The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 53

Translated by Novice Translations

The Red Phoenix Star Moves, Old Tree Blossoms

    She knew it was Fu Mo.

    Nan Xun yawned and rose to leave the bedroom.

    On the black and white keys, the slender fingertips moved flexibly, and the moving notes flowed out from his fingertips. The moonlight outside the window was just right, the moonlight shone on the man’s delicate side profile, it was white and transparent, as if he would melt in the moonlight at any time.

    Nan Xun stood quietly beside him, not disturbing him.

    Until the last note fell, Fu Mo looked over to her and whispered: “Did it bother you?”

    Nan Xun shook her head and said with a smile: “I have slept for a long time during the day, now I’m not very sleepy. How about you? You can’t sleep?”

    Fu Mo sighed. “At night, I have some insomnia.”

    “So, then I will chat with you for a while.” Nan Xun said.

    Fu Mo moved aside and patted the empty space beside him, “Mo Mo, you sit here.”

    Nan Xun sat beside him and looked at him sideways. Her eyes were dark and bright, full of water, covered with moonlight, rippling with stars. The ends of her black hair were loose and looked soft, which made people want to touch it.

    “Mo Mo, do you still want to learn the piano?” Fu Mo asked.

    “Okay.” Nan Xun smiled.

    Fu Mo suddenly reached for her hand and got close to her, this time they touched.

    He placed Nan Xun within his arms, his arm went under her arm, and the back of his hand entwined down her arm to her palm and held it up.

    Nan Xun’s body was stiff when his arms were around her.

    Even with the layer of clothing, you could feel how cold the man’s body was. Especially now, his big palm gently passed under her arm and he held her hand up and the cold feeling still remained in her four limbs.

    She looked up at him and felt his face was more and more pale and almost transparent.

    “Mo Mo, concentrate.” Fu Mo suddenly opened his mouth, and his voice rang softly in her ear. It seemed a little ethereal in the thick dark night.

    Nan Xun hurriedly concentrated to follow his rhythm.

    Nan Xun was glad that the whole building was only occupied by them. Otherwise, the neighbors will surely find someone who wasn’t sleeping in the middle of the night but was instead interested in playing the piano.

    In fact, Nan Xun was worried about this problem before, but found out she had no neighbors that lived in the same building. Every night they heard the harsh sound of the piano and they were so scared that they moved out of the building one after the other.

    After playing the song three times, Nan Xun has already learned it, but she doesn’t dare show it. When Fu Mo asked her to play alone, she struck it casually.

    “Mo Mo.” Fu Mo suddenly called her.

    “Huh?” Nan Xun responded and looked at him.

    In the next moment, her eyes suddenly widened.

    Fu Mo’s face magnified in front of her eyes, then a cold touch came from her lips and the seam was brushed by the tip of his tongue.

    Nan Xun’s heart trembled and her face turned red like a monkey’s ass.

    “You, you, you…” Nan Xun pointed at the man who took advantage of her, then ran away without saying a complete sentence.

    Nan Xun ran back to her bedroom, her face was blushed and dazed, and she quickly called little eight. “Little eight, little eight, just now the big boss was frivolous, and the problem is that I’m unexpectedly not angry. Do you think that I’m a red phoenix star moving the old tree to blossom?”

    This Fu Mo was too provocative for her to bear.

    The void beast yawned and replied, “This is a good thing, but let me tell you, what the fuck is the red phoenix star moving, just don’t fall down.”

    Nan Xun was a little surprised. “Little eight, are you still the same little eight that I know? Isn’t it because of life and death that I’m not allowed to attack the strategic target?”  

    The void beast happily replied, “Because I know that you’re moving now, but soon you won’t be able to move anymore.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun thought that little eight’s words were very meaningful, but a certain ball didn’t say what was the hidden meaning of the sentence.

    Nan Xun patted her ass and left. In the living room, Fu Mo stared at his empty arms. Suddenly, his eyes became sinister and the hands on the keys curled.

    “I still can’t do it, but Mo Mo, I can’t help it…” He whispered, a small red blood trail suddenly flowed down from his forehead, then more and more until it covered his whole face.

    He looked up again, his delicate and handsome face was crisscrossed with blood. There was a bloody hole on his forehead as if it been knocked off. The blood rushed out from the inside and fell along his gentle chin then landed on the black and white piano keys, it made a crisp drip drip sound…

    Nan Xun, who almost blossomed flowers on the old tree, thought her face was still a little hot. She opened the bedroom window a little more. The half-opened window blew a wisp of breeze which brought in the fragrance of flowers in from the community.

    After the cold wind and the scent of flowers blew in from outside the window, Nan Xun’s face wasn’t so hot.

    She went back to bed and planned to sleep until dawn.

    In a daze, Nan Xun suddenly felt a chill coming. Under the soft and warm quilt, it slowly climbed up from the bottom of her feet and reached her thighs.

    The cold touch made Nan Xun’s body tremble all over.

    Her body was taunt, and her breathing seemed to have stopped at this moment.

    She wanted to move but found that she couldn’t move or make a sound. She could only breathe low and passively accept the joy brought by that thing.

    Nan Xun’s heart beat violently, her mouth was wide opened and at last she cried out.


    Nan Xun was like a carp that rolled then sat up, panting and sweating.

    Nan Xun looked around and saw nothing. It was just a dream.

    She couldn’t laugh or cry. She didn’t know whether this could be called a nightmare…or a spring dream.

    The next day, Nan Xun’s gaze on Fu Mo were very empty.

    Nan Xun, who didn’t have a spring dream for hundreds of years, had one in less than two days after she met Fu Mo. She felt that she had indescribable thoughts on how to deal with Fu Mo.

    The two lived together for three days. Every day, Nan Xun bought food and paid Fu Mo to cook. Nan Xun had a good life as a rice worm, sitting and eating. As if in three days a tacit understanding was born.

    Fu Mo was very accommodating to her, never got angry with her. Nan Xun felt that she was being spoiled by him.  

    Nan Xun thought that if the two continued to get along like this, her relationship with the big boss will become more and more intimate. After a little while longer, the big boss will raise the important matter of dating and she will be able to readily agree.

    At that time, as the closest person to the big boss, she would soon be able to eliminate his evil thoughts. Therefore, when Fu Mo proposed to leave on the fourth day, Nan Xun was completely confused.

    “There are some things in the old house. I may have to leave for a while.” Fu Mo looked at her as if to say there were some things Nan Xun wouldn’t understand from the depths of his eyes, surging like an undercurrent.

    Nan Xun suddenly asked, “What would I do if you leave?”

    Fu Mo listened to this, looked at her for a moment, and suddenly smiled. His mouth was pulled up, his eyes were full of laughter, “Mo Mo I won’t let you leave me, never.”

    Nan Xun listened to this, but somehow felt a little flustered.

TL Note: For my innocent readers, Nan Xun was molested from a ghost and her body enjoyed it so much, that she climaxed and was awakened from her paralysis.

Rice worm is a common description of a bum – someone who is well taken care of and just lazes around all day doing jack shit nothing.

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