The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 61

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Ceremony, I am Very Angry

    Grandmaster Wu Chen continued forward towards the stairs that were covered with talisman paper. Su Han firmly held the talisman in her hand and walked more carefully.

    Soon they will reach the second floor, the suppressed spirits were angry and became several times stronger and there was a constant cry around them.

    Su Han listened carefully and could hear a few words.

    “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, give me your life, I want your life……”

    “Wuwuwu, wuwuwu, why didn’t you save me, why didn’t you save me, I’m dead, you have to die…”

    “I will kill you. Why didn’t the police arrest them? Why! Obviously, you killed me…”

    Suddenly, there were countless faces over their heads, which emitted a rotten stench and they glared at them.

    Su Han saw the countless faces and was horrified. She saw Zhao Qilin and Bai Xiye who were the biggest faces!

    Numerous ghost faces gathered, in the position on the ceiling, like a huge array.

    Master Wu Chen calmly said: “Don’t be afraid, my talisman paper has the eight-trigram ghost array. These evil spirit and ghosts can’t break this old man’s array.”

    However, just as grandmaster Wu Chen’s voice fell, it seemed that the evil spirits and ghosts in the ghost gathering array weren’t afraid and dived down together, and they all had their mouths open to bite them.

    As soon as grandmaster Wu Chen saw, his face changed, and he recited the Buddhist scriptures from his mouth.

    In the next moment, the talisman paper that was pasted nearby which didn’t moved from the wind, suddenly rose automatically and flew towards the evil spirits who dived towards them.

    The talismans fell on the faces of the evil spirit and immediately ignited them mid-air. The fire grew more redder and fiercer than normal fires. This raging fire consumed the entire ceiling above them and trapped the evil spirits within.

    The evil spirits made a sharp scream which was more shrill and louder than the last.

    Su Han saw these evil spirits turn into ashes from the fire.

    When all the evil spirits were gone, the burning talisman paper turned black and fell.

    Su Han breathed a big sigh of relief. “Master, are all these evil spirits gone?”

    Grandmaster Wu Chen nodded and suddenly there was blood that spilled from the corner of his mouth.

    Su Han cried out in fear, “Master!”  

    Grandmaster Wu Chen waved at her, “No problem, I didn’t expect this ghost gathering array to be so powerful, so I spent a lot of energy.”

    Su Han felt a little guilty, pondered for a while and said with difficulty: “Master, if you can’t…let’s give up.”

    Grandmaster Wu Chen shook his head. “If I didn’t come here, but now that I’m here, I must save people from that fierce ghost.”  

    The two finally arrived at the second floor, to the last door.

    Master Wu Chen bit his finger, drew a Buddhist character on the door, and patted the door open with one palm.

    Su Han rushed in after grandmaster Wu Chen.

    The room wasn’t dark as she had imagined. The moon was very bright tonight. The silver light came in from the window and covered everything in the room in a hazy veil.

    There was a man sitting by the bed, his back faced the two and looked down at the woman on the bed.

    On the big bed, a woman laid in the middle, her surroundings were full of all sorts of strange blood characters, a row of candles which emitted a green light and formed a circle around her. The green light shone on the woman’s beautiful face which was blue and pale.

    The woman looked serene and… dead.

    Su Han’s eyes suddenly sank.

    It’s Bai Mo!

    Grandmaster Wu Chen grabbed Su Han who wanted to move forward and looked at the man in front of him…. or the male ghost.

    At this moment, the man slowly turned his head.

    He wore a white snow-colored shirt, although his face was a little blue and pale, he still looked delicate and beautiful. The corners of his mouth picked up into a smile, his eyes were silent, cold and deep. “What a bunch of waste, let you come up so soon.”  

    “Fu Yu! What did you do to Mo Mo?” Su Han said angrily.

    Fu Yu’s mouth was lightly hooked and smiled happily. “Mo Mo is very good now. She will soon be with me forever.”

    “How would you be together? Do you want to turn her into a fierce ghost like you!” Su Han’s hand was clenched into a fist.

    Fu Yu slightly tilt his head and said with some unhappiness. “Ghost? No, how could I give up? I just want to turn Mo Mo into a puppet that has flesh and blood that won’t rot and die. She won’t be a dead puppet, she’ll be a puppet with flesh and blood, with her own consciousness. But— I need to kill her first, and then seal her soul in this corpse, so that she can stay with me forever, it’s really good.”

    Su Han’s heart was shocked. “Forever? That’s ridiculous! Have you ever thought that once Mo Mo becomes a puppet if it would be the same as the previous Mo Mo? Even if she had her own consciousness, would she laugh? Jump? She would no longer feel her heartbeat, won’t have a temperature, she won’t be happy, she would only hate you!”  

    Su Han smelled the pungent odor of blood. She saw that Bai Mo’s two wrist were bleeding!

    This devil was going to kill Mo Mo!

    Fu Yu’s gaze became ferocious, but his mouth once again curved.

    He greedily looked at the woman in the blood array and softly said, “What’s the matter? As long as she can always be with me, even if she hates me, I don’t care.” There was a trace of sweetness and satisfaction in his words.

    After that, he said happily: “I felt very reluctant to die before, but now I’m very happy. Now, Mo Mo will accompany me every day, I will watch her smile and enjoy her privately. Do you know how lovely she is? I didn’t even know before.”

    “This feeling is so wonderful. I’ve never been so satisfied. But–”

    His voice suddenly changed, it was cold and piercing, “Why are there so many annoying people in the world? Why does so many people hate it? Don’t say what shouldn’t be said, let alone what shouldn’t be thought of, otherwise, I will be very angry.”

    Su Han’s heart felt cold, “So, because of this ridiculous reason, you killed two innocent people and turned a psychiatrist into a mentally ill person?”

    Now, even his most beloved woman, he wants to kill!

    “Su Han, I’m not happy that you came here today and brought this old bald donkey to interrupt Mo Mo’s ceremony.” Fu Yu’s tone was very gentle, but his eyes grew colder.

    At the moment that Su Han and Fu Yu were talking, grandmaster Wu Chen was almost recovered. He blocked Su Han behind him, looked at the fierce ghost in front of him and placed his hands together. “Amitabha, almsgiver of the ghost, this old man advises you to let go of your obsession and return to the heaven and earth.”

    Fu Yu sneered, he leaned over Mo Mo and kissed her forehead. Then he got up and walked towards grandmaster Wu Chen.

    “Old bald donkey, were you ready to come and collect me? In that case, let’s cut down on the hypocrisy.”

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