her gradually dispersed and she slowly saw the surrounding scene.

    She was standing on a street surrounded by a stream of vehicles, waiting for the green light to cross the pedestrian crossing.

    She looked across the street and saw a man.

    The man wore white shirt and black trousers, as if he had just come out of the company.

    Tall, straight, handsome, can be seen at a glance within the crowd.

    Nan Xun thought it was strange that she could see his face clearly, but she couldn’t remember what his face looked like.

    The man stood on the side of the street with no expression and looked cold. Suddenly he looked at her, and the pair of bottomless eyes went straight to her, and his face suddenly changed. There was a trace of hidden happiness within his eyes.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but look at her left and right side, but there was no one besides her.

    He was watching… her.

    Suddenly, the man ran towards her, his eyes seemed to have nothing else besides what he saw, completely forgetting about everything.

    Then, Nan Xun heard the sharp, harsh brakes, followed by a violent crash.

    The man fell to the ground and was covered in blood.

    Nan Xun looked at the man who was hit by the car and suddenly felt it was hard to breathe and was out of breath.

    The man was lying in the pool of blood and his mouth squirmed twice, seemingly calling, “Bai Mo…”

    Nan Xun suddenly woke up, sat up and gasped heavily.

    She looked around for a week and saw Dr. Li, who was frowning.

    “Miss Bai, what did you saw just now?”

    Nan Xun described the dream from now and Dr. Li’s brow wrinkled more tightly.

    “Miss Bai, your situation is more serious than I thought. If you’re not playing me, I think you may have some mental problems.”

    Nan Xun: …

    She felt that the other party was euphemistically saying that she was crazy.

    She was so angry that some people said she was crazy.

    Dr. Li returned his pocket watch, drew two lines on the medical record and then prescribed several medications for Nan Xun.

    “Miss Bai, if you don’t get better after taking these drugs, I suggest you–” he paused and reached for his glasses on the bridge of his nose. “You can go to the psychiatry department to have a look. Please don’t be angry, I just give my advice objectively. You can have your own thoughts.”

    With that, he looked at the wall clock habitually.

    But at this point, his vision suddenly seemed fixated.

    Nan Xun called out twice, “Dr. Li? Dr. Li?”

    She felt that something was wrong and hurriedly looked into the man’s eyes, only to find that his eyes became dimmed, as if when he looked at the wall clock, he had been hypnotized.

    Not long after, he suddenly widened his eyes in horror, his mouth and nose were bleeding, and his whole body began to twitch which seemed like epilepsy.

    Nan Xun was frightened and quickly rushed out to shout.

Rescue was sent to Dr. Li. Nan Xun didn’t know what happened to him, but later heard that he seemed to be a little deranged and was temporarily sent to the neurology department for treatment.

    Since then, Bai Xiye and Nan Xun didn’t mention seeing a psychiatrist.

    Nan Xun was more and more sure that she was entangled with something dirty. But since the big boss was Bai Xiye whose evil value was 100, Nan Xun’s courage was bigger. They say that ghosts were afraid of the wicked. Bai Xiye’s evil thoughts were worth 100. As long as she was with him, that thing wouldn’t be able to harm her.

    At first, their nerves were tense. Later, Nan Xun said that she didn’t seem to hear any strange sounds recently and Bai Xiye was relieved.

    These days, Nan Xun’s affairs were not good. So, Bai Xiye will stay with her for a while. However, he was careful with Nan Xun and never asked to stay.

    But this time, it was heavily raining outside.

    “Mo Mo, it’s raining outside. Look, can I rest here today?” Bai Xiye asked.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but laugh. “This is your villa. You can rest if you want, but you can only stay in the bedroom on the first floor.”

    Bai Xiye answered happily.

    After dinner, Nan Xun put away the dishes and chopsticks, then they sat on the sofa together to watch a movie.

    While watching, Bai Xiye suddenly held Nan Xun’s face and lowered his head to kiss her.

    Nan Xun was startled, reached out her hand and blocked his face. She said with a smile, “Xiye, aren’t we progressing too fast?”

    Bai Xiye was really a gentleman. As soon as she refused, he gave up and looked disappointed.

    Nan Xun was astonished and was at a loss. How proper was he? Is this really the villainous boss with evil thoughts of 100?  

    “Mo Mo, do you really like me?” Bai Xiye asked suddenly.

    Nan Xun hesitated and quickly replied: “I like, ah, look at you, you’re handsome and rich and so good to me. Where can I find such a good boyfriend, ah, if it isn’t you?”

    When Bai Xiye heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Mo Mo, you’re so straightforward, but I like this about you. You know, when we met for the first time and that pickpocket stole your things that day, you threw your high-heeled shoes off your feet and ran after them, I thought such a woman was rare, especially free and easy going.”

    Nan Xun’s mouth twitched and, in her heart, said, “It’s nothing. You haven’t seen me rolled up my sleeves and made a stand, then that would have been really handsome.”

    It was late and Nan Xun yawned and was about to go upstairs to go to sleep.

    Bai Xiye looked at her for a long time and was tempted to make a move.

    He couldn’t help but grab Nan Xun’s arm and stole a kiss from her face when she got up to leave.

    Nan Xun quickly patted at his paws. “Don’t make trouble, it’s already late.”

    Bai Xiye loosened his hand.

    Nan Xun slept all night without a dream until dawn. She stretched, pulled open the curtain from the French window, and looked at the golden sunshine pouring onto the ground, shining her body warm.

    Nan Xun went downstairs and found that Bai Xiye had already left. She went to the kitchen to heat a glass of milk and fry an egg.

    Just after breakfast, Nan Xun received a text message from Bai Xiye, saying that she needs to go to a western restaurant to wait for him.  

    In order to maintain the best impression of herself at all times, Nan Xun deliberately changed into her favorite white dress.

    Before she reached her destination, Nan Xun saw Bai Xiye across the street, holding a bunch of red roses in his hand and waving them towards her with a smile.

    But in the next second, he widened his eyes in horror, and the whole man flew forward uncontrollably and landed in the middle of the road.

    Just then, a large truck drove over.

TL Note: Happy with comments. Anyways that’s really sad, for this world the ML evil value is at 100 because he died before he converses with the MC after many years of separation. He basically died because she was the only thing he saw and was thinking about before running into that car. His evil value is due to his regrets of dying before being with the MC.

Guys, she lives in this guy VILLA FOR FREE and she says a kiss was “going too fast” and I feel like they been dating for a month already.

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    Omg…….laughing……..he died so awfully and sadly it’s all because he stole a kisss…………..

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