The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 62

Translated by Novice Translations

Fu Yu, I Will Always be With You

    Grandmaster Wu Chen’s eyes sank. “In that case, don’t blame me for being rude!”

    Grandmaster Wu Chen took advantage of his unpreparedness and immediately attacked with five or six pieces of talisman paper.

    The paper on Fu Yu spontaneously ignited and a red light from the flames enshrouded him.

    Su Han saw the two fighting and hurriedly went around them to save Bai Mo.

    Bai Mo on the bed looked pale from the excessive blood loss. Su Han pulled two pieces of cloth from the bed and bound Bai Mo’s wrists, temporarily stopping the blood loss.

    But it still wasn’t enough, she must send Bai Mo to the hospital or she will die.  

    Su Han eagerly looked behind her, but her eyes were suddenly widened with fear.

    Grandmaster Wu Chen’s talisman paper clearly ignited Fu Yu’s body. She also saw that the body of the fierce ghost begun to turn black. But in the next moment, the fierce ghost’s entire body released a strange black mist.

    A stabbing sound was heard. The black fog swallowed up all the flames from the talisman paper. Not only that, but also the black fog restored the burnt parts of the fierce ghost.

    “Old bald donkey, you pissed me off.” The fierce ghost looked at grandmaster Wu Chen in a calculating way, and his eyes turned red. He made several strides to approach grandmaster Wu Chen.

    Grandmaster Wu Chen quickly gripped the beads in his hands.

    Originally, the Buddha beads had supreme power, but were corroded by the black fog once it collided with the fierce ghost, it seemed to have become useless.

    Grandmaster Wu Chen’s old eyes grew bigger and bigger, and a sense of oppression that he has never felt before, surrounded him.

    Fu Yu grabbed the grandmaster in front of him and smashed him into the ground. Then, went to use his fist to smash his head, but his body suddenly froze.

    Su Han placed the talisman on his back.

    Fu Yu paused and turned his head slowly.

    Su Han opened her eyes wide and looked at him in astonishment.

    Fu Yu sneered. “Even the old bald donkey’s Buddha beads are useless against me. Do you think you can deal with me with such a talisman? It’s really whimsical.”

    After he finished, he grabbed Su Han by the neck, raised her high, then hurled her to the ground.  

    Bang, Su Han’s whole body was smashed into the ground. From under the back of her head, a pool of blood slowly spread out. Her pupils slowly lost focus, and there was no resistance from her afterwards.

    Fu Yu raised his hand and prepared to give her the final blow.

    However, at this time, his waist was suddenly hugged from behind.

    “Fu Yu, don’t hurt innocent people anymore! I’ll stay with you. I’ll stay with you for the rest of my life. Don’t hurt anyone else, I beg you…” The girl cried.  

    Fu Yu’s body trembled.

    Mo Mo… Woke up? When did she wake up?

    Did she witnessed and heard everything?

    After seeing his cruel and bloodthirsty side, she still said those words?

    Or… was she just lying to him?

    Grandmaster Wu Chen just fainted, but Su Han on the ground had been lying in a pool of blood for a long time. If she isn’t treated, she would probably die from excessive blood loss. Nan Xun was very anxious.

    At this time, she was eager to swear with her thick mouth.

    Fuck, when she came, she really came with an attitude of sacrificing herself, but she only sacrificed her own fucking moral integrity. She really didn’t come to die. She didn’t expect to see Fu Yu who didn’t say a single word and suddenly fainted from the man’s treacherous smile.

    If it wasn’t for Su Han who had just stopped her blood loss in time and little eight who fed her the heart-protecting pill to wake her up in time, her little life would have really been over right then and there.

    Fu Yu is a deadly pervert!

    Nan Xun tightly hugged the man in front of her with her goal in mind. Even if he was cold, she didn’t dare to let go.

    “Fu Yu, I will stay with you and never leave you again.” Nan Xun kept talking, she tried to persuade the man in front of her.

    Fu Yu slowly raised his hand and placed the cold big palm on her waist. He couldn’t believe it. “Mo Mo, what you say is true?” Would you really stay with me? Always be with me?”

    Nan Xun nodded fiercely. “En!” 

    Fu Yu was very happy, he always thought Mo Mo was afraid of him and hated him, so he wanted to kill her and make her into his puppet, so that she would stay with him forever. But now his Mo Mo said she was willing to stay with him forever.

    The overwhelming joy didn’t make Fu Yu lose his mind.

    He turned and looked at the woman lying in the pool of blood again, he slightly raised the corners of his mouth and with a gentle authentic voice: “Mo Mo, wait until I kill this woman and the old bald donkey. I promise you, they will be the last two.”

    Nan Xun had the heart to hit the big boss right there.  

    The void beast felt her mood fluctuated and hurriedly comforted her, “Hold back, ah, baby. Just as you said, the evil value has dropped by 20! There is only 25 left. Success is just around the corner!”

    Nan Xun listened to little eight’s words. Although she still wanted to poke the villain, she was indeed comforted.

    “Fu Yu, I only have one request. Don’t kill Su Han and grandmaster Wu Chen. Let them go, don’t you want to be with me?” Nan Xun pleaded.

    Fu Yu looked back at her and his eyes were slightly narrowed, and then slowly formed a smile. He softly said, “Good, I’ll listen to Mo Mo.”  

    When Nan Xun heard this, she quickly picked up Su Han from the ground and said to the fierce ghost boss in front of her, “You will send the unconscious grandmaster Wu Chen….throw him out of the house. I’ll take Su Han to the hospital and will be back soon.”

    Fu Yu looked at her silently without saying anything which made Nan Xun’s heart bristled.

    “Fu Yu, I promise you, I will come back.” Nan Xun quickly reassure the big boss.

    After a long time, Fu Yu’s eyes floated with a smile, and his voice was soft: “Good, I will wait for you.”

    Nan Xun personally sent Su Han to the hospital, watched her enter the emergency room, waited for several hours until the operation was finished, then confirmed with the doctor that Su Han was out of danger and left confidently.

    Nan Xun secretly asked little eight, “Is the big boss still following me?”

    Little eight said, “What nonsense, according to this ghost’s abnormal desire for control and possessiveness, he must always be glued to you and follow you.”

    “And grandmaster Wu Chen?”

    “Oh, that old bald donkey, he was dragged out of the old house by the big fierce ghost boss and was thrown into a nearby grave.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Well, at least not dead.

    “Ah, little eight, luckily I have you to hang onto. Otherwise, I would have really wanted to run away from this.” Nan Xun said and was somewhat glad.

    Little eight said with a smile: “Don’t thank me, just eliminate all the evil values.”

    Nan Xun didn’t return immediately. She wandered in the street outside for a long time, thinking that when she entered Fu Yu’s old gloomy house, she wouldn’t see the outside sun.

    In the early morning, there were basically no people in the streets. Nan Xun wasn’t afraid of meeting any thieves. Anyway, there was a readily available bodyguard called the big boss.

    She wandered into the supermarket that was almost open, Nan Xun went into the supermarket to buy a lot of food, as well as many fruits and vegetables. She had many big and small bags to carry back and she was almost tired of being a dog.

    The void beast asked inexplicably, “What are you doing? Why don’t you just buy the entire supermarket?”

    Nan Xun replied, “I thought about it and would like to, but without money, I can’t do it. Forget it, I’m going to live with a paranoid pervert immediately. The ghost doesn’t need to eat, but I do, otherwise I’ll starve to death.”

    The void beast: …

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    I have wanted to say this for a long time that your translation is very beautiful
    Thank you for translating this book⚘

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    I have wanted to say this for a long time that your translation is very beautiful
    Thank you for translating this book⚘

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    At first, I don’t know how to get the password but I re-read your post and then it clicks. I am quite a slowpoke so when I opened this chap I was so glad. ^_^ Now, I am looking forward to her life with her (ghost) man. It must be chilling with sweetness. hahaha

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