The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 55

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Okay, Should Compensate

    Nan Xun used the route from her memory to return to her hometown that she had been away from for a long time, then found that Fu Mo’s home wasn’t far from the town.

    The two-story villa in front of her was still the same as she remembered. The yard was full of flowers and plants. The second floor had a large floor to ceiling window. The light was pale yellow, and the plain white curtains were slightly swaying, but this time she didn’t see a little boy standing behind the curtains.

    There was a distance between the villa and the town behind it. Usually, no one walks around here. It stood here in seclusion, as if isolated from everything around it.

    Nan Xun knocked at the gate, only then did she hear a squeak.

    When the door opened, a tall and upright man stood behind the door, hidden in the shadow. As always, he wore a white shirt and black trousers. At this moment, when he saw Nan Xun, his eyes were filled with a smile.

    “Mo Mo, why are you here?” Fu Mo asked.

    Nan Xun shook his mobile phone and said with a smile. “You were too careless when you left. You didn’t take your mobile phone with you. Now I’m acting like a delivery boy to deliver your mobile phone.”

    “Come in, it’s hot outside.” Fu Mo said.

    Nan Xun entered the house and followed Fu Mo. She looked at the decoration in the living room, suddenly she had a sense of déjà vu.

    Fu Mo went to the kitchen to pour water for her. Nan Xun couldn’t help following him. She looked at Fu Mo’s back and then at him. A layer of cold sweat seeped from her forehead.

    She remembered where she had seen it. When she was hypnotized by Dr. Li the psychologist, this was the door she saw in her dream, it was the same as the door to the house, and the scene in the door was exactly the same as what she saw now.

    And now…

    Nan Xun looked at the man’s back, saw him poured water slowly and turned around.

    Nan Xun’s breathing was suddenly smothered.

    “Mo Mo, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so sweaty?” Fu Mo walked up to her and reached out to wipe.

    It wasn’t the faceless person, it was Fu Mo.

    Nan Xun breathed a sigh of relief, but when Fu Mo approached, she took a step back unconsciously, avoiding his touch.

    Fu Mo saw her avoiding him, then his eyes became a little gloomy for a moment, but he quickly recovered himself as in the beginning.

    “Mo Mo, I’m just worried about you.” Fu Mo sighed.

    Nan Xun was too slow to get over it and couldn’t help but curse herself in her heart.  

    “I’m fine, maybe it’s too hot outside.” Nan Xun said quickly, then took the water from his hands and drank, gulu gulu.

    The man looked at her when she poured a big mouthful in her mouth. He didn’t show any surprise at her heroic drinking method, instead there was a smile in his eyes.

    Nan Xun didn’t leave at once but sat for a while shamelessly. Fu Mo turned on the TV, changed the channel to what she liked and watched TV with her for a while.

    Nan Xun didn’t leave until it was a little late.

    “Fu Mo, I’ll go first.”

    Fu Mo looked at her for a long time without speaking. After a long time, he said, “Mo Mo, I really want to swallow you into my stomach, so that we will never be separated.”

    When he said this, his eyes smiled extremely strongly. 

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes at him. “I’ll be angry if you tease me like this again.”

    Fu Mo laughed.

    Fu Mo sent Nan Xun to the door and didn’t go out again. He looked at Nan Xun and said softly, “Mo Mo, you can call me at any time.”

    Nan Xun gave a light cough, “Ah, okay.”

    Just as she stepped out of the villa door, the void beast appeared to report the good news, “Congratulations, the evil value has dropped again, it is now at 75.”

    Nan Xun was very happy to hear that and had walked far away, she couldn’t help but look back.

    There was no figure at the door. Nan Xun felt lost, but suddenly saw a man standing beside the white curtain that was gently rippling from the wind behind the floor to ceiling window on the second floor.

    It was Fu Mo.

    Nan Xun’s mouth grinned, and the afterglow of the setting sun shone on her face. It was warm. She waved to the man behind the French window and smiled very brightly.  

    Fu Mo’s body was caged in the shadow of the curtain and his thin red lips were slightly hooked up.

    When she returned to the house, Nan Xun found that there was suddenly another person inside.

    The woman sitting on the sofa heard a sound, turned around to look at her, nodded slightly at her and said, “Hello, my name is Su Han, I’m your new roommate.”

    The woman in front of her was about 25 or 26 years old. Her hair was short, and her features were average, her eyes were sharp, and her skin was wheat colored.  

    Nan Xun didn’t expect the other party to move in so fast. She just left the house and the new roommate just moved in.

    “Hello, my name is Bai Mo.” Nan Xun held out her hand to her with a smile, then paused. “It’s nice to meet you.”

    Nan Xun soon learned that Su Han’s full-time job was a police officer. No wonder she looked like she was well-trained.

    Nan Xun didn’t know why Su Han wanted to suddenly rent here. She seemed to be investigating something recently.

    Su Han seemed to be a person who was not very capable of taking care of herself. Her three meals were basically called take-out, and even cleaning was done by calling an auntie to drop by at a specific time.

    Nan Xun was very surprised and asked little eight. “Are all the police officers so rich?”

    The void beast: “The person herself is interested in exorcism. The Su family are a family of exorcists and have been an influential family for many generations. Her grandfather was famous as a grandmaster exorcist but Su Han is an exception, her yang was too great, and she wasn’t able to open her eyes to see the supernatural.”

    As soon as Nan Xun heard that, her eyes towards Su Han suddenly were sparkling.

    Exorcist expert, ah, she was amazing, although Su Han wasn’t, but her grandfather and many people in her family were.

    She saw that Su Han was about to order take-out again, Nan Xun couldn’t stand it anymore. She took the initiative and said, “Three meals a day will be provided by me, but you wash the dishes.”

    Su Han nodded quickly. “Okay, I’ll buy a dishwasher later.”

    Nan Xun: …

    The rich were really capricious.

    Nan Xun asked little eight, “In the next world, could you let me wear a child from a rich family?”

    The void beast thought for a moment and replied, “Okay, should compensate.”

    At that time, Nan Xun didn’t quite understand what little eight meant by “should compensate.”1This word is relating to love and care. Little eight will grant her wish if she can compensate by being more loving and caring. Nan Xun gets angry and wants to make little eight who was mentioned in the first chapter that shrank into a ball like furry thing (bun) and bake it into a cake.

    Soon after, she understood the essence of the two words and the only thing she thought was to make the bun-like little eight into a cake.

    Nan Xun and Su Han got along well with each other. At first, Su Han’s attitude was still the same. Later, Nan Xun became her younger sister.

    Nan Xun also thought that Su Han was good, until she found out that Su Han was investigating her recently.

    Su Han wasn’t embarrassed when it was discovered by her, but she explained seriously, “Mo Mo, have you heard? The death of Zhao Qilin and Bai Xiye looked like a car accident, but in fact it was all strange. Moreover, Dr. Li who was your psychiatrist and who was perfectly fine, abruptly and immediately became someone with a mental disorder.”

    Nan Xun thought of something. Her face changed a little, her mouth opened but she didn’t speak.

    “Mo Mo, tell me honestly, have you already been in contact with it?” Su Han’s eyes suddenly became sharp.

  1. This word is relating to love and care. Little eight will grant her wish if she can compensate by being more loving and caring. Nan Xun gets angry and wants to make little eight who was mentioned in the first chapter that shrank into a ball like furry thing (bun) and bake it into a cake.

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