The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 59

Translated by Novice Translations

Lying Down Dead, Molested by Ghost

    Nan Xun calmly drank a cup of soymilk and ate a pancake, then went to the supermarket calmly, then calmly chose a pile of food to place at the checkout counter.

    After she discovered that the bags of junk food that she has chosen were gone, Nan Xun was slightly stunned and calmed down again.  

    Nan Xun walked on the road with the bag of food. She was in the scorching sun but didn’t feel the heat at all. A cool breeze followed her the entire time like a shadow.

    Nan Xun’s mood was a bit complicated.

    She dreamed of a lot of things in her dreams. It was about high school, and a little boy peeped at her with his hot eyes.  

    She never knew that a person would have such a deep obsession with his crush which seemed almost morbid.

    The feeling of being loved should make her very happy, but the person who loved her was Fu Yu who was scary.

    Nan Xun turned on the TV and tuned it to one of her favorite channels. Originally, she wanted to watch the programs she liked more, she wanted to be spirited since she didn’t want the sleepiness to come.

    Nan Xun knew that being so sleepy wasn’t normal.

    She had another dream, this time the setting wasn’t the high school.

    In the dream, she was wearing a white dress and was alone in the street with no one around.

    After a long walk, she finally saw a man, and then ran towards him.

    It was a man in a white shirt, he was tall, but his face wasn’t clear. He gave a bunch of white chrysanthemums to Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun was stunned, subconsciously reached for it and said thank you.

    The man’s face suddenly became clear. Nan Xun was scared and took a step back.

    It was Fu Yu!

    Fu Yu’s mouth slightly pulled into a curve and looked at her eyes gently and dotingly. He said softly: “Mo Mo, this is the second time you accepted my flowers. If you accept them, it showed that you are willing to be my girlfriend. Mo Mo, I want you….”

    After he finished, he kissed Nan Xun as soon as he bowed his head. At the same time, he used his hand to tear her clothes into pieces.

    Nan Xun was shocked, she didn’t know that if she accepted flowers, it would mean she would become his girlfriend! And this was in public, although there was no one, but this was in the street, ah, the street, he actually stripped her!

    Her heart was in a panic and Nan Xun bit his mouth and pushed him away.

    Her eyes suddenly jerked opened. Nan Xun woke up, reached out and felt cold sweat.  

    Nan Xun thought that the big fierce ghost boss was too much and he even molested her in her dreams.

    Nan Xun thought of the dream and was angry at the ghost who molested her on the street.

    She tucked the amulet that Su Han gave her under the pillow, which wasn’t enough. She also placed Su Han’s exorcism sword under the pillow.

    Su Han said that if she noticed an abnormal wind, she should stab it directly with the exorcism sword and guaranteed that the soul of the thing will be injured. Even if it wasn’t injured badly, its ghostly powers would be greatly reduced.

    Of course, Nan Xun didn’t want to deal with the big boss. She also wanted to eliminate the big boss’ evil value but the big boss this time went too far and didn’t even allow her to have a good night’s sleep.

    However, Nan Xun thought she would have a good night’s sleep, but still dreamed.

    This time, she was dressed in a snow-white wedding dress and was lying on a king-sized bed.

    Nan Xun hurriedly got up and went to the door. She found that there was no one in this luxurious European style castle.

    She dragged her long skirt and ran alone in the empty corridor, her high-heeled shoes made a tapping sound and she listened and was flustered.

    Afterwards, she finally ran out of the castle and found a long red line tied to her ring finger.  

    The red line led her all the way forward and she slowly moved forward. After bypassing several rockeries, the red line finally reached the end. A diamond ring slipped from the other end of the red line to her ring finger and was firmly set on it.

    Then, a man came out of the rockery.

    He wore a snow-white shirt and his eyes looked at Nan Xun with a smile. He said softly, “Mo Mo, will you marry me?”

    Nan Xun looked at Fu Yu and blurted out, “But you’re dead. How can I marry you?”  

    As she spoke, she saw the smile in Fu Yu’s eyes disappeared in a blink of an eye, and his eyes became gloomy. The delicate and handsome face changed in a flash. There was a big bloody hole in his forehead and the blood was flowing down from his forehead the entire time.

    Nan Xun’s face changed greatly and she turned and ran.

    “Mo Mo, Mo Mo…” The man kept calling after her.


    After she shouted, Nan Xun suddenly opened her eyes.

    Come on, if she does this several times, she will definitely be debilitated by the big boss!

    Fortunately, it was all a dream.

    Nan Xun breathed heavily and thought to reach out to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

    However, at this moment, she suddenly found that she couldn’t move!

    She didn’t know when her pajamas had fallen to the ground and she was stripped naked.

    In the next moment, Nan Xun’s eyes widened in horror, and she noticed that there was another person in the quilt.

    She felt a wet, cool touch on her legs.

    Fuck, it’s true this time! It’s not a dream!

    Nan Xun wanted to speak but found that her throat was blocked and couldn’t speak a word.

    In the dark night, a big palm covered her eyes.

    As soon as it was dark, Nan Xun felt a coldness on her lips and the cold but blazing kiss made her breathless.

    In the silent night, the sound of water and gasps were interwoven, which were magnified several times in the coldness of the room…

    At dawn, Nan Xun laid on the bed dead.

    She was disorientated for a long time, then went to get dressed and wash herself.

    The sword and amulet under her pillow have been broken into a powder.

    It didn’t work! Not only that, but it angered him. Last night, he punished her for everything. She was afraid of all the blue and purple marks.

    He thought she was going to deal with him with all those broken things, so he got angry?

    “Little eight, I can’t believe I was molested by a ghost.” Nan Xun sighed in her heart.

    Should she be thankful that the big boss didn’t continue on to the end?

    The void beast let loose a big sigh of relief. “Dear, da, you finally are willing at last, muwah1Muwah  – my imitation of a kissing sound, da~”2Da – the clatter of a horse’s hooves

    “Little eight…ah.”

    The void beast had a guilty conscious, “Come on, don’t be like that, I didn’t mean to hide it from you. If I had said he followed you every day during this time, wouldn’t you have been scared to death?”

    “Cough, good news, after these days, the evil value of the big boss has been reduced to 45~”

    Nan Xun immediately corrected, “We weren’t getting along, he was peeping!”

    The void beast faltered, “Whether he peeps or not, it’s a good thing that the evil value was reduced.”

    “Little eight, I want to smash you into a meat patty, really.”

    The void beast: …

  1. Da – the clatter of a horse’s hooves
  2. Muwah  – my imitation of a kissing sound

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