The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 68

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World 3: The Black Bellied President’s Treasured Sweetheart

    Nan Xun said, “Little eight, you really have my interest in mind, but why did you have me possess the host at such a young age? I can’t attack the target directly until adulthood?”

    The void beast replied, “You’re stupid. Family love and romantic love are not the same. Since you want to use family to influence the boss’ black heart, you must start from a young age. Now, you are only one year old, and the time is just right.”

    Nan Xun felt it was quite reasonable.

    She tried to stretch her neck to observe the woman holding her, or the girl was more appropriate. She was very beautiful, with a big ponytail, and she was sixteen or seventeen years old.

    Nan Xun asked curiously: “Little eight, this girl is –”

    “Your mother.” The void beast quickly replied.

    Nan Xun: “I was asking you very politely, what do you mean by swearing?”

    The void beast: “Not swearing, she’s your mother.”

    Nan Xun: …

    “Baby, are you sure you’re not kidding? This is a girl that is sixteen or seventeen-years-old, doesn’t this mean she was pregnant with me when she was fourteen or fifteen?”  

    The void beast began to explain, “Your mother is seventeen-years-old, and your father was even younger, fourteen-years-old.”

    Nan Xun felt that her three views might be broken. If she didn’t get it wrong, what little eight meant was that the villain boss father, who was her target, enlarged the belly of a woman when he was just twelve years old and had her.

    Fuck, this wasn’t human!

    The void beast continued to explain, “Your father is not the big boss villain here. It’s normal to be precocious. When your father was twelve years old, he was in his third year of junior high school. Your mother and him were classmates. Your mother was the school flower. She took the initiative to hook up with your father. As a result, your father was so cold that she spared no effort to try to hook up with him. Then, one dark night, your mother intoxicated your father, forced him, and it became a good thing. After getting pregnant, she dropped out of school and secretly gave birth to you. Now, she is standing in front of the Li’s family villa, which covers a few acres.”

    After Nan Xun heard the key points, the whole person wasn’t good.

    Fuck, this woman was too brave. She dared to force a big boss with an evil value of 100!

    The void beast: “Your father’s worth was too attractive. How many women secretly covet your father, but when it’s finally done, they hold you now. People are really powerful.”

    Nan Xun secretly gave a big thumbs-up. Unexpectedly, no matter how powerful the villain boss was, he was calculated.

    However, Nan Xun didn’t want to worry about her. The child she was born into, this situation wasn’t pleasant. The big question was whether she could enter the Li family smoothly and become an official daughter.

    After the void beast knew her worries, he immediately said, “Don’t worry, the original host finally entered the Li family, because the old master didn’t allow the descendants of the Li family to be exiled, but the original host of your body was too much, she ate, drank and played all day and took advantage of the family. In addition, your romantic father made a litter of younger brothers and sisters for her. This litter of cubs, in your father’s custody, under her arrogance, were all like wolves. They all stared at her together like a wolf and dealt with her together. She dealt with one, then, she dealt with more and more, and finally she died.”

    Nan Xun’s mouth was opened. Why did she think she encountered a stallion father?

    A litter? That’s so amazing.

    Nan Xun suddenly didn’t understand, “The original host, why were those little kids staring at her?”

    The void beast explained: “Li Chen’s grandfather, the last generation of the Li family was the mother in the family. The Li family only recognized the first wife and not others. If the original host had the ability, the large Li group would have probably been given to her.”

    No wonder.

    The girl who held her, stood at the gate for a long time, until an extended luxury car came from the distance.

    The girl who held her immediately stopped in front of the black luxury car and greeted.  

    The car stopped, and after a while, a man in a suit came out of the car and was very tall.  

    Nan Xun craned her neck and looked at him. She said, “My father is too strong, he has Chinese features. Will I grow up to be strong too?”

    The void beast: “Stupid girl, I just said that your father is only fourteen-years-old, this is just a bodyguard.”

    Three big thick bodyguards dressed in black came over and picked up her scheming mother and threw her aside.

    Her scheming mother fell to the ground and cried towards the car, “Li Chen, I’m soft, ah. The child in my arms is yours. Do you remember that night…”

    At this time, the door was opened, and two people came out from the car one after the other. The first man was about fifty years old. He was a handsome uncle, and next to him…

    Nan Xun tried to stretch her neck, but it wasn’t easy to see what the man looked like, but she was stunned.

    A very handsome little fresh meat.

    The man’s face was childish, but she could already see the outline of a cool handsome face, the nose was very strong, his eyes were cold and deep, his lips were thin, and he looked even colder and merciless.

    Although his face hasn’t matured yet, the expensive tailored suit made him look more mature and stable which was inconsistent to his age, giving a sense of inexplicable coercion.

    And his height, he was only 14 years old, but was already 1.76 meters. He would later grow even a little more taller and be outstanding.

    Nan Xun looked up for a while, her neck was a little sore and she was still sleepy. She couldn’t help but yawn.

    Li Chen coldly glared at the woman who described herself to be in a difficult situation. When he looked at the milk baby in her arms, that is, Nan Xun, he was suddenly stunned.

    Nan Xun spit up a bubble, looked at him, and then smiled brilliantly. His black lacquered eyes narrowed into a slit. She also placed a chubby little paw on him.

    “Li Chen, what’s going on?” The handsome uncle besides the young man looked coldly at Nan Xun and the woman holding her.

    The young man’s eyes moved, suddenly pursed his lips and his face was indifferent. “The peach blossom debt caused by my young romantics, but I didn’t know that this woman secretly carried my child.”

    The young man’s words made the handsome uncle laughed, “You are now fourteen-years-old. I can see this little doll is one year old. Boy, you are much more better than Laozi. You dare make a woman pregnant when you were twelve-years-old.”

    Nan Xun listened to this, her small mouth was silent and took a breath. What was with this proud tone towards this responsibility? Was it so great to be with a woman at such a young age?

    Fuck, they both have problems with their three views!

    The handsome uncle’s eyes fell on Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun quickly waved her chubby little paws towards him.

    Then the handsome uncle said, “The child will stay, after all, it’s the blood of my Li family. As for this woman, my Li family will never allow such a calculating woman to enter its door.”

    As he spoke, he took out a blank check and threw it in front of the woman. Then stood in front of her, “Give me the child and leave, okay.”

    Nan Xun clearly saw that the woman’s eyes brightened, but she quickly opened her eyes and cried: “Grandpa Li, I really love Li Chen, otherwise, I wouldn’t have given birth to this child through all these hardships, I…”

    The handsome uncle’s face sank. “I don’t want to repeat what I said. Take this check and roll or get nothing.”

    Then her scheming mother weighted the options and left Nan Xun. Of course, she simply also took the check from the ground.  

    Nan Xun: …

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