The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 64

Translated by Novice Translations

Let’s go on a Date

    Nan Xun planned to take a hot bath, but she thought about the male ghost in the house and hurriedly went to the bathroom and locked the door.

    Outside the door came the sullen laughter of the big boss. “Mo Mo, any doors or walls are useless against me.”

    This means that he could go wherever he wishes and see whatever he wants.

    Nan Xun loudly warned: “If your family name is Fu, dare to come in, I will kick you!”

    The ghost outside the door laughed again. “Mo Mo, actually I have seen it already for a long time. Well, your…it’s great.”

    “Especially get away from me—” Nan Xun’s roar came from the bathroom.

    The smile in Fu Yu’s eyes thickened. After standing at the bathroom door for a moment, he left as she wished.

    Nan Xun quickly asked little eight, “Has the ghost boss gone away?”

    Little eight didn’t respond.

    Nan Xun suddenly remembered that little eight had blocked his five senses, so now he couldn’t see or hear anything.

    Nan Xun, who felt that the vicious ghost boss had gone far away, finally took a hot bath in comfort.

    Nan Xun wrapped herself with a bath towel into a big glutinous filled rice ball, then went to the bed, quickly and easily put on her pajamas then covered herself tightly with the quilt.

    Fu Yu witnessed everything, he sat at the edge of the bed with a smile in his eyes.

    “Mo Mo, go to sleep. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you.”

    Nan Xun glanced at him in disbelief, “When I was at home with Su Han, was it you who played rogue to me many times?”

    Fu Yu choked, then suddenly lowered his head and looked wronged. He said, “Mo Mo, if you don’t want, I won’t touch you.”

    Nan Xun immediately asked little eight in her heart, “Do you believe him?”

    Little eight retorted crisply, “Do not believe.”

    Although the big vicious ghost boss said that he wouldn’t touch Nan Xun, the ghost didn’t need to sleep, so while Nan Xun slept, he took a chair and sat beside the bed and stared at her back.

    Nan Xun: “Little eight, the back of my head is so cold. I think my head may bloom if he keeps staring at me like this.”

    The void beast quickly commented: “Aren’t you here to contribute by exercising? Don’t you want to invite Mr. Vicious Ghost to bed as soon as possible?”

    Nan Xun: “Well, baby, you better keep playing dead.”

    Nan Xun’s heart was very big, although there was a ghost behind her, she still slept like the dead.

    Before her consciousness was blurred, she thought that since Mr. Vicious Ghost wanted to pretend to be a gentleman, she would let him pretend.

    However, in the middle of the night, Nan Xun vaguely felt that there was a cold wind in her quilt, which wrapped her tightly.

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes in her heart and turned around to embrace the ice-cold blockhead beside her.  

    When she woke up in the morning, Nan Xun was lying alone in the bed, and the ghost in the house was gone.

    After waiting downstairs, Nan Xun found a cup of hot milk and a piece of freshly baked bread on the table.

    “Fu Yu? Fu Yu?” Nan Xun called out twice, but no one answered.

    After eating breakfast, Nan Xun went to the yard alone to weed. Yesterday, she bought some flower seeds while she went shopping. She wanted to turn the yard over and replant some flowers.  

    This hard work should have been done by Fu Yu, but she didn’t know where that ghost had gone.

    After weeding half the yard, she suddenly heard Fu Yu’s voice in her ear, “Mo Mo, what are you doing?”

    Nan Xun was frightened by him. She wanted to tell him to not walk soundlessly but remembered that he was a ghost. A ghost would walk without sound.

    “I want to plant flowers. I wanted to ask you to help me weed, but you weren’t here.”

    Fu Yu listened, and his eyes turned very soft. He handed her a bouquet of wild chrysanthemums from his hand and said with a light smile, “This is what I picked from the field just now.”

    “You’ve been missing all morning, just to pick flowers for me?” Nan Xun was surprised. She took the flowers and placed them on the tip of her nose to smell them.

    The faint fragrance of the wild chrysanthemum smelled very comfortable.

    “I like it very much, thank you Mr. Fu Yu.” Nan Xun smiled and gave him a hot hug.

    Fu Yu hugged her and kissed the side of her face. “I knew you would like it.”  

    Nan Xun’s mouth silently twitched.

    What would you have done if I said I didn’t like it?

    When she finished her hug, Fu Yu touched her head, took the shovel from her hand and began to dig the yard, while Nan Xun planted seeds in the upturned soil.

    In the afternoon, Nan Xun sat on the balcony to look at the scenery. Fu Yu suddenly hugged her waist from behind. “Mo Mo, this scenery in front of me, before I saw you every summer, riding a worn-out bike passing by, sometimes you would even wave and smile at me.”

    Nan Xun silently said: If I knew that you would become such a fierce ghost in the future, I would only have cried towards you from the beginning.

    “I thought there was a little girl standing on the balcony, Mr. Fu Yu, I really didn’t think it was you.” Nan Xun said.

    Fu Yu’s eyes twitched slightly and emphasized: “Mo Mo, I’m 1.86 meters now and I can lift you with only one hand.”

    Nan Xun still didn’t respond, and she felt that her body was lighter and her whole person was lifted by a strong arm, she couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

    Nan Xun quickly supported her head in case she fell. Now, she sat on his left arm like a child. She looked down at the fierce ghost who looked up at her. Her expression was stunned.

    She had never experienced this feeling, she never had a strong arm that she could rely on, never.

    Why was Fu Yu a fierce ghost? If not, how nice it would have been.

    Nan Xun’s brain short-circuited for a moment and suddenly said, “Fu Yu, let’s go on a date.”

    Fu Yu stared blankly at the big girl sitting on his shoulder and muttered, “Date?”

    “It’s a little late today. We can only go to a movie. Tomorrow, we will go shopping and go to the playground to go to the park and row on the boat. There are so many things that lovers can do together…” Nan Xun said a lot.

    Fu Yu’s eyes became more and more dazed, but at last they became sad.

    “Mo Mo, have you forgotten…. I am already dead?”

    Nan Xun said, “I know, but what does it matter? We can still go on a date.”

    Nan Xun was a person who does what she says. She had some money from her savings. She can buy a beautiful dress and go see a movie in the evening.

    She held onto her own ghost husband, then Nan Xun hurriedly wandered around the shopping mall excitedly. The ghost husband would look at her after she change. In the beginning, he was expected to give some advice. As a result, the ghost husband saw her dress and nodded and said it was good-looking.

    At last, when she came out with the white dress pinching her waist, the ghost husband’s eyes could see straight.

The future project that I was planning to work on next was picked up: The Villain Is Happy Being a Father.

Decided to move my teaser Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again into a tier 3 project due to this change.

I will still be having my next project pick-up poll for a non-yuri title at the end of the year. To pick up the title that has the most votes for completion. The poll will have about 5 titles from my prospective project list, please leave a comment if I should consider other titles.

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