The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 52

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Mo Mo, Follow Me to Experience

    Come on, to call out Mo Mo so naturally, he’s an expert on flirting with girls.

    Little eight said, “Silly, this is a good thing. You don’t have to take the initiative, the big boss has taken the initiative and is at your door.”

    Happiness came too fast, Nan Xun almost couldn’t hold back the curvature on the corner of her mouth. It’s really a good feeling that this kind of boss actively engages her instead of her trying her best to brush the other’s feelings.

    No, no, she should be more reserved and can’t smile.

    “Fu Mo, won’t it be too late for me to learn now?” Nan Xun asked.

    Fu Mo’s dark eyes revealed a light smile and his tone became very soft. “It’s not too late, you’re a smart girl.”

    Nan Xun’s face turned red again.

    Fuck, how much can Fu Mo tease her, sooner or later she’ll have to break his deed.

    Fu Mo didn’t say anything else. He sat down on the piano chair, then patted the space next to him, indicating that Nan Xun should sit beside him.

    Nan Xun sat in the spot with reserved hands and didn’t know where to place them.  

    Unprepared, Fu Mo raised his hand and played the piano.

    Nan Xun noticed that his fingers were slender and beautiful, and his hands danced flexibly on the keys. It seemed that flowers were blooming, and its fragrance would be intoxicating. The sound of the piano fell slowly from low to high. The melody was beautiful and melodious.

    Nan Xun was fascinated. She didn’t expect Fu Mo’s piano skills to be so good.

    At the end of the song, Nan Xun was still immersed and dazed.

    “Great.” Nan Xun praised.

    “Come, Mo Mo, give me your hand.” Fu Mo suddenly reached out to her.

    Nan Xun was stupefied for a moment and handed her left hand to him.

    “Two hands.” Fu Mo softly reminded.

    Then the moe1Original Chinese word is meng which is moe in Japanese, it just describes a really cute character at that moment, so she looks super cute being dazed. Nan Xun handed him her other hand.

    Fu Mo’s right arm looped around her armpit, almost encircling her in his arms, but she wasn’t touched by the gentleman.

    Then, he carefully unfolded Nan Xun’s fingers one by one, slowly covered them with his big palms and interlaced them one by one with his fingers until they overlapped.

    His body temperature was lower than ordinary people, it was a little cold.

    The coolness from his ten fingers that connected the two people, ran through her body which made her shudder.

    “Mo Mo, follow me to experience.” Fu Mo whispered.

    Nan Xun answered yes, then in the next moment, she felt her ten fingers slowly following along with Fu Mo’s ten fingers.

    He deliberately slowed down and the sound from the piano that was lively became low and unhurried.

    The two people played together, and Nan Xun suddenly felt a burning gaze on the side of her face.

    She glanced at him, she didn’t know when Fu Mo turned his head to look at her but his eyes were mixed with a chilling fanaticism.

    Nan Xun was shocked, but when she looked carefully again, there was only a faint smile in his eyes, which gave a very comfortable feeling. It seemed that the glance just now was her illusion.

    Nan Xun recalled the sight she had just seen. Suddenly she was a little flustered. She got up from the piano stool and chuckled at Fu Mo: “It’s late, Fu Mo, I’m going to cook. Do you want porridge? Let me cook some porridge.”

    Then she hurried into the kitchen.

    As soon as she ran into the kitchen, the void beast’s voice began to ring, “Congratulations, the evil value has dropped to 80.”

    “What? So fast? Compared to the previous world’s Demon King, this is simply the speed of a rocket!” Nan Xun wasn’t happy.

    It seems that the other party really likes her.

    “Little eight, what did the big boss do while I was asleep for a few hours?” Nan Xun asked.

    The void beast’s answer left her very satisfied. “He was watching you and the love in his eyes were so strong that he couldn’t wait to eat you into his belly.”

    Little eight’s exaggerated answer pleased Nan Xun.

    After they left, Fu Mo sat quietly in front of the piano, his eyes were gloomy and his whole body gradually radiated a cold air.

    “By the way, Fu Mo!” Nan Xun’s small head suddenly protruded from the kitchen door. She looked at the man who seemed to have never moved from the same spot and reminded him. “There are many fruits in the refrigerator. If you’re hungry, you can eat some to cushion your stomach first.”

    “Good.” Fu Mo answered with a sentence, his whole body’s cold and gloomy air was slowly restrained as he stood up.

    He suddenly slightly raised the corner of his mouth and smiled.

    It seemed that the pale pink lips were much redder than before. With that smile, they looked particularly enchanting. They were like the blood flowers on a grave, excluding a strong aroma of decay…

    The night was heavy and thick, it was time to dream.

    While Nan Xun was asleep, she suddenly heard a dragging sound from the living room. It was like someone was dragging something heavy, but it was too heavy, and it scratched the ground hard.

    After a while, there was a piano sound, but it wasn’t pleasant to hear and sounded harsh.

    Nan Xun frowned and said in her heart, was it Fu Mo? He made so much noise at night and didn’t sleep.

    After muttering twice, Nan Xun was ready to get up and have a look, but when she thought about it, the noise of the piano suddenly stopped, and the living room becomes quiet again.

    So, Nan Xun didn’t care and continued to sleep.

    In the dark lacquered living room, Fu Mo stared at the little girl sitting on the piano bench. She had moved the piano to its original position.

    The little girl was very cute. She sat on the piano bench and cried. She cried and her eyes shed two lines of blood and tears. “Mama, I was wrong. I will practice the piano well and won’t go play anymore.”

    She cried and cried, then the little girl violently changed her face. Her face was deathly pale. She ferociously grimaced at Fu Mo and asked, “Why can’t I play the piano? Why can’t I play the piano? Why can’t I play well? I practice for several hours every night so I can get better and better to play well, so my mama won’t be angry…”

    Fu Mo blinked and interrupted her words, “You’re too noisy.”

    “Meddlesome, this is my place, you dare to provoke me!” The little girl was angry and suddenly flew to Fu Mo.

    Fu Mo pinched her neck and said, “Looking for death.”

    The little girl was greatly frightened and shouted, “Grownup please spare me, I don’t dare anymore.”

    “Too late.” Fu Mo large hand lifted her.

    The little girl screamed, and her body shrank sharply, then he directly threw her into his mouth, rolled his throat and swallowed her.

    With a wave of Fu Mo’s arm, the piano and piano bench flew and gently fell back to its original positions.

    Looking at the white piano that was sitting in the living room, Fu Mo suddenly thought about the situation of the two people sitting there and playing during the day.

    It stirred his heart and he sat down in front of the piano.

    Nan Xun was asleep when she heard the sound of the piano again, but this time it was pleasant, and it was a feast for her ears.

    Nan Xun listened attentively for a long time and finally determined that she wasn’t dreaming. Someone was playing the piano in the living room.

  1. Original Chinese word is meng which is moe in Japanese, it just describes a really cute character at that moment, so she looks super cute being dazed.

TL Note: lol…too bad little eight wasn’t exaggerating about him wanting to devour her at the spot, Nan Xun is kinda romantically dense for someone who brags about high EQ. Well this is our next cannon fodder victim that Nan Xun never met…lol

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