The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 5

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I Don’t Listen, I Don’t Listen

“How are you, cousin?” Qin Yuexuan’s voice came from a distance.

    Nan Xun held the long-eared rabbit in her arms and said: “Cousin, I am clean.”

    With this, Qin Yuexuan appeared in front of Nan Xun instantly. He stared at the woman in front of him, she didn’t know what he saw, but he suddenly turned around.

    “Cousin, I’m going to make a fire. Your dress is wet, you have to dry it.” After that, he walked away.

    Nan Xun looked down at herself. She had just washed her hair. Now her long black hair was pulled over her right shoulder. It poured down from her right shoulder like a black waterfall, the tip of her hair dropping water on the side of her waist, which soaked her clothes and vaguely showed the skin around her waist.

    No wonder Qin Yuexuan was scared to look.

    Nan Xun quickly moved the long-eared rabbit from her arms down and blocked the skin around her waist.

    So, the long-eared rabbit’s red pupils were aligned to the spot, and the curve of the waist was fully visible.

    The animal pupils have no superfluous emotions, but it was deep. It was falling into a tempting place, looking at it as if it’s not beautiful, but…a good meal.

    If Nan Xun saw the long-eared rabbit’s eyes now, she would be frightened and throw the rabbit far away and run.  

    Sadly, Nan Xun did not see nor did the void beast within the bracelet told her.

    Qin Yuexuan lit a fire and excitedly talked to the woman opposite of him about the next arrangement.

    Nan Xun listened quietly, and from time to time is happy to see the long-eared rabbit’s hair within her arms. She thought Qin Yuexuan is probably love drunk from Xuan, otherwise he would not reveal such a taste of shyness. Although, she felt that Qin Yuexuan is an old driver.1Internet slang for experience, it can be used in any context. So, in this case, Nan Xun feels that he is experienced in love but is acting shy.

    When the other party finished, Nan Xun looked at him and suddenly said, “Cousin…let’s go back.”

    Qin Yuexuan handsome face suddenly froze, “Cousin, what did you say?”

    Nan Xun replied, “Cousin, I’m sorry, I cheated you. I don’t like you. I’m just too scared, so I had cousin help me to escape marriage.”

    “Cousin, stop talking! I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to hear it!”

    Nan Xun’s heart said: Big brother, you can’t help but listen. If we really go on, I’ll be swallowed up when the demon king finds out, then you’ll be sucked dry to a corpse, it’s really for your own good.

    So, Nan Xun ignored him and continued: “Cousin, if I really leave like this, I will leave the Zuili family because I am ashamed and my father’s position as the head of the family may not be stable. Anyway, I am not concerned, it’s life, I’m alive, it’s a good deal if I can sacrifice myself if we can obtain peaceful coexistence between people and demons.”

Nan Xun, herself felt moved by her magnificent words.

    Qin Yuexuan’s face changed, and lost control and shouted angrily: “Cousin, you are confused! No way! Do you know what kind of bloodthirsty monster, the King of Demon is? If you go, you must go or not!”

    When he said this, the long-eared rabbit nested in Nan Xun’s arms raised its eyes to him, and its pair of blood-red and thick pupils emitted an extremely angry air.

    Nan Xun showed a slight smile, with a sad look, as beautiful as a white lotus, “So what, if this is what everyone wants, I will do what they want, hoping that my sacrifice can really be exchange for this short-term peace they seek.”

    “No, I won’t allow you to be in danger! Cousin, you know my heart clearly, but why… Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

    Qin Yuexuan muttered, trembling twice and looking as if he had been hit hard.

    Nan Xun apologized again. “Tomorrow at dawn, let’s go back. I’m sorry.”

    “Zuili Xuan!” Qin Yuexuan called her name angrily.

    The man’s peach blossom eyes were glazed blood-red, and he sneered. “I’m so heartfelt towards you, and you’re so grateful to me? Use me when you need me, then leave me when you don’t need me?”

    Nan Xun was frightened by his ferocious expression.

    Shit, she guessed that Qin Yuexuan would get hairy, but did not expect him to be angry like this.

    Qin Yuexuan approached her step by step, and his face became more and more cloudy.

  1. Internet slang for experience, it can be used in any context. So, in this case, Nan Xun feels that he is experienced in love but is acting shy.

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    Well I guess this seals his fate…

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