The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 67

Translated by Novice Translations

Drop Dead, People and Ghost are Different

    “Fuck, little eight, what stimulus did the ghost da ren received? Why does he think about making pancakes in broad daylight?” Nan Xun was frightened.

    Little eight coughed, “I was absent-minded and recalled, that although the ghost da ren didn’t follow you, but this area within several hundred-kilometer, the little ghosts are his people. What you did, the little ghost must have told the ghost da ren a long time ago.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Afterwards, she was afraid. If she had brought back the talisman paper and the mahogany heart powder, would the big boss be angry?

    Maybe he would directly eat her in his fit of rage, in the literal sense.

    This time, Fu Yu’s pancake was very excited. Nan Xun deeply experienced the feeling that her soul almost left her body.

    Since then, the meat-eating ghost was out of control and indulged. He bullied people intolerably and pressed Nan Xun to make pancakes as soon as there was an opportunity.

    This ghost was also well-read. He was proficient in the 9,981 positions. Every day, there were seven styles that were not repeated.

    A month later, Nan Xun looked in the mirror and was shocked.

    “Fuck, who is that in the mirror? How could this face be as pale as a ghost?”

    The void beast: “People and ghosts are different. Do you think it’s just written casually in a book? You and the ghost, or a fierce ghost, have been brewing sauce all day and your yang is almost absorbed by him. But the good news is that there is only one point left for the evil value.”

    Nan Xun looked at the paper-pale face in the mirror and suddenly asked, “Does Fu Yu know about this?”

    The void beast replied, “It should have been known, but fortunately this beast is clever and imposed earlier a diversionary tactic, in his eyes you still have a rosy appearance. Hehe, he may have forgotten for a while that ghosts sucks yang.”

    Nan Xun licked her mouth, she reached out to touch her face and asked, “How long do I have to stay after this mission?”

    The void beast: “The last world we stayed in for too long and in this world, we were stranded for several years because of my mistake, so we must leave as soon as possible after we complete the task.”

    Nan Xun oh once and then began to put on makeup in front of the mirror, her pale face had a bit of color.

    The void beast was puzzled. “What are you doing? Fu Yu can’t see your pale face.”

    “I’d like to take Fu Yu out for a last date.”

   On this day, Fu Yu’s whole ghost was in a good mood. Mo Mo actually had another date with him.  

    One person and one ghost went to play in the roller coaster and spaceship, screaming the entire time. In the evening, they went to see a movie. Nan Xun followed other people and cried. Fu Yu was helpless and patted the head of his beloved girl and comforted her silently.

    Back at the mansion, just after the door was opened, Nan Xun was a little hot and unusual. As soon as the whole person went up, she hung onto the ghost like an octopus, held his head and began to nibble.  

    Nan Xun’s fiery heat made Fu Yu almost unable to stand, he held her all the way up to their love nest.

    That day, the thunder stirred the fire, it was fierce, ah, the bed almost fell apart.

    At a certain moment, the void beast’s voice suddenly rang, “Dear, I have blocked the five senses in advance, and I can’t hear or see anything. I just came to pass on a message. The evil value of the big fierce ghost boss is all cleared, and the task is complete! Now, I will give you an hour to stay, afterwards we will leave immediately.”

    Nan Xun was joined with the ghost da ren and the alluring woman played. The moment she fought with the ghost and heard this sentence, she almost fell from the top of the clouds.

    Nan Xun embraced Fu Yu more enthusiastic. The fight between the two was much more intense and more exciting than before. The various moves were staged in turns.

    When Nan Xun tossed herself to the point of becoming a puddle of mud, she nestled in Fu Yu’s arms and rubbed her head against his chin. She said wearily, “Fu Yu, I’m sleepy and want to sleep for a while.”

    Fu Yu’s eyes were full of tenderness. He smiled, bowed his head and kissed her forehead. “Okay, I will accompany you.”  

    The ghost didn’t need to sleep, but now he held Nan Xun in his arms, his chin against her head and closed his eyes just like her.

    Just when he closed his eyes, Nan Xun’s soul was pulled out of her body by little eight.

    She looked at the person in the man’s arms that was even paler than him. The whole person was dull and dead. Although it looked ugly, but it gave people a feeling of peace.

   “Well, don’t look. Let’s go.” All of a sudden, the void beast’s voice sounded in her mind.  

    Nan Xun sighed and asked: “When Fu Yu wakes up and sees that I’m not breathing and dead because he had absorbed all the yang, would he collapse and want to die?”

    The void beast replied: “Joking, how could anyone who has died once die again? And you think a lot. Before, he wanted to kill you and make you a puppet for himself. Now, his original desire would be considered achieved.”

    Nan Xun made a oh sound. “Let’s go.”   

    Nan Xun’s soul slowly became distorted and she was about to leave the world. The ghost man with his eyes closed suddenly noticed something and opened his eyes. A pair of black eyes turned into blood-red eyes! From the eyes, evil spirit overflowed and stared fixedly at her direction.

    But in a moment, the eyes returned to normal again. The man was confused for a while, then he gathered the person in his arms and continued to close his eyes and slept peacefully.

    Nan Xun was shocked and didn’t think too much about it. The next moment, she blacked out and left the world.

    When she opened her eyes again, Nan Xun was a little confused. Was it her illusion just now? How could she feel that she saw a pair of blood-colored pupils?

    However, Nan Xun soon had no time to think about anything else, because she realized that she was held in someone’s arms.

    The person held her too tightly and the posture wasn’t right, which caused her to be unable to breathe.

    Nan Xun raised her head with difficulty, looked up and down. Fuck, a big face swayed in front of her eyes. From surprise, Nan Xun raised her arm and slapped his face.

    With a pa, the sound was a little crisp and small.

    Nan Xun was a little confused.

    She raised her hand and placed it in front of her eyes to look at for a long time, it was small, white and tender.

    Nan Xun’s face was black and hurriedly called out to the void beast in her heart, “Little eight, shouldn’t you explain to me, what’s going on?”

    The void beast happily replied: “Isn’t it satisfying that I met your requirements? You said that you wanted to be born in a rich family and have a blood relationship with the strategic goal. Now this is it. Your father, Li Chen has a lot of money in his family. Really, your grandfather used to be a gangster. Later, he washed everything in his grandfather’s hands and set up the Li Group. It involves real estate, entertainment, catering, transportation and other industries. It’s fucking awesome, it wouldn’t be out of the question that you can later eat delicious food and drink hard liquor.”  

    Nan Xun: “The strategic goal is…”

    The void beast: “Your father, he is so handsome!”

On my release schedule page I have vacation planned: Sunday, 10th November to Monday, 18th November 2019.

I won’t be releasing the next chapter until Tuesday, 19th November 2019. Translating takes a lot of time from my day and I need to refuel. Goodbye readers I’ll see you later. I’m tired.

BTW, arc 3 is a BAD ENDING, should be finish with that arc in 3.5 weeks after I start again.

Arc 2 is considered a GOOD ENDING, since Nan Xun succeeded in her mission since her host and that world’s ML were together happily in the end! <3 (even tho it was creepy AF)

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