The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 60

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No Good, It’s the Ghost Gathering Array

    After venting, Nan Xun began to discuss the main topic. “There is still an evil value of 45 left. I don’t know how much or how little to say. I don’t even know what Fu Yu’s wish is. If I fulfill his wish, won’t the evil value be eliminated?”

    The void beast said: “The reason why people become fierce after death is because they had too much resentment, but the obsession is too heavy. His grievance is heavy, help him to obtain revenge so it can calm his resentment and obsession, so naturally help him fulfill his wish. I don’t know what kind of big boss the malicious spirit is. Anyway, if he’s in front of you, why don’t you ask him personally?”

    Nan Xun thought about it and felt it was feasible. Although the ghost boss and herself were well aware, the layer of window paper hasn’t been pierced. Now, it’s time for a showdown. Moreover, if she continued, she will die.

    Nan Xun cleaned herself up and went to the living room.

    Nan Xun sat on the sofa and looked around for a week. Her expression was a bit complicated: “Fu Yu, I know you’re here. I want to talk to you.”

    There was a gust of wind blowing inside the house.

    Nan Xun felt that the temperature of her whole body had dropped a lot.

    That ghost was in this room.

    “Fu Yu, I, I know now that you like me, thank you for liking me, really. My life has been miserable. My father was a drunkard. Later, he took the family money and left. Then, my mother died, leaving me alone and I never enjoy the taste of love, but you gave it to me. For example, if you have any unfulfilled wish, you can tell me, and I will help you fulfill it even if the oil pot is on the knife mountain.”1Oil pot is on the knife mountain – achieve the goal no matter the difficulty  

    As soon as Nan Xun finished talking, there was a strong gust of wind in the room, so strong that all the small things on the table were blown up and fell back onto the ground.

    Nan Xun asked little eight quickly, “What’s the matter? What did I said wrong to provoke him?”

    The void beast said, “You can’t guess the abnormal mind. You won’t understand it even if you guessed.”

    Nan Xun swallowed her saliva and saw two rows of shoe prints on the ashes on the ground. It quickly extended to her side until it stopped besides her.

    Even if she couldn’t see, she felt his gaze, cold and hot, so ambivalently mixed, and it ran straight down her body, leaving her nowhere to hide.  

    Nan Xun’s heart was beating violently. She could clearly feel that her earlobes were covered with a cold dampness. Then the gentle voice of the man rang in her ears.

    “Mo Mo, I don’t want anything. I just want you. At eight o’clock tonight, I’ll wait for you at home…. Mo Mo, you must come.”

    After he said that, the gust of wind disappeared.

    Nan Xun was very flustered and asked little eight, “Was the big boss asking me?”

    The void beast replied, “Yes.”

    “Then do you want me to go?”

    “Go, why not?”

    “But I’m afraid.”

    “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

    The void beast continued to persuade: “Have you forgotten our purpose? Don’t we just need to eliminate the evil value of the big fierce ghost boss? People have said that all they want is you.”

    Nan Xun’s heart was desolate. “Why do I have to fucking sacrifice myself every time to eliminate the evil value?”

    The void beast comforted her, “If only you were sacrificed, you will be able to purify the evil-minded villain boss in this world and save thousands of people. Wow, what a great and praiseworthy feat that is!”

    Nan Xun was not dazzled by its praise and analyzed rationally: “I thought that for this big villain boss, I didn’t have to be his lover, instead being a close relative is pretty good. Little eight, next time can I be the big boss’ mother or grandmother, even his sister or daughter would be good.”

    The void beast thought about it and replied: “If we complete this mission, I will fulfill your requirements in the next world.”

    For the future happiness of the next world, Nan Xun summoned the courage to go to Fu Yu’s old house alone.

    As dusk fell, darkness devoured the isolated old house.

    When she arrived at the old house, Nan Xun was still a little flustered. “Little eight, sing me a song. If you don’t sing, I won’t go in.”

    The void beast silently rolled its eyes and began to sing, “Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves! With our flesh and blood….”2This is the Chinese national anthem

    Nan Xun: …

    When Su Han arrived at Lingyin Temple to find the grandmaster exorcist Wu Chen, the grandmaster was in seclusion. She waited for two days until he came out. Grandmaster Wu Chen shook his head when he knew of her intentions and said with only one sentence, “This ghost is too violent and obsessive. It can only be avoided and can’t be provoked.”

    Su Han’s persuasion was to no avail and she returned first. But after she returned, she discovered that Bai Mo was gone, and Su Han’s face suddenly changed.

    She knew that Bai Mo must have gone to Fu Yu’s old house, but at this time, going to Fu Yu’s old house was a trap!

    Did she know whether Fu Yu was no longer a human being, but a fierce ghost!

    A fierce ghost who was crazy enough and abnormal!

    Su Han grew more and more worried and rushed to Linyin Temple overnight.

    “Grandmaster Wu Chen, this is a matter of life and death, it’s very important. Please help me!”

    Grandmaster Wu Chen was silent for a long time and finally sighed. “Come on, everything has its own causes and consequences. I owed your grandfather a favor, now it’s time to pay it back.”


    The old house at night was hidden in the darkness, and there wasn’t any light at all.

    Grandmaster Wu Chen looked at the house in front of him with a dignified appearance. “This place is full of evil aura. This ghost is much more worse than I’ve imagined.”

    “Then, can the master deal with it?” Su Han asked quickly. Since she was here to save people, naturally she can’t let grandmaster Wu Chen leave.

    Grandmaster Wu Chen stirred the Buddha beads in his hand and lightly said, “We can try.”

    The house was still the same as last time, it was quiet, and no sound could be heard.

    “Su Han, take the amulet and follow me closely.” Grandmaster Wu Chen said.

    They slowly set foot on the stairs leading to the second floor.

    In the silence, they could only hear the footsteps of the two people going upstairs, which made people feel scared.

    Every two steps, grandmaster Wu Chen would place a piece of paper on both sides of the stairs. After five pairs were placed, his footsteps suddenly stopped.

    At this time, the two people were surrounded by a blowing wind.

    Su Han vaguely heard cries and laughter, which were intertwined with each other and strongly stimulated her eardrums.

    As soon as grandmaster Wu Chen heard, his face changed. He suddenly whispered, “No, there’s a ghost gathering array here!”

    As soon as grandmaster Wu Chen’s voice fell, Su Han, who was closely following behind him, screamed.

    Suddenly, a hand extended from the darkness and dragged Su Han’s leg down.

    Grandmaster Wu Chen suddenly threw a piece of talisman paper from his hand behind Su Han. A shrill cry sounded and the ghost dragging Su Han suddenly turned into ashes.

    Su Han shook her dizzy head and stood up again.

    Grandmaster Wu Chen said in a deep voice: “There’s a ghost gathering array here. The evil and dead spirits in the square are gathered, but I can’t find the source of the array for now. Take this amulet, and if you meet the evil ghost from a sneak attack again, stick the amulet on the ghost.”

    Su Han nodded and climbed back up by holding the stairs.

    The fierce ghost blocked them from going upstairs. She was absolutely sure now that Bai Mo was upstairs.

    She’s in danger!

  1. Oil pot is on the knife mountain – achieve the goal no matter the difficulty
  2. This is the Chinese national anthem

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