The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 54

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Ringtone, Her Singing Voice

    “When are you coming back?” Nan Xun asked.

    Fu Mo tilted his head slightly and replied with a smile. “You can come visit me too.”

    Then Nan Xun got the address, and Fu Mo said he had to leave and didn’t take a single cloud.

    “Little eight, I suddenly found out since I’ve been with the big boss, that I haven’t met that thing again. As expected, Fu Mo is the big boss with evil intentions worth 100 and even the ghosts are afraid of him.”

    Nan Xun thought of this and said flustered, “Now that Fu Mo is gone, won’t I meet that thing again?”

    Little eight coughed and said, “It’s not easy, you can try to stick to the big boss the entire time. With him, nothing dirty dares to approach you.”

    Nan Xun sighed, slumped on the sofa and looked at the empty room. It was quiet and suddenly lonely.

    If she was alone in the beginning, Nan Xun wouldn’t have these kinds of feelings, but when the two people were together, Nan Xun would wait for food and drinks. She really had a leisure life. Fu Mo had a strong sense of existence and she wasn’t used to his absence.

    Nan Xun used the three-day rent that he had given her before leaving and went to the supermarket to buy some food.

    That night, the cashier at the supermarket counted her money as usual and found two ming bi1Ming bi – there’s no English translations that I know of. Its fake paper money burned as an offering to the dead. in it. She was almost scared to death. The person cried and said to others that she had received two ming bi. The manager scolded her for not having eyes and that she couldn’t distinguish between ming bi and real money. The little girl was extremely wronged, and she received the money during the day and clearly saw it was real money.

    Nan Xun refilled the refrigerator and dragged herself onto the living room floor again.

    She looked up and across, she suddenly found that the room Fu Mo lived in wasn’t closed and was left open with a gap.

    In the gap was darkness.

    Nan Xun stared at the door crack for a long time, and her heart jumped uncontrollably.

    This room was the one that Fu Mo lived in. It should be full of life. But at this time, Nan Xun looked at the dark door crack and felt that it was lifeless inside.

    She stood at the door and gently pushed the door open.

    When the door was pushed open, it emitted a subtle sound, which was magnified several times at that moment.

    Nan Xun suddenly panicked. “Little eight, do you think Fu Mo will leave something unseen inside? I suddenly feel that my heart is beating so fast.”

    The void beast replied, “Don’t worry, this grandpa will cover for you. In the case there is something unseen, this grandpa will immediately block your five senses.”

    So, Nan Xun went in with confidence.

    Fu Mo doesn’t seem to like any environment that was too bright. The light in the bedroom was dim and the curtains was pulled tightly shut, so there was no sunshine.

    The room was very tidied, and even the quilt was neatly folded, just like in the beginning, but…

    Nan Xun reached out towards the table and felt a thin layer of dust.

    Nan Xun had an illusion, as if nothing in this room had been touched since Fu Mo moved in.

    But how was this possible?

    “Little eight, I didn’t dream those three days. Was there a man named Fu Mo who had lived with me for these three days?” Nan Xun quickly asked little eight.  

    The void beast replied, “It wasn’t a dream.”

    Nan Xun was relieved. As for the dust in Fu Mo’s room, Nan Xun thought that it was dustier in there.

    Although the big boss left, Nan Xun always thought about his evil value and whether she should find an excuse to take the initiative to come to his door.

    At this time, the landlord called and said that a little girl wanted to share the rent with her. Her rent would be halved, and she asked Nan Xun if she would like to.

    Nan Xun heard that she was asked if she would be willing. In fact, the landlord could make the decision to rent out to others. This was the landlord’s house and the other party doesn’t have to ask her.

    At this time, Nan Xun was very glad that the big boss had just moved out. Otherwise, it’s not good for her to rent the house secretly to others and be discovered by the landlord.  

    “Little eight, if I want to share rent with others in the future, I don’t think I will have the opportunity to get along with the big boss alone.” Nan Xun said.

    After a long time, the void beast replied, “Don’t worry, he will take the initiative to come to your door.”

    Nan Xun thought for a moment and said, “I think I’d better call Fu Mo and tell him that he has to live somewhere else.”

    The void beast said, “No need.” He knows everything about you.

    Nan Xun groaned, “Stupid, I’m looking for an opportunity to get in touch with Fu Mo.”

    The void beast: “…so smart, he will be very happy.”

    Nan Xun found the big boss phone number in her phone’s contact list.

    Just after she dialed, Nan Xun was startled by the sudden song. It was her singing. When she sung at the bar, she liked to sing her favorite, <<Secret Love>>. The voice rang from the other end of the door behind her, it was a phone ringtone.

    This song should have been recorded live by someone at the spot. She even heard the sparse clapping sound at the end of the song.

    Nan Xun twisted her neck a little bit and looked at the bedroom she had just come out of.

    “Little eight, when I went in, I didn’t see a mobile phone inside. Why is there a mobile phone ringtone coming from inside? It’s the song I sang in the bar.” Nan Xun felt something was strange.

    The void beast said, “Just go in and have a look.”

    Then Nan Xun pushed open the door and went in. She saw the phone lying on the corner of the table at a glance.

    The mobile phone’s ringtone was still ringing, the screen was on, and the caller ID displayed “Mo Mo”. The avatar was actually a photo of her sitting on the bar stool, holding the microphone and singing affectionately.

    Nan Xun was stunned. Did Fu Mo go to the bar where she sung?

    Little eight said that the big villain boss would like her first. Does this mean that he fell in love with her at first sight when he encountered her at the bar?  

    Nan Xun was a little shy. When she thought about the big boss, she doesn’t know when he sat in a corner to listen to her singing, and that he secretly liked her. She felt that her charm was too great.

    Nan Xun hung up the phone, and the screen on Fu Mo’s mobile phone slowly darkened. She carefully carried Fu Mo’s mobile phone into her pocket and decided to return it back to him now.

    Returning the mobile phone was a good excuse. Besides, Fu Mo would definitely be anxious when he finds out that his mobile phone is lost.

    Nan Xun pulled up Fu Mo’s old house address given by him from her mobile phone. She saw the address and was a little surprised. She didn’t expect that the old house that Fu Mo said he lived in was in the small town where she lived in when she was a child.

    She remembered that when she studied at that time, during summer vacation, she would wander around on a small broken bicycle and often passed by a villa. The villa was built in a luxurious style, with a large yard filled with lush flowers and plants.

    At that time, she couldn’t help but take a look. Sometimes she would see a small shadow standing on the balcony on the second floor. She was facing the light and couldn’t see the little boy who was hidden in the shadow of the curtain. But when she was in a good mood, she waved at him and then rode away on the small broken bicycle.

    Was that little boy Fu Mo?

    Nan Xun suddenly felt that this was fate.

  1. Ming bi – there’s no English translations that I know of. Its fake paper money burned as an offering to the dead.

TL Note: Ummm…. on her online ad basically, people can move in at any time, any gender welcome, and pay on a daily or monthly basis. So basically, the big boss lived with her for 3 days and paid her 3 days’ worth of rent…then moved out. Wowzers!

Happy Halloween~ 2nd chapter release for this special holiday and in respect to our spooky arc!

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