The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 58

Translated by Novice Translations

Bewildered, Who Covered the Blanket on Me

    Nan Xun didn’t speak again. She asked little eight in her heart, “If the child of fate encounters the big villain boss, would the big boss be killed by her?”

    The void beast calmly replied, “Don’t worry, because of your intervention, the fierce ghost boss is several times more powerful than the original Fu Yu. Even if grandmaster Wu Chen comes, he won’t be afraid.”

    When Nan Xun heard this, she sighed and was a little relieved, but soon she thought of something and her face darkened, “Little eight, what are you hiding from me?” Her voice suddenly rose, “You especially want me to fuck a ghost?!”

    Nan Xun almost cried out, “How could you let a ghost fall in love with me? Thank you, come on, I really don’t need it!”

    After pretending to be dead for a while, the void beast finally said, “Why don’t you understand this grandpa’s good intentions? It’s not easy for this grandpa to find a world that meets your conditions. Ah, although he’s a ghost, he likes you. Do you like it or not? Besides, he has long legs and can cook, isn’t this what you like ~”

    Nan Xun wanted to slap him to death no matter how he explained himself.

    The next morning, Su Han left. Nan Xun yawned and went to the bathroom to wash.

    “What the fuck?!” Nan Xun stared at her neck in the mirror and found a red strawberry mark.

    She was most familiar with this kind of mark. In the last world, the Demon King flipped pancakes and planted strawberries on her every day.

     “Little eight, what happened last night?” Nan Xun asked in a trembling voice.

    The void beast replied, “No, you don’t want to think about it too much.”

     “But my arm is also a little sore. As a matter of fact, is it possible that it’s sleep paralysis? Little eight, tell me honestly, did the big fierce ghost boss followed me?”

    The void beast paused for a while and then said, “…no.”

    “Then, why did you pause?”

    “I was just thinking about something else.”



    Although little eight said so, Nan Xun was still uneasy and observed for a long time. There were no passive traces from the sticky rice in the door cracks and windowsills, and there were no strange footprints in the ashes on the ground. Nan Xun was relieved.

    Now that she knows that the big boss won’t have an accident and there was only one person left in the house, Nan Xun begun to let herself go.

    The white piano was still placed in the old position in the living room. Nan Xun likes Fu Mo very much. Oh no, it should be said that Fu Yu taught her this song. She’s itching to play a complete song for a long time but couldn’t since Su Han had been here the entire time. In order not to collapse her image, she has been reluctant to touch it.

    Now, she was sitting on the piano stool. Her long, white fingers moved flexibly on the black and white keys. When she was taught by Fu Mo, she always felt half strange. The sweet music from the piano and Nan Xun’s singing danced and leaped in the room, which made it cheerful.

    The void beast: “You…oh, forget it.”

    “There are no outsiders here. If people arranged to collapse, they will collapse.” Nan Xun didn’t consider thoroughly.

    The void beast: …

    There was no one, but there was a malicious spirit. Laozi didn’t tell you, Laozi was afraid to scare you.

    It’s just that when Nan Xun showed her “true temperament”, the nearby ghost’s evil value fell.

    Nan Xun was tired of playing, she laid on the sofa and took a nap, but slept unconsciously.

    When she woke up, it was already time for dinner. Nan Xun yawned and looked at the blanket that covered her. The whole person was confused.

     “Little eight, when I fell asleep, did I cover myself with a blanket?”

    The void beast replied, “If you feel a little cold in your sleep, you will get up and cover yourself.”

    Nan Xun was suspicious, “Really?”

    The void beast replied firmly: “Really.”

    Nan Xun sighed, got up and cooked dinner.

    Today, she didn’t go out and didn’t buy anything, so the refrigerator was empty. Nan Xun planned to go shopping at the supermarket tomorrow.  

    After dinner, Nan Xun watch TV on the sofa for a while, then went to the bathroom to take a bath.  

    She didn’t know if it was an illusion. But when she entered the bathroom, she felt a cold wind blowing in.

    “Little eight, how is there a gust of wind?”

    “Probably because there was a change in the weather. Well, go wash, I will immediately block my five senses.”

    When Nan Xun undressed, the feeling of being surrounded by the cool wind became clearer.

    Was she really thinking too much?

    Nan Xun felt a little cold and couldn’t help but turn the water heater up two gears.

    When she washed her hair, Nan Xun suddenly found that she had forgotten to bring a towel. The foam from the shampoo went into her eyes and made them spicy. Nan Xun hurriedly reached out to find a towel on the shelf.

    The process of reaching the towel was smoother than she expected. As soon as she reached the shelf, she felt the towel, as if someone had handed it to her.

    That night, Nan Xun had a dream.

    When she was in her second year of high school, she still had a childlike face. After school, she carried her schoolbag and planned to directly go to the hospital to see Bai Mo’s mom.

    “Son of a bitch, take out all your money to show respect to this young grandpa!”1The insult is really funny (孝敬) – to show filial respect to one’s elders; then the bullies use little eight’s words and call themselves grandpa haha.

    Nan Xun heard the sound and saw several ruffians that stopped a little boy to ask for money.

    Nan Xun was in a hurry to go to the hospital and didn’t want to meddle, but she saw the person wearing their school uniform and the boy’s iconic long bangs, it quickly reminded her of the “invisible man” from her class.

    The little boy lowered his head and pulled out the money from his pocket.

    The gangster laughed, “What a good grandson, that’s right. However, Laozi has long seen that you’re not pleasing to the eye. Why were you born in a rich family! Hit, hit him!”

    Within a few moments, the little boy was beaten miserably.

    Nan Xun was so angry that she saw fire and directly pulled up her sleeves and went into the scaffold.

    The few small gangsters were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect that the little beauty in front of them would be fiercer than a boy in a fight. With long legs sweeping and punches, she beat the gangster’s head to the ground with a fist.

    “Fuck!” The leader of the gang spat on the ground and didn’t care what mercy was. He called several brothers and surrounded her.

    Nan Xun was punched in the face and kicked on her ass, but the three gangsters were beaten black and blue by her.

    “I’ve already photographed the scene of your robbery with my cell phone. If you don’t want to eat a hard-boiled meal in prison, go see my grandmother and take a detour!” Nan Xun glared at the few small gangsters.

    Of course, this was a bluff. At that time, Bai Mo was so poor that she couldn’t afford a cell phone.

    But the gangsters got up and ran away.

    Nan Xun touched her face and hissed with pain. She looked back at the little boy, walked over to pat him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be afraid, this sister will cover for you later.”


    At that time, Nan Xun just wanted him to not be afraid. She didn’t have any confidence. But what about that little boy? Has he always thought of it in his heart this entire time?

    When she woke up, Nan Xun was still sore and sour. She looked in the mirror and saw some red and purple strawberries on her neck.

    Nan Xun paused for a moment, then continued to brush her teeth and wash her face as if nothing had happened.

    The void beast compiled a list of reasons to deceive: …

    Does she know? Or…still don’t?

    The void beast was a little panicked: This, this was too calm, wow.

  1. The insult is really funny (孝敬) – to show filial respect to one’s elders; then the bullies use little eight’s words and call themselves grandpa haha.

Updated the name of all the worlds – the names will be subjected to changes since I just took it off of NUF spoilers haha.

There is 19 worlds total and 1 finale arc for this series.

Also, I put in the table of contents but not sure you readers even bother looking at that page. You guys, there’s a different novel in the same universe. I believe the ML is Zuili Feng (Xue Ming & Nan Xun’s son). I’ll probably put this novel in my xmas poll for the vote to see if I will pick it up. It’s a standalone novel with their son as the ML & the MC is his wife.

I’ll probably do a chapter 1 teaser on thanksgiving since I feel like it’s something I will pickup someday eventually……in 2 years after I finish this novel OR if it wins the poll! haha; even though the title is super long….but that’s what the author named it..<< Good-for-Nothing Defies the Heavens, The Tyrant Demon King’s Wild Pampered Fei >>

Also, I feel like the author will make a third novel in the same universe – it will most likely be an epilogue. The way she ends both her novels makes me speculate that.

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