The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 57

Translated by Novice Translations

Empty House, The Girl in the Picture

    Su Han’s face looked very serious. “The exorcism mirror will never make a mistake. You must have had contact with that ghost these days!”

    After thinking about it, she suddenly asked: “Mo Mo, these days, you seem to call someone every day. Who is that person?”

    Nan Xun immediately understood Su Han’s meaning and her face became pale. “It’s Fu Mo, I met him a few days ago and he’s a very good person.”

    Su Han sneered. “No wonder, when I first arrived, I felt that there was a strong ghost in this room.”

    Nan Xun: …

    “Mo Mo, give me your cell phone.” Su Han said.

    Nan Xun’s hands were shaking when she touched her cell phone from her pocket.  

    Su Han placed the cellphone in front of the exorcism mirror and saw that it was fully entangled with a very strong ghostly aura.

    Nan Xun also saw that there was a lot of blackness on the phone.

    Su Han asked Nan Xun what was Fu Mo’s phone number and Nan Xun showed her.

    Su Han immediately made a phone call and it seemed she had someone investigate the phone number.

    This process wasn’t long, and soon the other party sent the photo of the owner of the cell phone number.

    Su Han looked up at Nan Xun and showed her the photo on her mobile phone. “Was this the person you were talking about?”

    Nan Xun took a close look and was stunned. After seeing the photo from the ID card, she was scared. “How can this be?”

    Su Han faintly said: “The owner of this mobile phone number was Fu Yu, the CEO of the emerging company Si Mo Corporation. He died in a car accident a month ago.”

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened sharply. “Who? Who are you talking about? Fu Yu!”

    After Su Han heard that Fu Yu was a fellow high school student with Bai Mo, she gave her a meaningful look. “This dead person named Fu Yu was your fellow senior high school classmate? Since he was your high school classmate, how come you didn’t know how he looked like now?”

    Nan Xun said with a pale face: “In high school, he had long hair, his eyes and forehead was covered. I really didn’t know how he looked like.”  

    “Mo Mo, according to your previous statement, you lived with a ghost for three days and didn’t know?”

    Nan Xun swallowed hard. “I think they might not be the same person. Fu Mo was completely different from the Fu Yu in my memories.”

    Su Han laughed. “I believe you, maybe they’re twins.”

    Nan Xun: ……

    Su Han solemnly said, “Mo Mo, since you are so convinced that they are not the same person, let’s visit Fu Mo for now.”

    Nan Xun said to herself, “I, us? Am I going too? Er…Su Han, can’t you see that it’s dark right now, why don’t we go tomorrow? Or why don’t you go by yourself?”

    Su Han’s eyes were on her and leaned on her, “Mo Mo, I need you to lead the way.”

    Nan Xun pleaded with her but ended up taking her to the old house she had visited not too long ago.

    But when Nan Xun saw the old house again, she opened her mouth in surprise.

    The old house was completely different from the daytime. The flowers and plants in the yard have been withered because they haven’t been taken care of for a long time. The white curtain on the second floor was barely moving and made the whole house looked less angry.

    Nan Xun swallowed and knocked at the gate.

    It was quiet all around and there was no sound in the night except for her knock.

    “Fu Mo, it’s me, Bai Mo. Are you home?” Nan Xun shouted at the door.

    Still no one responded.

    Su Han couldn’t wait, and directly ran up the wall of the courtyard, and successfully jumped over the wall.

    Then she opened the door for Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun: …

    Su Han opened the gate for Nan Xun from the inside and they went in, one by one.

    Su Han turned on the light at the door and Nan Xun was stunned by the scene inside.

    It was still the same familiar place, but there was the smell of dust floating in the room. You could feel a layer of dust on the table with a touch.

    It looked as if it hasn’t been occupied for at least a month.

    Su Han’s courage was very big, she walked in front and Nan Xun closely followed her.

    She didn’t know if she was too nervous, but Nan Xun felt that there was someone following behind her. The footsteps were superimposed with her footsteps.

    She didn’t dare look back.

    They went up to the second floor into Fu Yu’s bedroom.  

    It seemed that the bedroom items hadn’t moved since Fu Yu’s death, except it was covered in a layer of dust. Fu Yu seemed to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, everything was arranged neatly.

    Nan Xun’s eyes fell on a photo frame on the bedside table.

    In the photo was a girl, dressed in a loose high school uniform, lying on a meadow, with her ponytail resting on her arms and her right leg over her left leg. She looked lazy and wanton. A high school Chinese book covered her face and the sun was very bright. There was a bunch of trees behind her. Through the lush foliage, the dazzling light was broken into star-studded shapes from the branches and leaves and fell on her.

    This photo was very artistic and very beautiful.

    But as soon as Nan Xun saw the ugly school uniform, she knew that the girl was an alumnus from her high school.

    She just looked at the photo dazedly, then Su Han patted her shoulder and scared her to death.

    “Mo Mo, let’s go, let’s go back.” Su Han said with a dignified face.

    Nan Xun’s mind was very chaotic. Naturally, she will do whatever Su Han says.

    When they left, Nan Xun couldn’t help but look back.  

    At the sight, Nan Xun’s eyes suddenly widened.

    On the second floor, at the floor-to-ceiling window, a man stood beside the white curtain that gently rippled from the wind.

    Nan Xun’s face turned pale.  

    However, when Nan Xun looked closely, the figure disappeared.

    Nan Xun stepped forward and slammed into Su Han, who was walking in front of her.

    At this moment, Nan Xun suddenly thought of a lot of things. For example, who was the girl in Fu Yu’s bedroom photo? Come on, in junior high school, ah, Bai Mo’s face was blocked, and she didn’t see it at first.

    Fu Mo and Fu Yu were the same person. Fu Yu’s crush was her and Fu Mo likes her and even asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend. Su Han said that the person who was Fu Mo didn’t exist. Little eight said that Fu Mo was the villainous boss and had a blackening value of 100 and evil value of 100 and that the villain boss likes her…

    All of this revealed the answer Nan Xun wanted.  

    After they went back, they sat on the sofa. Because they had some concerns, they were silent.

    Nan Xun didn’t expect that when she rarely has a good impression of someone, that person wouldn’t be a person, but a ghost.  

    This was really…hahahaha.

    Su Han suddenly stood up. “Mo Mo, I’m going to Lingyin Temple to ask Master Wu Chen to come out of the mountain. Recently, fierce ghosts have been rampant, and the ghost aura is very strong. We can’t let these things run rampant anymore.”

    Nan Xun opened her mouth and dryly said, “What master exorcist? Do you want to deal with Fu Yu? But Fu Yu might not be a bad ghost…”

    “Bai Mo! Are you pleading on behalf of a ghost?” Su Han’s face suddenly sank.

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