The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 48

Translated by Novice Translations

So Dirty, It’s Not Booty Call

    Nan Xun thought that she was already unlucky enough, but the next day she couldn’t be even more unlucky.

    She didn’t know where the bar owner heard the rumors, saying that she was a bearer of ill luck and the people around her resigned directly.

    The last two recent car accidents, the deceased died strangely. They were suddenly thrown forward by some strange force, and they landed in the middle of the road and watched themselves get smashed by the vehicle.

    The probability of a car accident was not high, but if two people who had died contacted the same person, that person would be criticized.

    “Little eight, do I look like a disaster star?” Nan Xun asked.

    The void beast authentically replied, “Oh no, you’re my lucky star, my merits depends on you.”

    In one day, there was no place to live, no place to work, and no shadow of the villain boss. Nan Xun thought this was really a fucking world.

    Nan Xun flipped through some of the most reliable rental information she recorded yesterday and got the cheapest one.

    After receiving the call, the landlord enthusiastically recommended her a house which had two bedrooms and one hall, and quickly sent two photos.

    Nan Xun was surprised after seeing it.

    The room looked very good and well decorated. All the landlord’s furniture was inside and wasn’t moved out. There was even an expensive piano as well. Why was such a good place so cheap?  

    The landlord hesitated to explain a few words, frankly because of personal reasons, he wanted to rent it out quickly.

    Nan Xun now has little eight, and was not afraid of any danger, so she left the bar and went to the new house directly with her suitcase.

    The house was as good as the landlord said and was fully furnished.

    But soon, Nan Xun found something wrong.

    Her rental was located in an entire building and she seemed to be the only resident.

    Even if it was in an old district, the other homes shouldn’t be empty, isn’t this too wasteful?  

    Nan Xun asked little eight if it knew the reason.

    Little eight directly answered, “If you’re afraid, you can find another companion to live with?”

    Nan Xun replied, “I’m not afraid, I’m comfortable with living alone, I can do as I wish unrestrained.”

    Little eight thought and unexpectedly agreed with her, “I think living alone is also very good.”

    Nan Xun: “No, I suddenly feel that living alone is very lonely. I’d better find someone to share the rent and even share some money with me.”

    Little eight: …

    What a capricious woman.

    Nan Xun immediately advertised the shared housing information on the internet, because the bedrooms in the house were locked, and she also indicated that there were no gender limitations on the ad.

    Nan Xun thought it would take several days for news, but she didn’t expect to get a phone call that night.

    The phone number that called her was vaguely familiar, but Nan Xun couldn’t remember from where.

    “Hello, hi, is this Miss Bai? I saw the shared housing information that you posted online. Would you consider renting short-term?”

    It was a man’s voice which was low. He didn’t speak quickly or slowly. It gave people the impression that he was a gentleman.

    Nan Xun hurriedly replied that she didn’t mind. He could move in at any time. The rent could be paid on a monthly or daily basis.

    Because the house rented by Nan Xun was located in the corner of the community, it wasn’t easy to find. Nan Xun said warmly to the other party that if he couldn’t find his way to the community, he should call her, and she would pick up.

    The void beast suddenly said, “Have you forgotten that you are a woman? How about being more reserved?”

    Nan Xun rolled her beautiful eyes, “Little eight, I didn’t ask you. Your mind is really too dirty. I’m not asking for a booty call. If I don’t have a better attitude, who would like to rent with me?”

    At nine o’clock sharp, Nan Xun received a call and hurriedly went out to meet her new roommate.

    She looked around and finally found a man at the back entrance of the community.

    The man was standing straight under a big tree, half of his face was shaded by the tree’s shadow, while the other half was shrouded by the pale-yellow street lamplight, white and transparent.

    “Are you Miss Bai Mo?” The man suddenly asked, his voice was a little lower than on the phone, but it gave a very refreshing feeling.

    When Nan Xun heard this sentence, she felt that something was strange, but her brain seemed to be stuck by something and she couldn’t remember.

    As the man talked, he took a step forward and came out of the shadow.

    It’s a very handsome man.

    He kept short fresh hair, the front of his hair was combed up, revealing a full forehead and a pair of dark eyes. His eyes were very deep as if you couldn’t see the bottom at a glance. His nose was high, his thin lips were slightly pursed, and his face was expressionless.

    Nan Xun felt that he was familiar but couldn’t remember at that moment.

    As for Nan Xun, this person, her memory has always been bad, or she was a bit heartless and didn’t bother to remember.

    Nan Xun couldn’t think of it anymore and unexpectedly was very enthusiastic about chatting with others. “…Although the house is a little bit out of the way, it’s better to have a quiet environment. I’ll take care of the cleanliness of the home. Don’t worry about it. Just don’t give me a pile of stinky socks and stinky underwear.”

    The man besides her listened quietly. When he heard this, he suddenly let out a low sound, like laughter. But when Nan Xun looked at him, his face was expressionless.

    She found out from the beginning of the chat, that this person seemed to never smile. Nan Xun thought that he might have face paralysis and was unable to laugh, but when he looked at Nan Xun, there was always a smile in his eyes, which made people easily feel good about him.

    The eyes were very deep. Staring at them for a long time, there seemed to be a faint red from the white. It’s not blood-red, but it looked like a drop of blood that was faint and faded.

    His hair was black, like the color of the night.

    The lips were thin, and the color was light and fleshy.

    Against his white complexion compared to ordinary people, she felt that he was more like a person that came out of an ink painting.

    Very beautiful, it’s a beautiful man.

    However, the longer she looked, the more familiar Nan Xun felt. She must have seen this man somewhere.

    When the other party saw her staring at himself, he asked what she was looking at.

    Nan Xun replied with a smile, “I think you look good.”

    The man looked at her, the smile in his eyes was more apparent

    “By the way, my name is Bai Mo. What’s your name? What should I call you in the future?”

    The man paused and replied, “My name is Fu Mo.”

    Nan Xun accidentally quickly said, “Do you want to pay the landlord directly, Fu? I had a high school classmate whose surname is Fu.” She said with some regret, “But he died last month.”

    When Fu Mo heard this, he didn’t touch on the subject much and just faintly replied, “You are sad.”

    Nan Xun sighed: “The uncle and aunt are certainly very sad. The white-haired people can’t bear to send the black-haired people first.”

    “And you?” The man besides her suddenly asked.

    Nan Xun was stunned and truthfully replied, “I just think it’s a pity that he was so young and outstanding. To be honest, I can’t remember him at all, or I’ve never seen what he looked like.”

    “Oh, yeah…” Fu Mo looked at her and there was a dark light that flashed through his deep dark eyes.

TL Note: Wahahahaha I am refueled. Found another comment on NU for this series while taking a break. Readers should thank draw2much for leaving the review and hence causing another extra chapter. When I’m bored I like to read reviews left on the series I’m working on, find it interesting what readers think about the novel.

The one thing I do find weird though is right when I post a new series on NU, right away someone 1 stars it after minutes of it showing up? Like is there some users on NU that just goes and click new series and just 1 star it? I only notice because once it’s up I’ll go check out the page and fix it for whatever I missed.

P.S. I’m doing a teaser on Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again (GL) and may do random releases of it when I don’t want to work on any of my ongoing projects. So this story reminds me of this The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love (BL) which has the same setting where the author transmigrated into a novel where it abuses the protag.

I’ll have the first chapter release tomorrow, was going to have it ready tonight until I saw one of my devoted reader’s review!

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