The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 65

Translated by Novice Translations

Don’t Cry, I Will be Very Gentle

    When she was a child, Bai Mo’s shriveled body was raised very well by Nan Xun. Now, there was a small willow waist from front to back. This white waist was pinched by the dress which was simple and generous in style. It also outlined her curves much better which made it especially suitable for her.

    Fu Yu stepped forward and placed his arm around her waist and said, “Mo Mo, this dress I want to buy for you personally.”

    Nan Xun glanced at him and scorned mercilessly, “How can you buy it, with ming bi?”

    Mr. Ghost was speechless at once.

    His current money was indeed ming bi.

    Nan Xun, who changed into her new dress, walked on the street with a 100% return rate. Fu Yu wasn’t happy. He stared at the men who looked at Nan Xun, his eyes were full of murderous rage. “Mo Mo, I really want to dig out their eyes.”  

    Nan Xun had a headache. She quickly clenched his hand. “Mr. Fu Yu, I’m yours now. Others can only look, but you’re different.”

    She thought it would take a great deal of effort to quell Fu Yu’s anger. As a result, she didn’t know what he thought. He lowered his head slightly and the corners of his mouth were hooked up. He said, “Mo Mo, I understand.”

    Nan Xun was a little confused.

    Ghost da ren, what do you understand? Why didn’t I understand anything?  

    When they watched the movie, Nan Xun bought two tickets. Although in the eyes of outsiders, the seat next to Nan Xun was empty, only she knew that there was a paranoid ghost that sat beside her.

    During the entire time they watched the movie, the cold big palm held her hand tightly. Instead of watching the movie, he stared at her the entire time.

    Thanks to Nan Xun’s great heart, even if the ghost da ren stared at her, she can continue to watch the film without her face changing and she was still fascinated.

    At the end of the movie, the heroine died of cancer. The male protagonist felt that without the female lead, he wouldn’t be able to live, so he crashed into a car and in the end, they both died.

    The plot was very bloody, but it’s better than the actor’s acting, and the scene layout was very beautiful and luxurious.

    There was a whimper all around. Everyone was moved by the earth-shattering love. But Nan Xun didn’t shed a tear. She felt that the feelings were too fake.

    Fu Yu, who didn’t watch much of the movie, only saw the last scene. He suddenly asked Nan Xun, “Mo Mo, if you were the hero, would you follow me to death?”

    Nan Xun stretched and casually replied, “Of course not. There is so many in the world to love, who needs to die. The hero just let himself go. He didn’t think about the people who would be worried about him, especially his parents, the white-haired people who send the black-haired people first, how pitiful they were. In the end, that man was selfish and unfilial.”

    Fu Yu held her big palm and suddenly tightened his grip. He asked coldly, “If the dead person was me, would you follow me?”

    Nan Xun suddenly was frightened. Did she say something that made the boss da ren very unhappy?

    “Little eight, I am so flustered. How can I answer that sentence?”

    The void beast: “…I wish you luck.”

    Nan Xun’s mood brewed, then looked at him sideways, with firm eyes. “Fu Yu, do you want me to die with you? If you want, I’ll die. Anyway, my mother who loved me the most is no longer here. There is no one in this world that would be worried about me.”

    Fu Yu was silent for a while and shook his head. “If Mo Mo died, there would be no temperature. Even if you were made into a puppet, you would not be the original Mo Mo. I like you alive.”

    Nan Xun took his hand and kissed him, then said, “Fu Yu, whatever you want, even if you do something wrong, I will not blame you…”

    Before the film was finished, Fu Yu, a fierce ghost, rushed to hurriedly pull Nan Xun and left.

    Fu Yu was silent all the way back, he only held Nan Xun’s hand tightly.

    When they arrived at the old house, the door opened without the wind. Fu Yu lifted Nan Xun up and place her against the door. He covered her with a hot fierce kiss.

    Nan Xun’s eyes were stunned.

    Fuck, what she just said, she didn’t mean words of love, did it stimulate the big boss?

    “Little eight, little eight, it’s over! I think the boss da ren may want to brew sauce with me!”

   The void beast sighed, “Sooner or later, this day would have come. As the saying goes, an early demise means an earlier reincarnation, you must accept this unpleasant fact…I’ll be blocking my five senses. Bye-bye~”

    “Little eight! Little eight, you’re fucking dead!”

    Nan Xun was breathless from the ghost da ren’s kiss. With great difficulty, she gasped: “Go…go to the bedroom…”

    Then the ghost da ren hugged her all the way through the house. Nan Xun was afraid of falling, so she quickly raised her legs and hooked it onto his waist.

    The ghost da ren chuckled, and the laughter echoed between the two people’s lips and teeth, which made her tongue tingle.

    Suddenly, she felt a little cold on her body. She looked down and saw that her clothes had been stripped off. Then, her shoes fell on the wooden floor of the living room.  

    Then there was a pair of pants, the small inner wear…. fell off all the way.

    With a bang, the bedroom door was shut clearly.

    After a while, Nan Xun’s sad cry came from the room.

    The ghost da ren licked her tears, the voice was particularly very gentle, “Mo Mo, don’t cry. I will be very gentle…”

    However, Nan Xun howled all night.

    “Fu Yu, you’re such a liar–”

    “Mo Mo, this time I will be very gentle.”

    “Get away from me, there will be no next time—”

    The next morning, Nan Xun wrapped herself up like a silkworm baby with only her head exposed. Her eyes were wide open, and she looked out the window with empty eyes.

    The satisfied ghost da ren was no longer here. It seemed as if he was making breakfast downstairs.

    The void beast: “Dear, are you okay? Hee hee, good news. After the fierce battle last night, the evil value of the big fierce ghost boss suddenly dropped by 20, 20! There are only five points left for us to succeed!”

    Nan Xun shriveled and sighed, “…I’m paying homage to the virtues that I’ve lost yesterday.”

    The void beast coughed, “Dear, try this line, only by losing virtue did it changed. Come see the light, look at it~”

    Nan Xun ha ha, “Little eight, it’s me, not you, who lost virtue.”

    The void beast began to play dead.

    Nan Xun sat up with the quilt in her arms. She didn’t know what to expect. She hurriedly called little eight, “Little eight, don’t pretend to be dead, I have something to ask you.”

    The void beast was full of blood, “Dear, you may ask.”

    “Last night, when I was brewing soy sauce with the ghost da ren, I suddenly felt the soul was familiar and blending. Why do you think I felt the familiarity?” Nan Xun asked.

    The void beast was surprised, “Dear, da, how are you so dirty? Oh, still the soul blending, you can say that the body blended well~”  

    Nan Xun placed a hand on her forehead. “Little eight, I’m asking you this question very seriously.”

    The void beast paused and said, “It should be that you…you want more?”

    Nan Xun groaned and didn’t speak again but looked out the window in a daze. Her eyes were clearly extinguished, and her thoughts were unknown.

Fanart by madpanda from madpanda translations; she posts her artwork on discord.

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