The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 50

Translated by Novice Translations

Like, Virtuous Man

    Recently, there has been a very popular palace drama on TV. Nan Xun was nestled in the sofa, holding a bear pillow in her hand, listening to the sound of cooking from the kitchen. There was a smile of enjoyment on her lips.

    “Little eight, do you know? I always think that man wasn’t reliable. The mother followed that man to show conjugal love by pledging undying love, the result…”

    “Oh, the man is scum. Do you know that he already has a wife and children? The mother was still foolishly kept in the dark. Later, she cried herself blind that she broke up with him decisively. I expected that that would have happened. So, I think I don’t want to love in the future. If I were to get married, my significant other would be in the house and kitchen, I can go out to earn money to support my family.”

    Nan Xun hooked her lips, but her dark eyes were indifferent.

    The void beast: “…Did you get the role wrong? It’s men who makes money and you who cooks.”

    Nan Xun whispered, “I can cook, but the man is responsible for washing dishes. It’s also half the chores for one person.”

    The void beast coughed a little, “…well, fuck there’s one thing I don’t know?”

    “Short oil, little eight you’re one of my people and still swear.”

    The void beast replied, “The man who is now cooking in your kitchen, cough, is your…strategic goal, and more good news to tell you is that after getting along with him last night, his evil value dropped to 90.”

    “What? Fu Mo was the villain boss with evil intentions worth 100!” Nan Xun thought it was unbelievable, “But I don’t think he’s a person with evil intentions worth 100. Is his heart black?”

    The void beast replied, “The blackening value has changed to 100. How wouldn’t it be black? As for why the evil thoughts are so high…hey, you’ll find out later.”

    “Little eight, can you not laugh like this? I’m scared.” Nan Xun was sure that little eight knew something but didn’t say.

    “But I still want to thank you little eight, for finding me a very appetizing person this time.”

    The void beast sighed, “You’re welcome. You don’t need to thank me. If you really want to thank me, I’ll thank you when you’ve eliminated the evil thoughts.”

    “Little eight, does Fu Mo like me?” Nan Xun asked shyly and covered her face. Fu Mo, a good man at home was really her kind of dish.

    The void beast quickly replied: “Like, like a lot. In the future, you will deeply understand how much he likes you.”

    The smell of food was coming from the kitchen. Nan Xun wasn’t hungry at first, but she felt hungry when she smelled it.

    “Fu Mo, it’s so fragrant. Is it really ready so soon?” Nan Xun goes to the kitchen door, stick her small head in and asked the man who was cooking with a smile.

    Fu Mo looked back at her with a gentle smile in his eyes. “It will be ready soon. Did you wait too long?”

    Nan Xun quickly shook her head and said, “It’s just because the dish you cooked is so fragrant that I had to find an excuse to come and smell it.” Then she sniffed, “It’s so sweet.”

    The smile in Fu Mo’s eyes were deep. “You can tidy up the table in the living room first. We can have the meal soon.”

    Nan Xun saluted him and said with a smile. “Yes, Mr. Fu Mo the virtuous man.”

    Fu Mo shook his head, his eyes were full of laughter with a strong feeling of indulgence and pampering.

    Nan Xun put away all the sundries from the table, wiped the table with a rag again and placed the chairs upright.

    Nan Xun sat on the chair and waited to eat.

    “Little eight, I’m so happy. Fu Mo is really good. Later I’ll take advantage of such a big virtuous boss. I love you to death!”

    The void beast’s voice raised by one degree. “Are you sure? “

    Nan Xun heard something was wrong but quickly changed her mind. “Let’s talk about it later, then you will say later.”

    But Nan Xun couldn’t understand. How can a good man like Fu Mo be a boss with bad intentions worth 100? Little eight’s reaction was also very bad. Was there an unknown side to Fu Mo?

    Nan Xun didn’t think about it anymore because the food Fu Mo prepared was already ready.

    Nan Xun helped to serve the dishes.

    She looked at the three dishes and one soup on the table, Nan Xun thought to herself happily, the big villain boss not only likes her, but also had such good craftsmanship. Little eight was really too good to her.

    Nan Xun politely took the rice bowl that Fu Mo handed her, picked up her chopsticks and grabbed a big chunk.

    Nan Xun, who had a big appetite, ate two bowls of rice in one breath, and the three dishes were also swept up by her, her appetite didn’t lose out to a man.

    As soon as Nan Xun looked up, she saw Fu Mo’s eyes smiling and couldn’t help but brazenly turn red.

    “This… in fact, I don’t usually eat so much. It’s really delicious what you cooked.” Nan Xun coughed softly and explained.

    Fu Mo’s eyes were slightly bent, and he looked like he was in a good mood. “You like it.”

    “Whoever is your future girlfriend will be very happy.” Nan Xun said casually. She thought later, this girlfriend would be herself, hehe.

    Fu Mo looked at her, his eyes burning. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

    Nan Xun gargled and almost sprayed liquid from her mouth.

    She didn’t expect the big boss to be so active and direct, which made her flattered.  

    However, although she and Bai Xiye’s relationship wasn’t clear at that time, outsiders knew that her boyfriend has just passed away, so if she agreed. Wouldn’t she be regarded as a slut?

    After such deliberation, Nan Xun’s eyes suddenly darkened. She lowered her head slightly and said with a bitter smile, “I’m sorry Fu Mo, I can’t like others now. My boyfriend just died.”

    “…you seem to like him very much? “

    Nan Xun shook her head, “I can’t say how much I like, after all, we haven’t been together for a long time, but he was really good, especially towards me. I’m afraid I can’t forget him in such a short time.”

    Fu Mo dropped his eyes slightly, “…oh, yeah?”

    They didn’t talk anymore, and the atmosphere was deadlocked for a while.

    Nan Xun’s mind suddenly sounded with little eight’s voice, “Why did you say that? Did you forget that he’s your goal?”

    Nan Xun immediately replied: “If I promised right away, won’t it appear that I’m not reserved?”

    The void beast answered, “I wish you good luck then~”

    Nan Xun didn’t quite understand the meaning of this sentence.

    After the meal, before Nan Xun could speak, Fu Mo went to wash the dishes.

    Nan Xun sat in the living room watching TV, eating the apple that Fu Mo had peeled for her on the coffee table, and felt more and more that Fu Mo was a wonderful man.  

    Fu Mo dried his hands and went back to the living room. He was still dressed in a white shirt, black trousers and leather shoes. There was no sweat on his white skin, which made Nan Xun feel very strange.

    The last time she saw him, he was the same. The snow-white shirt seemed to be spotless and not dirty.

    Moreover, since he moved in, he has been wearing that pair of shiny leather shoes, even in the house and didn’t take them off.  

TL Note: So guys, found out my favorite QT male yandere novel got picked up again. This novel was the first QT novel I ever read and fell in love with. Also the reason why I have an obsession with female protag x male yandere. I LOOOVE that novel, I read it a long time ago and bought the raws on Qidian for who knows how much. Now that it’s picked up again going to go re-read the English translations to enjoy the story once again. Also, one of my readers is the one that picked it up <3 So happy!~

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  1. Sakuya-hime

    Congrats on reaching chapter 50!!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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    Remember I mentioned leaving some of my favorite stories unfinished for a long time?

    Well, one of the most important ones was the manga of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro haha~

    I think it took me 1-2 years (maybe more) to read the last few chapters because 1-I didn’t want it to end, and 2-I was afraid I wouldn’t like the ending.

    I’m just like that haha~

    Thanks for the chapter~ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

    (Nan Xun you idiot, it’s better to be a living slut than a dead white lotus…)

    1. Novice TL Admin

      yes Yako, it’s okay for this series the author kept going on hiatus for health reason…they just restarted the manga AGAIN! LOL So it would never end at this rate but it’s so good.

      1. Sakuya-hime

        What? I thought it was already over! Σ( ⊙ o ⊙)︴

        1. Sakuya-hime

          I mean I do remember reading the ending and not being that satisfied with it. The one mangaka I remember being forever in hiatus because of sickness is the one from HunterxHunter.

          I couldn’t find anything new on Neuro but maybe I didn’t look very well.

          1. Novice TL Admin

            Thats a pseu ending, I heard that they are going to re continue where they left off. Go catch up on my other novels!!

          2. Sakuya-hime

            It would be good if it continues~

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          3. Novice TL Admin

            What is that one? the one with over 700 chapters? I think the last translated novel I read that was in the hundreds was god and devil world lol.

          4. Sakuya-hime

            It’s a yaoi called “The Legendary Master’s Wife”, it’s really good because it focus on the plot while also giving importance to the romance. I think it’s very well balanced.

  2. Gail

    I can’t wait sheesh super excited for the next chap

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    I had no idea about Rescuing the blackened male lead, that’s awesome. I’ve just been regularly checking in on the previous translator’s site, but nooothing~ ;q; Definitely one of my favorites too! I just mtl’ed it though, so I’m sure I missed out on lots u.u

    1. Novice TL Admin

      wahaha i know right! I read the raws but i didn’t read read it. I told the new TL if she ever drops it to let me know so I can pick it up. I’m so excited once she gets to my favorite arcs so I can read it. There’s so much variety in that novel. Think theres like 36+ worlds. A few of the worlds I don’t care about and thought it was weird but everything else I liked. Waiting for the high school antisocial boy x cat. or the stepbrother x stepsister which are both soon.

      1. Aki

        So reliable~! That’s a relief to hear, although I hope it won’t come to that of course. ;; I’m kinda curious, you said you bought the raw chapters right? H-how many..? There’s 2k+ chapters out there… *glances at your wallet*
        I agree, that’s the best part about QT stories in general, right? Although most novels won’t come close to that one. Maybe it’s just that the mc is too cute? And the way ml handles her… Oh man I loved it when she was a cat! She was so naive and he was acting on his… feelings for her, it really cracked me up. xD;; The stepsiblings arc, for some reason didn’t leave too much of an impression on me. I like the other sister/brother arc more hehehe.

        I know it’s the first one, but I still favor the zombie arc (I love post-apocalypse worlds;;). I just find it so endearing how he’s all protective and stalker and how there’s not much talking for the most part but he shows his care through actions. And MC is low-key terrified, not knowing what his deal is and knowing he kinda wants to chomp on her, for like 5 minutes; then she just eats her worries away. Such a good introduction to the novel. The NPC game arc is also very nicee.

        As for arcs I don’t like as much… God I was so disgusted with the insect aliens or whatever arc, I’ve never been so grossed out with a novel I love before. Lolol

        1. Novice TL Admin

          The entire series I bought. It may have cost $50 USD, I’m not entirely sure since it was so long ago.

          I don’t like the alien arc nor the vampire arc….

          NPC arc is very very nice; I would say the middle arc would be the killer slave x rich oujou-sama; then the later arc would be basically the ending when they have a HE.

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