The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 47

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What? I Have Seen the Big Boss

    When Bai Xiye tried to get up to jump to the other side, he found that his body was grabbed by something and was unable to move.  

    The next moment, the violent crash sounded, and there was a scream of horror all around, followed by a variety of noises.

    It happened so fast, Nan Xun was stunned to the spot and didn’t had a reaction due to the shock. Her gaping eyes only saw the pool of blood and his scattered limbs.

    Nan Xun’s body shook all over.

    Then she bent over and vomited.

    How could this be? Bai Xiye was the big boss with an evil value worth 100. How could he die? How can he…

    “Fuck! How can I see such a bloody scene as soon as I wake up!” Suddenly, there was a familiar voice that sounded in her head.

    Nan Xun was stunned at first, then cried with joy. “Little eight, you finally woken up, oh…I miss you, little eight, you don’t know what happened to me during this time, I was really scared…fortunately this older sister isn’t an ordinary girl, I would have been frightened to death several times…”

    The void beast directly said, “Weren’t you okay while I was away? How come when I wake up, you became so stupid?”

    Nan Xun: …

    “Let’s get out of here first.” The void beast said.

    Nan Xun foolishly oh, then her expression quickly changed to cry, “Why do you say that when Bai Xiye, Bai Xiye died? Last night, I was lucky to be by myself and persuaded him and I didn’t die.”

    Although, in the short period of time the two got along, Bai Xiye was really good to her. All of this happened so suddenly. She never thought that Bai Xiye would die. Wasn’t he the villain boss with evil thoughts worth 100?  

    The void beast comforted her with a sentence, “Life and death are all part of life, it’s useless to be sad.”

    Nan Xun calmed down for a while and suddenly said, “Little eight, I always feel that when your here, I’m not afraid of anything.”

    The void beast proudly snorted, “No, even if you have an accident, laozi will take you away with the void, so don’t be afraid, let’s boldly face the big boss. You have this grandfather, wait a minute, I’ll calculate the progress.”

    Nan Xun was trying to tell it that the villain boss may have been killed by the ghost, but before Nan Xun could speak, she hears little eight suddenly shout.

    “Nan Xun! What were you doing? I remember when I brought you here, the target’s blackening value was only 50. How can it be 100 now? And his evil value is at 100, you didn’t even wipe a point! What were you doing for so many days?”

    Nan Xun asked stupidly, “Wasn’t the big boss Bai Xiye, little eight?”

    The void beast replied, “It wasn’t him.”

    “Who is it then?” Nan Xun quickly asked.

    The void beast was silent for a while, and faltered, “Since you haven’t found out, forget it. Soon, you will know.”

    Nan Xun: …

    One person and one beast have a chat. Nan Xun just witnessed with her own eyes a living man crushed by a truck. She was a little frightened, panicked and disgusted. But now these emotions have gradually subsided, but she still didn’t dare to look back.

    After receiving the report, the traffic police rushed to the scene and surrounded it.

    Nan Xun walked numbly on the road, remembering what little eight had just told her.  

    “Little eight, did I really provoke something that I shouldn’t?”

    For a moment, the void beast was silent.

    “Did Bai Xiye die because of it?” The void beast paused and then sounded an en.

    Nan Xun suddenly became angry. If there was anything, he should have directly come to her. Why should he hurt innocent people!  

    What’s the matter with ghosts? Can they kill people indiscriminately?  

    Nan Xun’s anger was followed by a deep sense of guilt and remorse.

    She thought that Bai Xiye was the big boss that she had been waiting for, so she let him get close to her and happily accepted his help.

    If she knew that this would have happened earlier, she would have never touched this person…

    “Little eight, do you think the dead will meet another void beast like me and get a chance to live again?” Nan Xun looked at the crowd all around her and suddenly her mood fell.

    The void beast: “…maybe.”

    Nan Xun’s indifferent gaze became softer, whispering: “…that’s good.”

    The void beast comforted her, “You can’t control their life and death. Even if it’s not you, they would have died in other ways. Believe me, everyone’s life and death in every world is doomed. We can only intervene but not destroy the established balance.”

    Nan Xun lowered her voice and no longer spoke.

    With little eight on her side, Nan Xun soon changed back to the heartless Nan Xun that little eight was familiar with.

    She couldn’t live in the villa, Nan Xun packed her things and went back to the bar to live.

    But this wasn’t a long-term solution. Nan Xun began to search for rental information on the internet.

    After searching for a long time, it was either too expensive or too far away.

    Nan Xun yawned and laid down on the sofa in the private room.

    “Little eight, you see, you found such a fuck up body for me, Dr. Li who was a psychiatrist that I met, and the rest, Zhao Qilin and Bai Xiye are all dead and one was especially killed by a car. Have you ever seen someone flung out in front of a car to get hit?”

    “Well, what do you want to say?”

    “If I got close to the big villain boss whose evil value is worth 100, I’ll get killed before I could reform him. Although I would like to bring this thing to justice and obtain justice for the dead, I am a very self-aware person. If I can’t do it, I have to flee. We have wasted so much time in this world now. We can’t waste any more time. Why not…go straight to the next world?” Nan Xun looked serious.

    The void beast paused and said, “You really think a lot, really. You did a good job in the last world. Later, it was an accident that the evil value of the Demon King rebounded from 1 to 100, so I’m optimistic about you in this world~”

    Nan Xun, whom high hopes were inexplicably placed on: …

    “But now I haven’t even met the big villain boss. There’s no way to eliminate the evil thoughts.”

    The void beast replied, “You have already met.”

    Nan Xun’s face was muddled. “When, how could I not remember?”

    The void beast coughed, “Think about it again, the face beauty value is relatively high. After all, this grandfather is a face freak. The big boss you are looking for is a handsome guy with long legs.”  

    Nan Xun really couldn’t remember. She sung in the bar every day. She meets many handsome men, but she doesn’t remember any of them.

    “Wait! Little eight, how do you know that I’ve met him? Didn’t you just wake up before?”

    The void beast chuckled and laughed. “I will wake up from time to time. I just saw it during one of those times. I wanted to remind you, but I saw you talking and went back to sleep.”

    Nan Xun: …

    She still couldn’t remember who it was. There were many people who happily talk to her.

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