The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 51

TL Note: Made a mistake previous chapter, instead of using the word “meal”, I used “dinner”. This should have been like around lunchtime from the last episode so it’s not nighttime.

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I’m Certain He’s Flirting with Me

    Nan Xun asked her doubts.

    Fu Mo’s eyes moved and didn’t answered but instead asked. “Do you mind?”

    Nan Xun said that she didn’t mind. Who didn’t have one or two quirks.

    Fu Mo smiled and didn’t speak.

    After dinner, Nan Xun continued to watch the palace drama on the sofa, and Fu Mo dragged himself to the ground then sat down.

    Nan Xun had an illusion. As soon as he came over, a small portion of air around her becomes fresh and comfortable without the dryness of summer.

    Nan Xun handed him the remote control and asked him to change it to his favorite channel.

    Fu Mo shook his head. “I don’t like watching TV very much. You can watch what you like, and I’ll watch with you.”

    Nan Xun continued to watch.

    Watching, Nan Xun suddenly feels sleepy.

    Fu Mo said with a smile, “Sleep on the sofa if you’re sleepy. I’ll wake you later.”

    Nan Xun’s lips curved, “Then you remember to wake me up later.”

    Fu Mo turns down the volume from the TV, looked down at the woman lying beside him and his cold eyes flashed with a hot madness.

    Then, his mouth hooked up a bit which contrasted against his eyes that had a trace of stubborn craziness and made him look treacherous.

    “Ah—” Nan Xun suddenly screamed and woke up from her dreams.

    Fu Mo still sat next to her and asked her with concern. “What’s wrong? Your face looks a bit ugly.”

    Nan Xun’s face was pale. She looked at Fu Mo, her face was crying, “I, I just had a nightmare! It was terrible!”

    Fu Mo said, “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a dream.”

    Nan Xun didn’t expect that she would have nightmares in the daytime, but after seeing Fu Mo nearby, the creepiness she felt in her dream eased a bit.

    “I dreamt about my ex-boyfriend, Bai Xiye. He asked me if he was handsome. Of course, he was handsome. Then, his face suddenly changed. It was his appearance from when he died. He was hit by a truck and his flesh and blood were all blurred. The most terrible thing was that he would keep asking me whether his face was handsome or not. I was so scared by him that I woke up!”

    Fu Mo patted her back and comforted: “Don’t be afraid, you were just thinking about that day and dreamt it. If you don’t think about him, you’ll be okay.”

    Nan Xun couldn’t say clearly. Even if she occasionally thought of Bai Xiye, she felt guilty that she had implicated him, but it wasn’t the same kind of feelings that Fu Mo thought.  

    But now, she didn’t dare to think about Bai Xiye again. No matter what she felt about him, she doesn’t dare think about him anymore.

    “Go back to sleep. I’ll be by your side.” Fu Mo said.

    Nan Xun shook her head. She just had a nightmare and didn’t dare to sleep again.

    But Fu Mo insisted, “Believe me, you won’t have any more nightmares.”

    She didn’t know if the other party’s sentence had a hypnotic effect. After listening to him, she felt sleepy again after hearing it.

    “Then I’ll sleep for a while. You remember to wake me.” Nan Xun mumbled, then laid on the sofa to sleep.

    This time she slept soundly.

    Nan Xun swore to the sky that she really only wanted to sleep for half an hour. As a result, when she slept, she slept like a pig. By the time she woke up, it was evening.

    As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Fu Mo’s enlarged face, which was white, smooth, delicate and handsome.

    “You slept so well that your saliva flowed onto my lap.” Fu Mo said.

    The smile in his eyes seemed to be magical, it made people easily sink into it.

    Nan Xun listened to this, got up quickly and hurriedly wiped her mouth, but found nothing.

    What the fuck, this person was actually joking!

    “Did I sleep for a long time? Why didn’t you wake me?” Nan Xun lightly changed the topic.

    Fu Mo’s soft eyes fell on her ruddy face and said, “I can’t bear to wake you up because you slept well.”

    He slightly paused then added, “You looked so cute while you’re asleep.”

    Nan Xun’s face turned completely red because of him. For the first time, she heard people praise her for being cute and felt embarrassed.

    Fuck, was the big boss flirting with her?

    But how can he tease her so seriously? If his expression was a little bit indecent, she would have definitely slap him across the face, but now Fu Mo’s expression was so serious that she really couldn’t do it!

    Nan Xun felt that she needed to be more sober and awake. She just woke up and was a bit confused and couldn’t think well.

    After Nan Xun washed her face with cold water, she saw Fu Mo standing in front of the white piano in the living room.

    It was a very gorgeous piano, the sun shone through the window and fell on the black and white keys which caused the cold texture to have a bit of warmth.

    Nan Xun went to Fu Mo and explained, “It was left by the landlord. It’s strange that she would have moved away and left something as valuable as the piano behind. I don’t know why she left it. Originally, I wanted to move the piano to a different spot, but it was heavy, and I couldn’t move it.”

    Fu Mo listened to this, his eyes narrowed slightly and fell onto the piano stool that stood in front of the piano stand as if he was looking at something.

    “Actually, this piano is also very good here. I just feel it makes it a little dark and makes the living room look dark.” Nan Xun said.

    When Fu Mo heard this, he immediately said, “Where do you want to move it, I will help you.”

    Nan Xun smiled and said, “I’m getting a big bargain with you as my roommate.”

    Fu Mo easily lifted the piano and moved it to Nan Xun’s designated spot in the living room. This freed up the entire window and the sunlight poured in from the big window, sprinkling sunshine all over the place.

    Although it’s still summer, the location on this side caused the entire small building to receive very little sunlight, so the light that entered the house wasn’t blazing, but warm.

    Nan Xun quickly moved the sofa forward, so that while she slept, the sun would hit her face and body, she felt comfortable just thinking of it.  

    After Fu Mo moved the piano, he looked down at it slightly. Nan Xun thought he was interested in the piano, so she went to him and looked at the piano with him. She smiled and asked, “Can you play the piano?”

    Fu Mo nodded, “Just, I haven’t played for a long time.”

    Nan Xun said in her heart, also, this older sister is level 10 on the piano, I don’t know who has the better skill out of the both of us.  

    However, Nan Xun didn’t dare to set herself up to fall into ruins. Nan Xun could play the piano, but she shook her head when Fu Mo asked if she could.  

    “This kind of thing is too luxurious for me.” Nan Xun sighed, and her expression was somewhat lost.

    Little eight clapped as usual, “Darling, your acting skills are getting better and better. Look at that lost little expression that completely portrays the image of a poor family girl who doesn’t dare to think or ask for anything.”

    Nan Xun directly took little eight’s words as a gust in the wind that blew passed her.

    “Mo Mo, do you want to learn? I can teach you.” Fu Mo looked down at Nan Xun and his voice was extremely low at this moment, as if with a hint of temptation.

    Nan Xun looked up at him and saw a pair of deep, black eyes.

    Nan Xun’s heart thumped abruptly and immediately said to little eight, “I’m more and more confident that Fu Mo is flirting with me!”

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