The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 6

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Terrified, Rabbit Drinks Human Blood

    Nan Xun retreated step by step, Qin Yuexuan seemed to be embarrassed and angry and his heart was finished.

    “Little eight, little eight, speak quickly! I can’t beat him even if I knew Taekwondo, but this world is too pitiful, I can’t beat him at all, I don’t want to die in this world as soon as I arrive.” Nan Xun cried for half a day, but the void beast did not respond.

    “Cousin, I have something to say.” Nan Xun laughed and tried to appease him.

    Qin Yuexuan raised his mouth and said in a very gentle and authentic tone: “Cousin, I want you. Wait for us to cook the rice,1Flowery phrase for consummating their relationship. you won’t want to go back.”

    Nan Xun sighed in her heart. It was impossible to see that Qin Yuexuan was a beast in disguise.

    Nan Xun took off running without forgetting to take the long-eared rabbit.

    However, her opponent is Qin Yuexuan, in the Yinchuan mainland, the division of the Xuan people from lowest to highest: apprentice, master, general, king, emperor, god and holy.

    Each division is divided into junior, intermediate, advanced and peak.

    Qin Yuexuan is now a junior master, not a novice like Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun was thrown to the ground by the man behind her. His hand was about to explore her skirt, but the long-eared rabbit flew out of Nan Xun’s arms.

    The long-eared rabbit flew directly to Qin Yuexuan’s shoulder with its jaw and pair of sharp incisors, it plunged into Qin Yuexuan’s flesh and blood.

    Gulu, Gulu.

    Nan Xun confirmed that she heard correctly. It was the sound of swallowing flesh and blood.

    This long-eared rabbit drank human blood in order to save her!

    Nan Xun was a little touched. She looked at Qin Yuexuan who had fainted. Nan Xun picked up the rabbit and ran away.

    Suddenly, Nan Xun hummed a few times in the night sky, releasing her spiritual strength.  

    Momentarily, a bluebird flew down from the night sky.

    “Buddy, can you give me a ride? I want to go back south to the Zuili family”

    The bluebird sounded twice and bent down.

    Nan Xun’s heart was overjoyed and she immediately climbed up with the long-eared rabbit in her arms.

    Where is the waste? She is a genius beast tamer! She hummed a few words at will and could summon nearby spiritual beasts.

    Before long, the bluebird spread its wings and flew south.

    The long-eared rabbit’s eyes fell on her, with a kind of inquiry hazed cloudy and cold.

    When she was close to home, Nan Xun said goodbye to the bluebird and travel on foot.

    “Ninth sister? Why are you here!” A woman suddenly screamed.

    Nan Xun looked at a girl wearing a pink butterfly dress.

    The woman looked shock when she saw her.

    Nan Xun faintly glanced at her. “Third sister, this is my home. Where should I be, if not here?”

    “Didn’t you elope with Cousin Yuexuan?” Zuili Yuejian said. She seemed to realize what she said and immediately covered her mouth.

    Nan Xun slightly hooked her lips. “Third sister, you can’t defile people’s innocence. If it is known by my father and several elders, I am afraid they will hit you with the board.”

    Finished talking, she directly passes from the woman’s side, her white dress gently rippling in the wind, bringing a faint fragrance.

    Zuili Yuejian, was so angry she almost bit her silver tooth,2Biting a silver tooth – displaying extreme anger her anger could not be vented out, she smashed her fist against the wings of the leopard.

    The winged leopard uttered a cry of pain, but it dares not speak out.

    The Zuili family is not excellent in the cultivation of Xuan, but their ability to control spiritual animals is extremely powerful. They are natural tamers, even a small Xuan can control a beast for more than a thousand years.

    Zuili Yuejian suddenly thought of something and could not help but sneer, “It’s good to come back and marry that beast.”

    In her opinion, all beasts were beasts, and the king of demons is no exception.

  1. Flowery phrase for consummating their relationship.
  2. Biting a silver tooth – displaying extreme anger

TL Note: When I picked up this series, I didn’t realize how much slang and flowery phrases they use. Hahah for those who doesn’t really read Chinese novels, the jokes won’t make sense for you.

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